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Author:  justgrace [ Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:48 pm ]
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Lest we ever forget!
Sometimes, I think we find it easy to forget how awful and real the Holocaust was. We have genocide and starvation aplenty today to overload our senses if we want to open our eyes to places like Somalia and the Sudan.

But no genocide compares in sheer evil with the Holocaust, such as happened in the killing ovens of Auschwitz, Germany amidst a beautiful, idyllic countryside.

While looking at The Jerusalem Connection website, I found the most beautiful, poignant, yet awful paintings of the Holocaust. As I looked into the sad eyes of these innocent lambs, being led to the slaughter, I thought how we must never let this happen again. These victims look like they could be us; these could have been our children, and then how would we have felt? And, but for the grace of God, the hateful murderers could be us.

Anti-Semitism, if anything, is greater now than it was during the Holocaust under Hitler and during the World War II. Some say anti-Semitic feelings are nearly as bad in Europe now as during that era. And among the Muslim Brotherhood of terrorist groups, it is openly hateful and barbaric. Several Muslim leaders have given instructions to "kill every Jew."

One can surely not view this artistic collection and remain untouched.

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Tonight in Israel and across the Jewish world, Rosh Hashana, or the Jewish New Year, begins. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel today. Saturday will be the Sabbath of Repentance, followed by the Fast of Gedaliah on Sunday.

This is the beginning of the year 5772 in Israel. No other modern nation, religion, or people can trace a continual existence and culture for anywhere near as long. Which makes it all the more interesting when the Arabs in the West Bank, supported by Islamic terrorist groups, try to make an argument that this is their land, instead. And that they complain when the Jews try to build 1,000 badly-needed apartments in Gilo, south of Jerusalem, saying that they are illegally building a settlement.

Settlement? On their own land? In their own capital? That would be like Mexico or Canada claiming Washington, D.C. was their own land and violently attacking our citizens if new apartments are built there.

This matter of denying Israel her own history and ownership of Jerusalem as capital should find no traction in the world. Unfortunately, with the help of America's own diplomats and distortion of history by not only Palestinian Liberation Army types, but also much of the liberal press, it does. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is upset about the Israelis building homes on their own land? Yes, she calls it a "deeply negative sign," "insulting," and "unproductive" to the peace talks between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. But Israeli's home-building for its citizens is well below the natural growth rate of the population, and the need for housing is becoming critical. Several building projects have been on hold.

The use of the word, "settlement" or "settlers" is purposely used by the Muslim terrorists to drive Jews from their homeland in Judea and Samaria, and to take away their ancient capital, Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the majority of countries in the United Nations seems convinced that the Jews are the usurpers, on Arab land. Most have not bothered to check the history books but listen to the hype of the PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

In my recent studies of the Old Testament book of Ezra, I noticed that over 2,500 years ago the King of the land where Ahmadinejad now is ruler--King Cyrus of Persia--made this statement regarding Jerusalem:

"Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, 'The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and He has appointed me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whoever there is among you of all His people, may his God be with him! Let him go up to Jerusalem which is in Judah and rebuild the house of the LORD, the God of Israel; He is the God who is in Jerusalem. (Ezra 1:2-3)

King Cyrus acknowledged the roots of the Jews in Jerusalem, back in 539 B.C., more than a thousand years before the founding of the religion of Islam.

Several years later, in 520 B.C., King Darius the Persian also decreed:

And may the God who causes His name to dwell there destroy any king or people who put their hand to alter it, or to destroy this house of God which is in Jerusalem. I Darius issue the decree let it be done diligently. (Ezra 6:12)

What difference do these ancient decrees make and this ancient history make, after all these years?

Well, it is a proof that the land of Israel was recognized even by kings of what is now Iraq and Iran over 500 years before Christ Jesus' birth. It shows that Jerusalem has been acknowledged as the capital of Israel and the site of their holy temple.

The point is that there is no way they can correctly be called foreign settlers in Jerusalem. They are the rightful occupants of the land. Jerusalem has been their acknowledged capital since the seventh year of King David's reign, c. 964 B.C. (2 Samuel 5:5).

This makes the lack of acknowledgment by the United States of Israel's right to its own capital all the more puzzling. The PLO, Fatah, Hamas, and other terrorist groups will never acknowledge that Israel has a right to be a nation. And our administration wants to divide up Jerusalem and give it to the terrorists who have vowed to drive out the Jews, kill them, and desecrate their holy sites.

I found the following article shocking and so sad. What a tragedy that the people who have the holy deed to their land are still considered mere "settlers" and that their children must suffer at the hands of hateful terrorist attacks...

Op-Ed: The Pogrom on Israeli "Settler Children"
Published: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:07 AM
Look to see what the world media published about the murder of little Yonatan Palmer and his father. You won't find anything.
by Giulio Meotti

“Palestinians kill a Jewish baby”.

No, this is not the headline published by the major global newspapers about Asher and Yonatan Palmer, the Israeli father and infant murdered last Friday near Kiryat Arba by terrorists.

What did the newspapers publish? Nothing.

In recent years we have seen plenty of saccharine movies about Jewish children killed in the concentration camps in their pajamas, but the same public opinion is reacting with indifference and complacency to the images of Israeli babies dismembered by terrorists.

It’s because the massacre of Israeli children, which resembles the Cossack pogroms of 1648–49, reveals the nature of the terrorism that Israel has faced for more than half a century. The “settler kids” have become invisible, as the Galilean towns were during the ‘70s, when Arafat’s terrorists murdered Israeli babies in Ma’alot, Kiryat Shmona and Avivim.

Nobody in the West today knows the Fogels’ story from Itamar, of the father, mother and three babies slaughetered during the night.

The onslaught on Israeli “settler kids” began in 1988, when Tirza Porat was killed near Elon Moreh. Tirza was the first Israeli civilian to die in the first Intifada and she was a schoolchild.

Who knows the name of Shalhevet Pass? Her mother Oriya was pushing the stroller in Hebron, while the father Yitzhak, with his long beard and skullcap, was walking beside her. A shot rang out and Oriya turned around. There was a hole in Shalhevet’s head. An Arab sniper had aimed from his window.

Who knows the name of Hila, Hadar, Roni and Merav Hatuel? Four little Jewish children slaughtered with their pregnant mother, Tali, on the road to Gush Katif.

Who knows the names of the pregnant women living in the settlements and killed by terrorists? Yael Shorek from Carmei Tzur was nine-months pregnant. Avital Wolanski from Eli was six-months pregnant. Tehiya Bloomberg from Karnei Shomron was five-months pregnant.

Who knows the name of Keren Shatsky, a girl killed in a pizzeria of Karnei Shomron?

Who knows the Shabos from Itamar, Rachel butchered with three of her children, Avishai, Zvika, and Neria?

Who knows that a thirteen-year-old boy from Bat Ayin, Shlomo Nativ, was killed with an ax?

Yehuda Shoham was just five months old when he was struck in the head by a rock while his parents were driving home to Shiloh. Yehuda clung to life for a week on a respirator. His parents gave him a second name, Chaim, “life”, hoping in a miracle that did not come.

Danielle Shefi was killed in Adora, where the terrorists shot her while she was playing in her parents’ bedroom together with her two younger brothers. It was just after 9 A.M., and many of Adora’s families were either attending Shabbat prayers, spending time with their children, or sleeping late. An adorable Israeli baby was slaughtered in her bed - her mom looking on in horror as her daughter’s blood spilled out across the covers.

Shaked Avraham, a seven-month-old girl from Negohot was killed by a terrorist who had penetrated the community enclosure while the inhabitants were celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. . Shaked had just started walking.

In a world less surreal than the one we live in, the act of bursting into a Jewish home and shooting a baby in the head, or throwing rocks at an infant, would be the cause of moral outrage.

Multiply this act by thousands and one might think it would rate an international political uproar.

Yet in the world in which we live, the new pogrom on Israeli children has become fashionable and socially acceptable. Seventy years ago the Germans had a word to say for it: “Salonfähig”.

The burned skin, the slit throats and the smashed faces of the Jews and their children have never interested the West.

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Author:  justgrace [ Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The Quartet of leaders, including USA, Great Britain, Russia, and the European Union, are pleased with how Israel is working together toward peace. However, the Palestinian Authority refuses to talk as long as Israel continues building "settlements."

Netanyahu received only polite applause, while PA President Abbas received standing ovations at their speeches on September 23, at the United Nations General Assembly.

Below is a transcript of Prime Minister Netanyahu's UN speech. It is rather long, but I felt it was such an important speech that it needs to be posted in full.

Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York

MR. : The assembly will now hear a statement by His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

I have great pleasure in welcoming His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

PM NETANYAHU: Thank you. Thank you.

