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 Post subject: Sustainability
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:36 am 
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Here is an excerpt from "The Huckabee Plan" posted to his website on Jan. 27, 2008 (obviously focusing on Florida):


- I have always been a conservationist. Stewardship of the air and land and soil is very important to me. I will follow the principle I learned from the Boy Scouts: Always leave the land better than when you found it. I am proud of my record in Arkansas, building constructive consensus on key issues. I look forward to bringing the same leadership to America.

- We need to move toward long-term solutions, bringing a comprehensive vision, combining economic development and environmental protection. We can have both.

- We must link land use and transportation planning. It is folly, for example, to provide rail service to places that don't have the density to make it work.

- We keeping building schools and post offices outside of town centers, so that everyone has to drive. Our children don't walk to school or to the playground anymore, which is not only a transportation issue, but causes childhood obesity as well. So transportation becomes a health issue, a lifestyle issue, which shapes the future of our children and our country. We need to trim the fat and produce an efficient, sustainable plan for the future.

- We must also consider sustainability relating to water, of particular importance to Floridians.

South Miami-Dade has a request for a $6.25 million water pipeline.
Biscayne Bay has made a $500,000 request for a study of water quality.

- Properly used, public transportation can reduce congestion and emissions, lower our demand for oil, and improve accessibility.

Miami has requested funding for 12 new Metromover vehicles; $6 million for new buses and routes, $5 million for transit security, $8 million for pedestrian overpasses.

- We should use the new technology and markets available to us to encourage the next generation of sustainable infrastructure. The US Green Building Council has created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systems, which cover everything from homes and offices to schools and hospitals, even neighborhood development. LEED is the nationally and internationally accepted benchmark for designing, building, and running green structures. We should consider offering personal and corporate tax benefits for LEED Certified buildings.

 Post subject: Re: Sustainability
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:38 am 

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This is an issue that is very important to me...

I simply hate it that so many conservatives have been turned off to COMMON SENSE environmental issues by the likes of Rush, who views anything like this as just one step on the road to communism or socialism. They all say they are for "clean air and clean water" but their actions show they are for it only marginally... and besides, there's a lot more to it than just pollutants in the air and water. Frankly, we've already nearly solved the air and water pollution problem relative to most countries, so it's a cop-out issue for them to be "for".

Now neither am I in favor of putting too many mandates on the private sector... and people making their own private decisions about things may have the greatest impact. But seriously, there are so many ways in which public policy affects the environment, sustainability, and health. The schools is a great example.

The biggest way in which I think conservatism should refocus in this area is to DE-EMPHASIZE materialism and crass consumerism, and RE-EMPHASIZE individual self-sufficiency, conserving resources as wise stewards, saving money instead of spending every last dollar, getting closer to the land and the community once again, starting backyard gardens (for those who can), stop the national trend towards bigger EVERYTHINGs (houses, cars, malls, etc.) And most of these issues will be driven by INDIVIDUAL choices, not the government. Nevertheless we need conservative LEADERS who will lead the people to think this way.

I encourage people who have the time to read Paul Weyrich's series on the "Next Conservatism." He started writing it several years ago and now it is up to 50 articles. He talks about some very key concepts like the centrality of culture... how we have been losing the cultural battles even as we were winning elections. He talks about conservation, improving community, restoring the family farm as an American institution, etc.

I would have thought Huckabee was a natural endorsement for Paul, but he disappointed me by believing the lies about Huckabee too early, even though he admitted liking Huckabee. He instead endorsed Romney. Even so, his series is an excellent read and I think anyone who agrees with his series should see Huckabee as a very good match for those principles.

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