MR. : I invite him to address the General Assembly.

PM NETANYAHU: Thank you, Mr. President.

Ladies and gentlemen, Israel has extended its hand in peace from the moment it was established 63 years ago. On behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, I extend that hand again today. I extend it to the people of Egypt and Jordan, with renewed friendship for neighbors with whom we have made peace. I extend it to the people of Turkey, with respect and good will. I extend it to the people of Libya and Tunisia, with admiration for those trying to build a democratic future. I extend it to the other peoples of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, with whom we want to forge a new beginning. I extend it to the people of Syria, Lebanon and Iran, with awe at the courage of those fighting brutal repression.

But most especially, I extend my hand to the Palestinian people, with whom we seek a just and lasting peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, in Israel our hope for peace never wanes. Our scientists, doctors, and innovators apply their genius to improve the world of tomorrow. Our artists, our writers, enrich the heritage of humanity. Now, I know that this is not exactly the image of Israel that is often portrayed in this hall. After all, it was here in 1975that the age-old yearning of my people to restore our national life in our ancient biblical homeland -- it was then that this was branded shamefully, as racism. And it was here in 1980, right here, that the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt wasn't praised; it was denounced! And it's here, year after year that Israel is unjustly singled out for condemnation. It's singled out for condemnation more often than all the nations of the world combined. Twenty-one out of the 27 General Assembly resolutions condemn Israel -- the one true democracy in the Middle East.

Well, this is an unfortunate part of the UN institution. It's the theater of the absurd. It doesn't only cast Israel as the villain; it often casts real villains in leading roles: Gadhafi's Libya chaired the UN Commission on Human Rights; Saddam's Iraq headed the UN Committee on Disarmament. You might say: That's the past. Well, here's what's happening now -- right now, today, Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the UN Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the world's security.

You couldn't make this thing up.

So here in the UN, automatic majorities can decide anything. They can decide that the sun sets rises in the west. But they can also decide -- they have decided -- that the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest place, is occupied Palestinian territory.

And yet even here in the General Assembly, the truth can sometimes break through. In 1984 when I was appointed Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, I visited the great rabbi of Lubavich. He said to me -- and ladies and gentlemen, I don't want any of you to be offended because from personal experience of serving here, I know there are many honorable men and women, many capable and decent people, serving their nations here -- But here's what the rebbe said to me. He said to me, you'll be serving in a house of many lies. And then he said, remember that even in the darkest place, the light of a single candle can be seen far and wide.

Today I hope that the light of truth will shine, if only for a few minutes, in a hall that for too long has been a place of darkness for my country. So as Israel's prime minister, I didn't come here to win applause. I came here to speak the truth. The truth is -- the truth is that Israel wants peace. The truth is that I want peace. The truth is that in the Middle East at all times, but especially during these turbulent days, peace must be anchored in security. The truth is that we cannot achieve peace through UN resolutions, but only through direct negotiations between the parties. The truth is that so far the Palestinians have refused to negotiate. The truth is that Israel wants peace with a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want a state without peace. And the truth is you shouldn't let that happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I first came here 27 years ago, the world was divided between East and West. Since then the Cold War ended, great civilizations have risen from centuries of slumber, hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty, countless more are poised to follow, and the remarkable thing is that so far this monumental historic shift has largely occurred peacefully. Yet a malignancy is now growing between East and West that threatens the peace of all. It seeks not to liberate, but to enslave, not to build, but to destroy.

That malignancy is militant Islam. It cloaks itself in the mantle of a great faith, yet it murders Jews, Christians and Muslims alike with unforgiving impartiality. On September 11thit killed thousands of Americans, and it left the twin towers in smoldering ruins. Last night I laid a wreath on the 9/11 memorial. It was deeply moving. But as I was going there, one thing echoed in my mind: the outrageous words of the president of Iran on this podium yesterday. He implied that 9/11 was an American conspiracy. Some of you left this hall. All of you should have.

Since 9/11, militant Islamists slaughtered countless other innocents -- in London and Madrid, in Baghdad and Mumbai, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in every part of Israel. I believe that the greatest danger facing our world is that this fanaticism will arm itself with nuclear weapons. And this is precisely what Iran is trying to do.

Can you imagine that man who ranted here yesterday -- can you imagine him armed with nuclear weapons? The international community must stop Iran before it's too late. If Iran is not stopped, we will all face the specter of nuclear terrorism, and the Arab Spring could soon become an Iranian winter.

That would be a tragedy. Millions of Arabs have taken to the streets to replace tyranny with liberty, and no one would benefit more than Israel if those committed to freedom and peace would prevail.

This is my fervent hope. But as the prime minister of Israel, I cannot risk the future of the Jewish state on wishful thinking. Leaders must see reality as it is, not as it ought to be. We must do our best to shape the future, but we cannot wish away the dangers of the present.

And the world around Israelis definitely becoming more dangerous. Militant Islam has already taken over Lebanon and Gaza. It's determined to tear apart the peace treaties between Israel and Egypt and between Israel and Jordan. It's poisoned many Arab minds against Jews and Israel, against America and the West. It opposes not the policies of Israel but the existence of Israel.

Now, some argue that the spread of militant Islam, especially in these turbulent times -- if you want to slow it down, they argue, Israel must hurry to make concessions, to make territorial compromises. And this theory sounds simple. Basically it goes like this: Leave the territory, and peace will be advanced. The moderates will be strengthened, the radicals will be kept at bay. And don't worry about the pesky details of how Israel will actually defend itself; international troops will do the job.

These people say to me constantly: Just make a sweeping offer, and everything will work out. You know, there's only one problem with that theory. We've tried it and it hasn't worked. In 2000 Israel made a sweeping peace offer that met virtually all of the Palestinian demands. Arafat rejected it. The Palestinians then launched a terror attack that claimed a thousand Israeli lives.

Prime Minister Olmert afterwards made an even more sweeping offer, in 2008. President Abbas didn't even respond to it.

But Israel did more than just make sweeping offers. We actually left territory. We withdrew from Lebanon in2000 and from every square inch of Gaza in 2005. That didn't calm the Islamic storm, the militant Islamic storm that threatens us. It only brought the storm closer and made it stronger.

Hezbollah and Hamas fired thousands of rockets against our cities from the very territories we vacated. See, when Israel left Lebanon and Gaza, the moderates didn't defeat the radicals, the moderates were devoured by the radicals. And I regret to say that international troops like UNIFIL in Lebanon and EUBAM in Gaza didn't stop the radicals from attacking Israel.

We left Gaza hoping for peace.

We didn't freeze the settlements in Gaza, we uprooted them. We did exactly what the theory says: Get out, go back to the 1967 borders, dismantle the settlements.

And I don't think people remember how far we went to achieve this. We uprooted thousands of people from their homes. We pulled children out of their schools and their kindergartens. We bulldozed synagogues. We even -- we even moved loved ones from their graves. And then, having done all that, we gave the keys of Gaza to President Abbas.

Now the theory says it should all work out, and President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority now could build a peaceful state in Gaza. You can remember that the entire world applauded. They applauded our withdrawal as an act of great statesmanship. It was a bold act of peace.

But ladies and gentlemen, we didn't get peace. We got war. We got Iran, which through its proxy Hamas promptly kicked out the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority collapsed in a day -- in one day.

President Abbas just said on this podium that the Palestinians are armed only with their hopes and dreams. Yeah, hopes, dreams and 10,000 missiles and Grad rockets supplied by Iran, not to mention the river of lethal weapons now flowing into Gaza from the Sinai, from Libya, and from elsewhere.

Thousands of missiles have already rained down on our cities. So you might understand that, given all this, Israelis rightly ask: What's to prevent this from happening again in the West Bank? See, most of our major cities in the south of the country are within a few dozen kilometers from Gaza. But in the center of the country, opposite the West Bank, our cities are a few hundred meters or at most a few kilometers away from the edge of the West Bank.

So I want to ask you. Would any of you -- would any of you bring danger so close to your cities, to your families? Would you act so recklessly with the lives of your citizens? Israelis are prepared to have a Palestinian state in the West Bank, but we're not prepared to have another Gaza there. And that's why we need to have rea l security arrangements, which the Palestinians simply refuse to negotiate with us.

Israelis remember the bitter lessons of Gaza. Many of Israel's critics ignore them. They irresponsibly advise Israel to go down this same perilous path again. Your read what these people say and it's as if nothing happened -- just repeating the same advice, the same formulas as though none of this happened.

And these critics continue to press Israel to make far-reaching concessions without first assuring Israel's security. They praise those who unwittingly feed the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam as bold statesmen. They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its gaping jaws.

So in the face of the labels and the libels, Israel must heed better advice. Better a bad press than a good eulogy, and better still would be a fair press whose sense of history extends beyond breakfast, and which recognizes Israel's legitimate security concerns.

I believe that in serious peace negotiations, these needs and concerns can be properly addressed, but they will not be addressed without negotiations. And the needs are many, because Israel is such a tiny country. Without Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, Israel is all of 9 miles wide.

I want to put it for you in perspective, because you're all in the city. That's about two-thirds the length of Manhattan. It's the distance between Battery Park and Columbia University. And don't forget that the people who live in Brooklyn and New Jersey are considerably nicer than some of Israel's neighbors.

So how do you -- how do you protect such a tiny country, surrounded by people sworn to its destruction and armed to the teeth by Iran? Obviously you can't defend it from within that narrow space alone. Israel needs greater strategic depth, and that's exactly why Security Council Resolution 242 didn't require Israel to leave all the territories it captured in the Six-Day War. It talked about withdrawal from territories, to secure and defensible boundaries. And to defend itself, Israel must therefore maintain a long-term Israeli military presence in critical strategic areas in the West Bank.

I explained this to President Abbas. He answered that if a Palestinian state was to be a sovereign country, it could never accept such arrangements. Why not? America has had troops in Japan, Germany and South Korea for more than a half a century. Britain has had an air base in Cyprus. France has forces in three independent African nations. None of these states claim that they're not sovereign countries.

And there are many other vital security issues that also must be addressed. Take the issue of air space. Again, Israel's small dimensions create huge security problems. America can be crossed by jet airplane in six hours. To fly across Israel, it takes three minutes. So is Israel's tiny airspace to be chopped in half and given to a Palestinian state not at peace with Israel?

Our major international airport is a few kilometers away from the West Bank. Without peace, will our planes become targets for antiaircraft missiles placed in the adjacent Palestinian state? And how will we stop the smuggling into the West Bank? It's not merely the West Bank, it's the West Bank mountains. It just dominates the coastal plain where most of Israel's population sits below. How could we prevent the smuggling into these mountains of those missiles that could be fired on our cities?

I bring up these problems because they're not theoretical problems. They're very real. And for Israelis, they're life-and- death matters. All these potential cracks in Israel's security have to be sealed in a peace agreement before a Palestinian state is declared, not afterwards, because if you leave it afterwards, they won't be sealed. And these problems will explode in our face and explode the peace.

The Palestinians should first make peace with Israel and then get their state. But I also want to tell you this. After such a peace agreement is signed, Israel will not be the last country to welcome a Palestinian state as a new member of the United Nations. We will be the first.

And there's one more thing. Hamas has been violating international law by holding our soldier Gilad Shalit captive for five years.

They haven't given even one Red Cross visit. He's held in a dungeon, in darkness, against all international norms. Gilad Shalit is the son of Aviva and Noam Shalit. He is the grandson of Zvi Shalit, who escaped the Holocaust by coming in the 1930’s as a boy to the land of Israel. Gilad Shalit is the son of every Israeli family. Every nation represented here should demand his immediate release. If you want to pass a resolution about the Middle East today, that's the resolution you should pass.

Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Israel in Bar-Ilan University, this year in the Knesset and in the U.S. Congress, I laid out my vision for peace in which a demilitarized Palestinian state recognizes the Jewish state. Yes, the Jewish state. After all, this is the body that recognized the Jewish state 64 years ago. Now, don't you think it's about time that Palestinians did the same?

The Jewish state of Israel will always protect the rights of all its minorities, including the more than 1million Arab citizens of Israel. I wish I could say the same thing about a future Palestinian state, for as Palestinian officials made clear the other day-- in fact, I think they made it right here in New York -- they said the Palestinian state won't allow any Jews in it. They'll be Jew-free -- Judenrein. That's ethnic cleansing. There are laws today in Ramallah that make the selling of land to Jews punishable by death. That's racism. And you know which laws this evokes.

Israel has no intention whatsoever to change the democratic character of our state. We just don't want the Palestinians to try to change the Jewish character of our state. We want to give up -- we want them to give up the fantasy of flooding Israel with millions of Palestinians.

President Abbas just stood here, and he said that the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the settlements. Well, that's odd. Our conflict has been raging for -- was raging for nearly half a century before there was a single Israeli settlement in the West Bank. So if what President Abbas is saying was true, then the -- I guess that the settlements he's talking about are Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Be'er Sheva. Maybe that's what he meant the other day when he said that Israel has been occupying Palestinian land for 63 years. He didn't say from 1967; he said from1948. I hope somebody will bother to ask him this question because it illustrates a simple truth: The core of the conflict is not the settlements. The settlements are a result of the conflict..

The settlements have to be --it's an issue that has to be addressed and resolved in the course of negotiations. But the core of the conflict has always been and unfortunately remains the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize a Jewish state in any border.

I think it's time that the Palestinian leadership recognizes what every serious international leader has recognized, from Lord Balfour and Lloyd George in 1917, to President Truman in1948, to President Obama just two days ago right here: Israel is the Jewish state.

President Abbas, stop walking around this issue. Recognize the Jewish state, and make peace with us. In such a genuine peace, Israel is prepared to make painful compromises. We believe that the Palestinians should be neither the citizens of Israel nor its subjects. They should live in a free state of their own. But they should be ready, like us, for compromise. And we will know that they're ready for compromise and for peace when they start taking Israel's security requirements seriously and when they stop denying our historical connection to our ancient homeland.

I often hear them accuse Israel of Judaizing Jerusalem. That's like accusing America of Americanizing Washington, or the British of Anglicizing London. You know why we're called "Jews"? Because we come from Judea.

In my office in Jerusalem, there's a -- there's an ancient seal. It's a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there's a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. That's my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin -- Binyamin -- the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Samaria 4,000 years ago, and there's been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since.

And for those Jews who were exiled from our land, they never stopped dreaming of coming back: Jews in Spain, on the eve of their expulsion; Jews in the Ukraine, fleeing the pogroms; Jews fighting the Warsaw Ghetto, as the Nazis were circling around it. They never stopped praying, they never stopped yearning. They whispered: Next year in Jerusalem. Next year in the promised land.

As the prime minister of Israel, I speak for a hundred generations of Jews who were dispersed throughout the lands, who suffered every evil under the Sun, but who never gave up hope of restoring their national life in the one and only Jewish state.

Ladies and gentlemen, I continue to hope that President Abbas will be my partner in peace. I've worked hard to advance that peace. The day I came into office, I called for direct negotiations without preconditions. President Abbas didn't respond. I outlined a vision of peace of two states for two peoples. He still didn't respond. I removed hundreds of roadblocks and checkpoints, to ease freedom of movement in the Palestinian areas; this facilitated a fantastic growth in the Palestinian economy. But again -- no response. I took the unprecedented step of freezing new buildings in the settlements for 10 months. No prime minister did that before, ever. Once again -- you applaud, but there was no response. No response.

In the last few weeks, American officials have put forward ideas to restart peace talks. There were things in those ideas about borders that I didn't like. There were things thereabout the Jewish state that I'm sure the Palestinians didn't like.

But with all my reservations, I was willing to move forward on these American ideas.

President Abbas, why don't you join me? We have to stop negotiating about the negotiations. Let's just get on with it. Let's negotiate peace.

I spent years defending Israel on the battlefield. I spent decades defending Israel in the court of public opinion. President Abbas, you've dedicated your life to advancing the Palestinian cause. Must this conflict continue for generations, or will we be able our children and our grandchildren to speak in years ahead of how we found a way to end it? That's what we should aim for, and that's what I believe we can achieve.

In two and a half years, we met in Jerusalem only once, even though my door has always been open to you. If you wish, I'll come to Ramallah. Actually, I have a better suggestion. We've both just flown thousands of miles to New York. Now we're in the same city. We're in the same building. So let's meet here today in the United Nations. Who's there to stop us? What is there to stop us? If we genuinely want peace, what is there to stop us from meeting today and beginning peace negotiations?

And I suggest we talk openly and honestly. Let's listen to one another. Let's do as we say in the Middle East: Let's talk "doogri". That means straightforward. I'll tell you my needs and concerns. You'll tell me yours. And with God's help, we'll find the common ground of peace.

There's an old Arab saying that you cannot applaud with one hand. Well, the same is true of peace. I can not make peace alone. I cannot make peace without you. President Abbas, I extend my hand -- the hand of Israel -- in peace. I hope that you will grasp that hand. We are both the sons of Abraham. My people call him Avraham. Your people call him Ibrahim. We share the same patriarch. We dwell in the same land. Our destinies are intertwined. Let us realize the vision of Isaiah --(Isaiah 9:1in Hebrew) -- "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light." Let that light be the light of peace.

Author:  All-in-for-Mike [ Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

This speech was a masterpiece.

Author:  justgrace [ Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

As we discussed earlier on this thread, the United Nations Security Council is the body that needs to vote in order for the UN to recognize the state of Palestine. The vote in the United Nations General Assembly was invalid without Security Council approval.

So far the US still plans to veto if there are enough nations to pass the measure in the Security Council.

(As we have pointed out several times here, the name "Palestine" was first given to the Jews by the Romans in the first century A.D. And the area was still called Palestine throughout the early Twentieth Century, when the British Mandate was referring to a Jewish state. The area on both sides of the Jordan River was called Trans Jordan.)

This article gives us a good update on progress, if you want to call it that!

Palestinian FM: Eight UN Security Council members support statehood bid
Palestinians are focusing efforts on convincing Bosnia to become the decisive ninth supporter of statehood application.

By Jack Khoury and Haaretz Tags: Palestinian state UN Security Council Palestinians

Published 12:29 29.09.11

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told the Voice of Palestine radio station on Thursday that eight members of the Security Council have pledged to support the Palestinian statehood application, and that great efforts are being made to secure a decisive ninth supporter.

Security Council decisions require the support of nine of the 15 members, and no vetoes from the five permanent members, in order to pass.
UN Security Council - AP - January 13, 2010

UN Security Council
Photo by: AP

The United States has pledged to veto the Palestinian application, which needs Security Council approval in order to be handed to the UN General Assembly for confirmation.

Al-Maliki said the Palestinians have two options for the ninth vote: Colombia and Bosnia.

The Palestinians are focusing their efforts on gaining the support of Bosnia.

Al-Maliki said that Russian, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Lebanon, Nigeria and Gabon will support the statehood bid.

Lebanon's UN representative Nawaf Salam, the current president of the Security Council, said that the UN committee which will review and assess the Palestinian statehood bid will meet for the first time at 10 a.m. New York time on Friday.

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

What has been happening since the recent United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City?

The United Nations Security Council has been meeting for nearly a week, following the General Assembly meeting where Palestinian Authority President Ahmoud Abbas appealed for statehood.

I will try to post a few articles to help inform us of this continuing conflict of Palestinian statehood in Israel.

Apparently, there are many legal issues that would prevent a terrorist-led Palestinian state under the current plan. Of course, those issues will not prevent a vote; yet diplomatic efforts by Israel or the US may influence a few of the nations. An active process of diplomacy by both the Israelis and the terrorist-backed Arabs who represent a call for a unilaterally-declared state is occurring to get the vote of those few countries that have not decided how to vote. The United States has promised a veto if necessary but would prefer to avoid that, because it would anger Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East. Rioting and increased violent attacks against Israel are expected, and these would be turned also against the United States of America if it vetoes their request for recognition.

Israel to tell UN Palestinians aren't ready for statehood'
10/02/2011 06:54

Foreign Ministry will reportedly submit report to UNSC; Israel to send envoys to Colombia, Bosnia, Herzegovina to persuade nations on PA bid.

Israel is expected to submit a document to the UN Security Council that explains reasons why the Palestinians are not prepared for independent statehood, Israel Radio reported Sunday, including that the Palestinians have failed to hold national or local elections.

According to Israel Radio, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed the Foreign Ministry's legal department to draft the report.

The Foreign Ministry will send envoys in the coming days to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Colombia, in efforts to persuade those countries to vote against accepting the Palestinian state as the UN's newest member.

The Palestinian Authority has been planning parallel diplomatic moves, announcing last week that they would also be sending top officials to the members of the UN Security Council believed to be on the fence about the issue.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki said last Thursday that he would soon visit Bosnia, while PA President Mahmoud Abbas would visit Colombia and Portugal in October, as part of efforts to secure the necessary nine votes in the UN Security Council to pass a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state as a full member in the world body, The Telegraph reported.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia and Portugal are three of the 15 nations currently sitting on the UN Security Council that must make a determination on the Palestinian statehood issue.

Malki added that Abbas will also visit Honduras and the Dominican Republic while on his Latin American swing, and the PA president was also scheduled to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on October 6.

Malki said Thursday that the Palestinians have received approval from eight members of the UN Security Council in support of their bid for full membership to the United Nations.

If nine members of the Security Council vote in favor of the Palestinian state bid, the resolution will pass, unless one of the council's five permanent members uses a veto.

While the US, one of those five, has said before that it would veto the Palestinian resolution, it has also stated that it would rather not be forced to use the veto.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Many of us have been following the story of the young Iranian Christian pastor who is to be executed for his faith. Continue to pray and write letters of protest to your congressman or woman. We must keep the pressure on.

Now, this...

Iranian Christian to be executed for being a ‘Zionist’
» the Jerusalem Connection Blog -
Posted on October 3, 2011 by admin
Posted in Iran


The international community was furious when it learned that Iran was going to execute a young man for converting to Christianity and wanting to start a church. So Iran on Sunday altered the charges and said it is instead going to execute Youcef Nadarkhani because, among other things, he loves Israel.

Nadarkhani was arrested and convicted in 2010. Legal documents obtained by CNN accused Nadarkhani of “turning his back on Islam, the greatest religion…”

In Iran, the punishment for apostacy is death.

But with pressure mounting for Iran to cease its brutal repression of religious freedom, Gholomali Rezvani, the deputy governor of Nadarkhani’s home province, announced that the charges had been changed.

“His crime is not, as some claim, converting others to Christianity. He is guilty of security-related crimes,” Rezvani told the Fars news agency.

And what kind of security-related crimes had Nadarkhani committed? He “is a Zionist,” declared Rezvani. And just in case, Nadarkhani also had charges of rape and extortion tacked on to his rap sheet. Both CNN and Fox News later pointed out that the original 2010 court ruling did not contain one mention of rape or extortion.

This is why Sharia law must be opposed.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The fact is, without foreign aid--and yes, Western aid--propping up the Palestinian movement, the PA would be broke. They are a protest movement, not really interested in developing their own industry or producing a better lifestyle and prosperity for their people. Surprisingly, Israel itself is one of the biggest contributors to the Palestinian Authority.

US Scrambles to Keep Palestinian Aid Flowing

October 3, 2011

The Obama administration is lobbying Congress to unblock $200 million in aid for the Palestinian Authority that was frozen due to its bid for UN recognition of statehood over US and Israeli objections.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday the administration was in “intensive” discussions with key lawmakers who had put holds on the money, a financial lifeline for the fledgling Palestinian government-in-waiting.

“We still have some money in the pipeline but the concern is that if we don’t get this going with the Congress in short order there could be an effect on the ground,” Nuland told a news briefing.

“There have been some concerns in some parts of Congress and we are trying to work through those,” she said.

Lawmakers in both the Senate and the House of Representatives have moved in recent weeks to freeze the flow of aid to the Palestinians that had been appropriated for fiscal year 2011.

Representative Kay Granger, the Republican chairwoman of the House subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, placed her hold in August “until the issue of statehood is resolved” at the United Nations, her spokesman, Matt Leffingwell, said.

“My boss is watching what is happening at the UN, and constantly reevaluating,” he said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last month submitted a formal application to the UN Security Council for recognition of Palestinian statehood, ignoring a US threat to veto the measure if it is put to vote.

The United States and Israel both say that Palestinian statehood can only come through resuming direct peace negotiations that collapsed a year ago.

Abbas has said he will only return to talks with a new settlement freeze, complicating efforts by the “Quartet” of Middle East peace mediators – the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia – to get both sides back to the negotiating table quickly.

Please pray for our leaders in Congress to hold firm.

Here are names of the Subcommittee on the Middle East...on Foreign Affairs:

Steve Chabot R-OH, Chm.
Mike Pence R-IN
Joe Wilson R-SC
Jeff Fortenberry R-NE
Ann Marie Buerkle R-NY
Renee Ellmers R-NC
Dana Rohrbacher R-CA
Donald A. Manzuello R-IN
Connie Mack R-FL
Michael T. McCaul R-TX
Gus M. Bilirakes R-FL
Tom Marino R-PA

Gary Sherman D-NY
Gerald Connolly D-VA
Theodoe Deutch D-FL
Dennis Cordoza D-CA
Ben Chandler D-KY
Brian Higgins D-NY
Allyson Y. Schwartz D-PA
Christopher S. Murphy D-CT
Wm Keating D-MA

Bills pending, need co-sponsors:

HR271 - to protect Israel's current borders
Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) led 45 members of Congress with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to introduce H.Res 271: "Israel's right to defend her borders against attack by Hamas terrorists, Iranian nuclear bomb, and the Obama administration."

HR297 - to protect Israel's current borders and to defund the United Nations (to which we contribute 40% of funding) if President Obama does not veto the Jerusalem land grab.

[I need to find out more about these last resolutions. In searching the site, I could not find them.]

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

There is a severe housing shortage in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria. Costs are rising. And protest demonstrations are being held in Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

Most of this shortage is a result of the "freezes" imposed upon Jews to build in their own land, as a result of the Palestinian conflict and even, according to this article, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is wanting to appease the Arabs so that a peace agreement may be reached. It is sad to see how often the Jewish citizens are forced to let their own government tear down their settlements, which offer so much in amenities to the homeowners.

Kibbutzim Offer Solution to Housing Prices
Kibbutzim offer themselves as a solution to high housing prices and the shortage of available residences.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 7/17/2011, 8:30 PM / Last Update: 7/18/2011, 3:13 AM

Kibbutzim (cooperative communities) have offered themselves as a solution to high housing prices, in response to a student sit-in protest for more affordable housing.

“The cost of living here is lower compared to the city. In addition, those who become members enjoy a variety of services that give them and their families a high quality of life,” Kibbutz Movement head Zev Shor told the Hebrew-language daily Maariv.

Among the benefits of kibbutz life, according to Shor: a “green” and clean environment, quality education, and a close-knit community whose members take care of each other.

Dozens of kibbutzim now allow new families to join and to build their own home on kibbutz land or expand an existing apartment, he said. There are more than 270 kibbutzim in Israel, most of them in the Galilee or Negev.

Politicizing a National Issue?
Reactions to the student protest have been mixed. Some have accused student of politicizing a national issue by criticizing the government instead of seeking solutions together.

MK Miri Regev (Likud) slammed protesters on Sunday after she was attacked while attempting to meet with students to address the issues. She noted that MKs from the left of the political spectrum, such as MK Dov Henin of Hadash and MK Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz, were welcomed at the rally. (Right: student tent city, photo courtesy of Flash 90.)

MKs: Government Should Beware
Other MKs succeeded in meeting with the students and hearing their demands. MK Carmel Shama-Hacohen (Likud) warned that the government cannot stay in power without dealing with housing prices, which have risen by 43 percent in just three years.

“Either prices will fall, or the government will fall,” he warned.

Housing Minister Ariel Attias (Shas) has attempted to bring prices down by issuing tenders for thousands more new housing units per year. Housing prices have risen in part due to a 10-month construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, and a continuing de facto freeze in Jerusalem. Another factor is the increasing phenomenon of apartment purchases by tourists from overseas, who leave them empty for most of the year, but drive up prices.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

[This is catch-up day. Please also see the previous three posts from today.]

Report: Egypt, Qatar Agree to Halt Gas Supplies to Israel
Egypt reportedly made a commitment in Tehran to stop providing natural gas to Israel. So did Qatar and dozens of other countries.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 10/4/2011, 3:16 AM

Gas pipeline explosion (illustrative)

Egypt, which currently provides about 40 percent of Israel's natural gas through its Sinai Peninsula pipeline, has reportedly agreed to halt sales to the Jewish State during a conference in Tehran, according to the Iranian FARS news agency. So has Qatar, which in the past has expressed its willingness to sell gas to Israel if the Egyptian supply were to vanish.

If true, gas prices in Israel could skyrocket until the Jewish State secures another source. Due to at least six terrorist attacks and sabotage this year alone, the amount of diesel fuel used to generate electricity rose by 103 percent since January, as compared with the same period a year ago.

The delegation from Cairo was among dozens of others at the 5th International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada, where participants announced the agreement to cut the supply of natural gas to Israel from their countries in a final statement issued by the “Political Groups and Parties' Commission.”

The two-day conference was reportedly attended by more than 50 parliamentary delegations, state officials and others from Muslim and non-Muslim nations. Among the countries in attendance were Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Afghanistan, Mexico, Hungary, Bolivia, Paraguay, Cuba, and Colombia.

The statement also included support for “the Palestinian Intifada” and regional uprisings and revolutions, and stressed the need to “increase pressure on international courts which shrug off pursuing the crimes of the Zionist regime.”

In addition, a statement issued by the delegations at the conference called on Muslim countries to “impose a strict ban on Israeli goods and activities of all companies and institutions with direct or indirect ties or affiliation with Israel,” reported FARS.

“All Islamic states are required to pay serious attention to this issue and adopt the necessary measures to prevent the import of Israeli commodities,” said a statement by the parliamentary commission at the conference.

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

This article offers more information on the extent and nature of foreign aid that the United States gives to the Palestinian Authority, as well as how cutting it would affect those receiving the money.

This administration, and probably several before it, have tried to pump up a Palestinian infrastructure (which favors terrorist leaders) for statehood on the one hand, while trying to be an ally of Israel on the other. How many Americans realize this?

PA Unshod By US Aid Freeze
PA officials slammed the freeze of $200 million in aid by US lawmakers while protesters hurl shoes at US diplomats in Ramallah.
By Gavriel Queenann
First Publish: 10/4/2011, 8:47 PM

Palestinian Officials in Ramallah blasted Tuesday a decision by US lawmakers to freeze a bloc of $200 million in aid to their fiscally teetering apparatus.

The officials’ angry rhetoric came amid a hail of shoes and anti-American slogans on the streets of Ramallah by demonstrators who wished to vent their fury on American diplomats visiting the PA seat, the Maan news agency reported.

Police reportedly kept the protesters well out of street-shoeing range from the Ramallah restaurant where the US diplomats hosted an event for graduates and other beneficiaries of US programs.

About 20 well-heeled activists watched by the police had chanted defiant slogans in English, shouting "No to American funding" and "Yes we can -- boycott America", Reuters reported.

Demonstrators also chanted "USAID go home," and "Shame on you" as they became increasingly unshod.

But despite angry chants by protesters confident they can do without US funds, observers say the move could spell trouble for the Palestinian Liberation Organization's national ambitions.

The US pumps nearly $600 million per annum into PA coffers hoping to advance the Israeli-PA 'peace process' by building a state within a state - with moneys going to security forces, salaries, critical infrastructure, and even pensions for terrorists.

Of particular note, the US has pumped hundreds of millions into training, arming, and underwriting Ramallah's now-40,000 strong paramilitary security force, which has grown beyond the size alotted in the Oslo Accords - to which the US itself is a signatory - leading some Israeli analysts to suggest US administrations have aided and abetted PA officials in undermining the agreement.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet, in a statement issued after its weekly meeting on Tuesday, "expressed hope that the US Congress would reconsider the freezing of aid allocated to the Palestinian National Authority."

"Some parties in the Congress stood not only against the interests of the Palestinian people but also against any possibility of achieving growth for a people under occupation," Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libda told AFP.

US President Barack Obama is said to be lobbying Congress to release the aid despite his vow to give a negative recommendation for PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas' statehood application at the United Nations should it be brought to a vote in the Security Council - but US lawmakers say they have numerous reservations about the PA project that must be addressed before they consider unfreezing the aid.

PA officials say Obama's "veto" threat is a clear indication that Washington was not a genuine "honest broker."

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

President Obama has had a far-reaching, dangerous effect on Middle East diplomacy and peace.

As this article suggests, there is a definite relationship between Obama's 2009 Cairo, Egypt speech and the emboldening of Palestinian terrorists to move out the Jews from their land. Caught in the middle are the Jewish people and their leaders, trying not to anger the Western nations vital to their survival, yet trying to offer conciliation.

This is all too familiar in Jewish history. Hitler also practiced a Judenrein policy, that is, the ridding of Germany and Poland of all Jews under Nazi control. That is the avowed purpose of the Palestinian Authority under Hamas and Fatah leadership: No Jewish settlements or Jews in their proposed state. And then, squeezing Israel off the rest of their land into the Mediterranean Sea. Once again, we see the world's unreasonable hatred of the Jewish people and of the Savior who was born of the Jews, Jesus Christ.

This article was first published in June of 2009, and this little settlement is now looking at imminent destruction.

Givat Assaf Appeals to Public: Come Help Us, We're Next on List
Givat Assaf is calling upon the public to prevent the demolition of the young community, as part of the government’s drive to appease Obama.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 6/5/2009, 9:30 AM

Michael Yakobson

The village council of Givat Assaf, a community near Beit El north of Jerusalem, believes the community may be next on the government’s demolition list following U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo and the stepped-up “outpost” demolition campaign in the last few days.

The council issued an appeal to the general public to come to the community and prevent the next demolition.

“The sword of eviction is on Givat Assaf’s neck, with immediate effect,” an advertisement put out by the community says. “You, he, she and all of us together can prevent the decree from being carried out.”

The council explains that by coming out in large numbers on previous occasions, activists prevented several demolition attempts.

“The sword of eviction has recently been raised over 26 young communities (‘outposts’) in Judea and Samaria, which are populated by 1,500 residents” the advertisement says. “The government, under American pressure, is trying to blind our eyes to what it is doing, and convince us that this has something to do with the rule of law or solving the Iranian threat.”

The real struggle here, the council says, is over Beit El, Ofra, Pesagot and the entire settlement movement. “Obama and Ehud Barak have the same intention: to erase the settlement enterprise, which spearheads the idea of the Jewish State, and to create two states – one Palestinian, and one belonging to ‘all of its citizens.’”

“This is our true test," the young community’s appeal says. “If we are resolute now, we will not have to fight over the entire settlement movement. But if not…”

There are over 20 families in Givat Assaf, which also has a synagogue, mikveh, kindergarten and playground.

It is vital that we support the state of Israel and protect the Jews again from threatened extinction. Please learn all you can about the situation in the Middle East. And help defeat Obama in the next election, especially if he favors Palestinian terrorist control of part of the land of Israel. (Gaza has already been yanked from Jewish residents and given over to the Hezbollah and Hamas.) Our own survival may depend upon our support of Israel.

Author:  justgrace [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

I, too, am concerned with the way President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and now Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta treat Israel with barely-concealed contempt. Why they would continue to back the Palestinian terrorists at all is beyond me! It is true that President Bush and his Secretary of State, Condi Rice, also asked unreasonable concessions from Israel, to gain an uncertain peace, while assuring no such guarantees of Palestinians stopping attacks on Israel's people.

I tend to agree with much of this strongly-worded condemnation of Leon Panetta's recent trip to Israel.

Op-Ed: Pugnacious Panetta and Yom KIppur
Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 10:59 PM
Israel and the Western world stand mired at an existential crossroads. Panetta's behavior on his first trip to Israel in his new capacity as Secretary of Defense was beyond reprehensible.

by Fern Sidman

Seems like newly appointed Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has now enlisted his services in the burgeoning cacophony of voices in the Obama administration calling for an avalanche of pressure to be applied on Israel in the hopes of resuming the stalled "peace" negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

If Israel hasn't been sufficiently raked over the proverbial coals by the international community in recent days for its perceived "intransigence"; most notably at the UN General Assembly hatefest and the Durban III conference, it now appears that the Obama underlings are turning up the heat.

While traveling to Israel for his first visit as defense chief, Panetta issued a veiled threat; warning that theClinton, who, just several days ago, chided Israel's decision to build 1100 housing units in Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood as "counter-productive" to reviving peace talks with the PA. Her sentiments were echoed by the European Union who said that the decision "threatens the viability of an agreed two-state solution".

In this tendentious climate, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has adamantly retained his previously stated committment to direct negotiations with the Palestinians sans pre-conditions of any kind. This however, has not deterred Panetta and other administration lackeys Jewish state will be acting to its detriment and eroding its own security if it displays any signs of unwillingness to "reach out to its neighbors".

Noting the undulating transformations in the region in the wake of the Arab Spring he additionally cautioned that Israel is "becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East" and advised them in the strongest of terms to rectify the situation by assuming a dovish posture, not only as it pertains to negotiations with the Palestinians but with such countries as Egypt and Turkey where relations have been strained.

Panetta has been joined in his free flowing animadversions against Israel by Secretary of State . Subsequent to upbraiding Israel for not moving fast enough in jump starting the Obama agenda of pandering to the Palestinians so that the US can avert a diplomatic crisis when their hand is forced in vetoing the Abbas initiated "member nation" request at the UN Security Council, Panetta has now taken aim at members of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for impeding a $200 million aid package for the Palestinian Authority that was frozen due to its bid for UN recognition of statehood.

Curiously, the Israeli response has been muted at best and whitewashed at worst. While talking to reporters at a joint news conference with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Panetta, clearly exasperated at the US lawmakers for blocking the aid package said, "This is a critical time. This is no time to withhold those funds."

The Israelis said nothing as they walk the political tightrope, constantly attempting to appease Washington while grasping at straws for their own survival.

Panetta's desperate tone clearly indicates US anxiety over the potential fallout of the nascent "Palestinian Spring" and what it represents for US and Western interests. Poised to fire the first salvo in what could emerge as a global conflagration over perceived but patently false US proclivities towards Israel, the Palestinians and the Muslim world are transmitting signs that grave implications are imminent.

The Obama administration would do well to reassess their policy of funding known terrorist organizations within the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority as it will only come back to haunt them in the future.

The time is long overdue for the administration to extricate themselves from the obsequious corner they've painted themselves into vis-a-vis Middle East diplomacy and the Muslim world.

The time is long overdue for the US to carefully examine its purported moral rectitude in the foreign affairs arena and to begin to distinguish between intractable enemies from longstanding friends whose fealty they've answered with animus.

As we approach Yom Kippur; a day of reckoning and atonement, we can't escape the fact that Israel and the Western world stands mired at an existential crossroads. Panetta's behavior on his first trip to Israel in his new capacity as Secretary of Defense was beyond reprehensible, but his words couldn't have come at a more propitious time and they are words that carry the kind of gravitas that demand that we must deeply ponder them.

Although they weren't intended as a prescient insight into the geo-political realities that afflict the Jewish nation and the land of Israel, we must interpret them as yet another wake-up call from the Heavens above as we approach the Almighty on the day of the year that we are most close to Him.

"Israel is becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East', he said, and our salvation will not come forth from Washington or from feckless negotiations base on an elusive hope for peace, but from our knowledge that the events that swirl around us at blinding speed are but a stark reminder that we are a nation that dwells alone; dependent exclusively on our G-d for our protection and comfort.

The author is INN's NY correspondent and is a free lance writer.

Author:  justgrace [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The stories about destruction of Jewish property, including settlements and olive groves, etc. are ramping up, as well as demonstrations by Jewish citizens against Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and police in Judea and Samaria that are destroying their homes. We are reading, too, of "right-wing" youth, who are attacking police or retaliating against Arabs. These freezes and destruction of housing for Jews are being done in response to USA and other countries telling Israelis that they do not have a right to build in certain areas of their own country. No other nation would tolerate this interference as peacefully and patiently as Israel. I do not quite understand why or how.

In 1967, during the Six Day War, the Jews were attacked on the north by Syria, the east by Jordan, and the south by Egypt. Israel prevailed on all fronts, taking the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Sinai peninsula from Egypt. They built airports and infrastructure in these areas. But due to international pressure, they were forced (or felt it was needed for peace) to return 90% of this land. In doing so, they gave up the wealth of oil wells they had developed, back to Egypt.

Most nations make treaties to gain or secure land; Israel gives up land which is scarce, to win elusive peace. In the West Bank, it was the Jordanians who told Arabs to flee to Jordan, thus beginning the Palestinian refugee camps that caught the sympathy of the world. But all the land that Israel took in 1967 was land that was originally part of the land deeded to them by God, over 4,000 years ago, which King Solomon had ruled over.

The battle for land goes on, but the world seems to favor the 130 million Arabs, largely Muslim nations, over the 6 million Jews in Israel. That Israel even exists to this day is something of a miracle. Not only do they exist; they also help assure the defense of America through their military intelligence and their system of government that assures an oasis for liberty in the Middle East.

Watch for further unrest and problems among young Israelis, in particular, who are seeing a housing shortage, with building permits frozen for over 10 months and settlements threatened with destruction from their own IDF and police forces.

Police Destroy Migron Outpost – Again
A large unit of police officers early Wednesday morning brought in tractors and destroyed five structures at the Migron Heights outpost.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 6/29/2011, 12:36 PM / Last Update: 6/29/2011, 12:40 PM
[url] ... o31yrK0CzY[/url]

A large unit of police officers early Wednesday morning brought in tractors and destroyed five structures and two tents used by youth at the Migron Heights outpost, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The residents and friends protested and tried to stop the demolitions, which were carried out after police arrested two youth.

Dozens of police remained until the destruction was completed in order to prevent the youth from immediately rebuilding the structures.

Migron Heights is located close to the Migron community, where three houses are under the threat of demolition. Peace Now petitioned the High Court for these demolitions, charging that the homes in Migron were built on Arab land. Peace Now filed the petition of its own volition, without the request, approval,or backing from the Arabs they are allegedly representing, a phenomenon that is allowed in Israeli courts and criticized by legal advisors to the regional authorities.

In response to the government's declaration in the response that it would “not allow Migron residents to expand their settlement,” Yesha Council chairman Danny Dayan said that “when I see the total lack of enforcement of building regulations in the Arab towns in Area C, and the over-enforcement of building regulations in Jewish towns, I realize that there is no greater injustice than destroying Jewish homes.”

Author:  justgrace [ Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

I am finding much more fascination with the Jewish feasts and High Holidays as a result of following the Israeli situation. Today is the Jewish Day of Atonement. Christians who study the Old Testament and the Jewish feasts and symbolism recognize the word atonement for the significance it has in the atonement for sins they believe comes through Jesus Christ. (Leviticus 16:30; 23:26-32; Zechariah 3:9-10; 12:10; 13;1; 14:9; Ezekiel 36:25-27; Hebrews 9 and 10, and Romans 11:25-29)

For modern Israel the Yom Kippur War brings a sobering significance to the day.
Yom Kippur: Israel Stops and Reflects
Yom Kippur – the solemn Day of Atonement-begins Friday night. The Yom Kippur War broke out in 1973 during prayers.
By Arutz Sheva Staff
First Publish: 10/7/2011, 1:08 PM

Yom Kippur

The highest of the High Holidays – Yom Kippur – is to begin on Friday night, and Jews around the world are completing their last preparations for the solemn day that ends the Ten Days of Penitence.

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is a Divinely-designated day that the Torah explains “will atone for you [plural] to purify you from all your sins before G-d.” Such atonement, however, must generally be accompanied by teshuvah, a process that must include introspection, admission of sins, remorse, and a commitment not to repeat them.

One must also appease and ask forgiveness from those he has harmed or insulted over the year.

Many people visit the graves of their parents on the days before Yom Kippur, in preparation for the Yizkor service memorializing lost parents which is said during the fast.

The prayers for Yom Kippur, which begin with the Kol Nidre prayer said at night, then take up most of the day, are replete with the various concepts of teshuvah, as well as acknowledgement of G-d’s goodness in affording mortals this opportunity to exonerate and improve themselves. One of the dramatic prayers is a review of the High Priest's preparations and one time yearly entering the Holy of Holies in the Temple, during which the each member of the congregation prostrates himself before G-d. There is also a piyyut, liturgical poem, recalling the ten martyrs killed by the Romans, one of whom was Rabbi Akiva.

The fast begins just before sundown on Friday night, and ends some 25 hours later, after the special Ne’ilah (locking, signifying that the gates of heaven are to be locked at the end of the fast) prayer, said standing. At the prayer's end, the Shma Yisrael - Hear O Israel the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One - is recited aloud by the entire congregation, followed by another two verses, including sevenfold loud repetition of the words "G-d is the Lord".

The end of the fast is signaled by a dramatic, lone shofar-blast and the immediate singing of "Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem". In many Israeli synagogues, this is a signal for joyous dancing as the fast's end signals a lightening of spirits.

In addition to eating and drinking, also forbidden on this day are wearing leather shoes, washing up, make-up and perfumes, and marital relations.

The prohibitions notwithstanding, the day is considered a festive day, in that we celebrate G-d’s beneficence in going against natural law and allowing us to revoke and nullify our misdeeds. It is also a “day of friendship and love," according to the prayer liturgy.

The day before Yom Kippur, the 9th of the Jewish month of Tishrei, is also considered a special day, and we are required to eat and drink even more than we normally do. "Whoever eats and drinks on the 9th,” the Talmud states enigmatically, “is as [meritorious as] if he had fasted on both the 9th and the 10th." The custom of kaparot is done on the 9th.

The State of Israel is essentially closed down on Yom Kippur, with no public transportation or electronic broadcasts, and practically no open stores or services. Bicycling on main roads and city streets has become a popular pastime on the holy day, to the dismay of many, as there is no traffic to be seen, but the Tel Aviv municipality has decided to close the rental facilities over the fast.

Even more prevalent on this day are prayer services. Organizations make arrangements for secular-friendly prayer services around the country, which have become extremely popular and well-attended in recent years.

Israelis who are old enough to remember Yom Kippur 1973, recall how people were shocked to see cars driving down the streets in the early afternoon. They were rounding up soldiers as the Yom Kippur War had broken out during the day - almost all of the soldiers, religious and secular, were at their local synagogues and army cars went from synagogue to synagogue with lists, while sirens wailed shortly afterwards in Jerusalem and worshipers raced to shelters,

Memorial services for the war's fallen soldiers will be held on Sunday.

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Meanwhile, in Judea and Samaria (the ancient Hebrew names of the area of the current struggle between Arab and Jew), the Jewish people are continuing their quest to "occupy the land."

This was the biblical command from the time of Moses.

Of course, Arab residents of the West Bank of the Jordan are trying to claim the same land, in the effort backed by Muslim terrorist groups (Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood). Many Jews say that the Israeli government is succumbing to demands from President Obama in recent actions to prevent the planned building or to tear down Jewish homes.

Chol Hamoed Sukkot in Efrat: Onward to Eitam Hill!
Area residents and the Women in Green will redouble efforts to settle the Eitam Hill section of Efrat during Chol Hamoed Sukkot.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 10/9/2011, 2:08 PM

Area residents and the Women in Green will redouble efforts to settle the Eitam Hill section of Efrat during Chol Hamoed Sukkot.

Eitam Hill is the northernmost hill within the municipal jurisdiction of the Efrat Local Council.

In 2008-2009, council heads and residents, in cooperation with Women in Green and action committees waged a stubborn battle that led to the proclamation of 1700 dunams as state lands. The land was designated for construction of 2500 housing units, to be located on the hill.

Residents of Efrat and their supporters plan to go up to the site to pray the Shacharit morning service, departing at 8:00 a.m. from the Eitam gate in the Zayit neighborhood of Efrat, after the Orot Etzion Girls School. A shuttle van will also depart from Kiryat Arba-Hevron at 7:45 a.m. and from the Gush Etzion Junction (Tzomet HaGush) at 8:00 a.m. A sukkah will be built on the hill.

Prayers, including a musical Hallel with David Litke and Steve Rodan ("bring your instruments!") are scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. followed by refreshments at 9:45 a.m. and greetings at 10:00 a.m. by Efrat Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Rabbi Shimon Golan and Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi. A festive Simchat Beit HaSho'eva celebration will follow with music by Bentzi Thee and Avi Shmell of the MiShir Tzion Band. There will be inflatables for the children.

The event will also serve as a launch for a weekly campaign to demand settlement of the hill.

Eitam is mentioned in Jewish sources as a city in the portion of Judah, close to Solomon's Pools. It was also once considered as a possible location for the building of the Holy Temple, according to the Talmud. Ultimately, the decision was made to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

The “Aqueduct extended from Eitam,” notes the Jerusalem Talmud in Yoma 3:8, because “the Eitam well was twenty-three cubits above the ground of the Temple Court (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 31a), and “the water flowed to Jerusalem by the force of gravity.”

The Committee for the Development of Eitan currently in formation includes rabbis, members of the Efrat Local Council and Land of Israel activists from Kiryat Arba-Hevron, Women in Green, and the Efrat and Gush Etzion Action Committees.

“With G-d's help, and with much perseverance, humility, and faith in the rightness of our way, it will be possible to build on Eitam, so that our children will be able to build their future on the Eitam Hill that overlooks Jerusalem,” said the committee in a statement.

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

For the Jewish person or family living in Judea and Samaria, "home sweet home" is becoming less and less a reality. Not only are Arab terrorist attacks hitting certain rabbis and worshiping Jewish families on the way to synagogue or the Western Wall in Jerusalem, but some police are allowing this. And IDF is even tearing down some of the Jewish buildings to please those like Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who insist that Jews give up any building in this, their land. Where are the protectors of the people in Judea/Samaria?

We need to protest this action by writing or calling our congressmen and senators. I would say to write to the President if I knew it might help. Antisemitism is again growing in the world, and Israel needs an American President who will stand for them and not try to give their land away.

Rabbi: ‘Price Tag’ Wrong – but Understandable
The government is pushing citizens to commit “price tag” crimes, warns Rabbi Ronsky, former top IDF rabbi.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 10/10/2011, 5:33 PM

The government is pushing citizens into “price tag” acts targeting Palestinian Authority property, warned Rabbi Avi Ronsky in an interview with Arutz Sheva. While quick to state that he condemns “price tag” activity, the former IDF chief rabbi said recent incidents have led many to feel the state will not protect them, adding, “I understand them.”

Among the actions which Rabbi Ronsky warned had led ordinary citizens to no longer trust the government were the arrest of Rabbi Dov Lior and the false reports regarding the murder of Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan.

There have been other incidents as well, he said. Recently several acquaintances of his from the Shomron (Samaria) expressed concern that recent events point to a conspiracy against them.

“I personally don’t think there’s any hand guiding these events, but things are hard… In our community [of Itamar] twenty people have been murdered,” he said.

The government should respect Judea and Samaria Jews instead of turning them into opponents, he added. “This is a community that has stood strong in the face of conflict. It should be strengthened, not stepped on.”

Construction ‘Proof that We are Winning’

Rabbi Ronsky also spoke of the construction of the Torah study hall Mishkan Ehud, which is being built in Itamar in memory of Rabbi Ehud (Udi) Fogel, who was murdered along with his wife and three of his children by Palestinian Authority terrorists.

The floor of the study hall was recently built, said Rabbi Ronsky, who related that the event moved some to tears. Thirty trucks bore supplies up the hill on the same day that Rabbi Hanan Porat, who supported Itamar and its yeshiva, was buried.

The construction of the new study hall feels like a victory over those who murdered the Fogels and the notoriously anti-Semitic village of Awarta as a whole, he said, especially due to the cooperation from various government and military bodies. The unity surrounding the decision to build emphasizes the fact that “they are sinking while we build,” he said.

The construction “is not revenge, rather, it is proof that we are winning,” he added.

We also hear reports of terrorists desecrating grave sites of Jews. Our Christian holy sites are also in danger, especially if more authority is granted to the Palestinian terrorists.

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The orders to tear down nearly 1,000 Jewish homes are coming from the Arab-leftist courts. The fear is that they will use these orders to effectively gain what they cannot get in United Nations--ownership of the West Bank--by force. Prime Minister Netanyahu is sympathetic to the Jews and looking for solutions. If any world leader needs our prayers, it must be Netanyahu.

'Netanyahu Told Justice Min.: Find Ways to Legalize Outposts'
Minister Livnat says Prime Minister asked Justice Minister to appoint a team to find way to avert mass demolitions.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 10/10/2011, 6:46 PM

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat says that following her request, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Minister of Justice to find ways of setting up a legal team that will suggest means of giving a legal stamp of approval to Jewish outposts in Judea and Samaria.

The team should be professional and made up of people "external" to the Ministry, she explained to Arutz Sheva.

Livnat said that she spoke about the matter with Netanyahu during the Likud ministers' meeting Sunday, and that "his heart is in the right place," as evinced by his request to Justice Minister Ya'akov Ne'eman.

She explained that the request follows instructions given by the High Court – and accepted by the State – to tear down at least 160 building units in Judea and Samaria immediately after the holidays. There are about one thousand men, women and children living in these houses, Livnat noted. "This is unacceptable and it is solvable."

The land upon which these homes were built is not clearly defined, she explains. In some cases, it is not clear whether there is a claimant to the land. In others, the claimant may not possess documents to support his claim.

"In some places we are talking about neighborhoods that have existed for 15 years and longer, like the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El. It is unacceptable that the State will tear down homes that [were] bought legally."

She added that while current [Arab-leftist] court motions are directed at homes in Judea and Samaria, future motions could be lodged against entire communities or places within pre-1967 Israel. Similar legal problems that did come up in the past within the [1949 Armistice] "Green Line" were solved satisfactorily, she said, and all that remains is to apply them to the current challenges.

"I am not sure that it is so complicated," she said. "If you think the right way… it is possible and can be carried out speedily."

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

[Please see the previous two articles.]

Any state or nation that is not able to prevent the destruction of its citizen's homes is in danger of great instability and unrest. The leaders in the Israeli Knesset as well as the Prime Minister must get control over the leftist-[Arab]-controlled courts that are authorizing the destruction of Jewish homes.

MK's New Bill to Prevent Demolition of Jewish Homes
MK Yariv Levin to promote new bill that would prevent Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria from being demolished.
By Elad Benari
First Publish: 10/10/2011, 6:14 AM$.TpMzf7K0CzY
MK Yariv Levin (Likud) announced on Sunday that he intends to submit a bill to the Knesset which will fight the planned demolitions of Jewish homes in places such as Givat Assaf and Beit El.

Levin told Arutz Sheva that his bill would deal with issues of Arab landowners claiming that Jewish lands are theirs, and would compensate the Arabs either with money or with alternate land.

He added that such a bill would force the government to decide if it wants to encourage the settlement enterprise or vice versa.

“It will be a clear test for the government,” said Levin, adding that to date, instead of changing the policy in relation to the legal system’s attitude towards construction in Judea and Samaria, the government has simply said that nothing can be done against a court ruling and that it is therefore not responsible for what is happening. Such attitudes by the government, he said, justified the recent destruction in Migron.

“This proposal gives the government a clear solution,” he said. “If a person remembers decades later that he has rights to a land, he can prove it and be entitled to compensation or alternate land but no residents will be removed from their homes.”

As for the fear that such a law would bring about waves of illegal construction, Levin said that his bill would not speak of construction that was done without supervision, but only of construction that was done according to the law by people who are denied the ability to build or buy an apartment and live inside their own community.

Levin added that he is aware that getting the bill approved would be a long struggle and said that along with the parliamentary work there must be public calls for such a law to be passed. He said that the public must clarify to elected officials that if they continue to distance themselves from the policies for which they were elected, it will cost them their seat in the next election.
More on this topic

Lack of response and control by Israeli government will lead to more of this type of terror against the Jewish people. Many if not most of the homes are being built on land legally purchased but which the judges are now deciding is on land that was not Israeli land pre-1967. So, they are taking in their own hands a Judenrein policy--cleansing the land of all Jews--even though this is not PA land legally.

I have to say that the reason the PA are so boldly taking these steps is because there is no real fear of the US administration coming after them. They obviously have the sympathy of President Obama. I have not heard that Obama or Sec. of State Clinton are speaking out about these injustices.

All this makes me wish more than ever that Huckabee were our President now! He would be truly pro-Israel. The PA would not receive a penny of funding if they kept this up. I hope the US Congress votes to suspend all aid to the Palestinian Authority! And soon.

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The American people favor the Israeli's position over the PA position by a large percentage. This administration, from top to bottom, seems to be at odds with most of the United States, who have a traditionally favorable and supportive attitude toward Israel

The following article, written two months ago by Nile Gardiner, a British politcal analyst, explains what is behind the recent attacks on the Jewish people in Israel. Our administration is putting undue pressure on Israel because they obviously favor the Palestinian position, not the popular viewpoint of most Americans toward our best ally.

Read point # 7 to understand more about the housing issue.

Barack Obama’s Top Ten Insults Against Israel

Posted by Nile Gardiner Bio ↓ on Jul 22nd, 2011's-top-ten-insults-against-israel/

[This year] Israel celebrated its 62nd year as a nation, but there was major cause for concern amid the festivities as the Israeli people faced the looming menace of a nuclear-armed Iran, as well as the prospect of a rapidly deteriorating relationship with Washington. The Israel-bashing of the Obama administration has become so bad that even leading Democrats are now speaking out against the White House. New York Senator Chuck Schumer blasted Barack Obama’s stance towards Israel in a radio interview last week, stating his “counter-productive” Israel policy “has to stop”.

At the same time a poll was released by Quinnipiac University which showed that US voters disapproved of the president’s Israel policy by a margin of 44 to 35 percent. According to the poll, “American voters say 57 – 13 percent that their sympathies lie with Israel and say 66 – 19 percent that the president of the United States should be a strong supporter of Israel.”

I recently compiled a list of Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Britain, America’s closest ally in the world. This is a sequel of sorts, a list of major insults by the Obama administration against America’s closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. As I wrote previously on Obama's treatment of both Britain and Israel:

In the space of just over a year, Barack Obama has managed to significantly damage relations with America’s two closest friends, while currying favour with practically every monstrous dictatorship on the face of the earth. The doctrine of “smart power” has evolved into the shameless appeasement of America’s enemies at the expense of existing alliances. There is nothing clever about this approach – it will ultimately weaken US global power and strengthen the hand of America’s enemies, who have become significantly emboldened and empowered by Barack Obama’s naïve approach since he took office.

The Obama presidency is causing immense damage to America’s standing in the free world, while projecting an image of weakness in front of hostile regimes. Its treatment of both Israel and Britain is an insult and a disgrace, and a grim reflection of an unbelievably crass and insensitive foreign policy that significantly undermines the US national interest.

So here’s my top 10 list of Obama administration insults against Israel after just 15 months in power:

1. Obama’s humiliation of Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House

In March, the Israeli Prime Minister was humiliated by Barack Obama when he visited Washington. As The Telegraph reported, “Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family”, after being presented with a list of 13 demands. As I wrote at the time:

This is no way to treat America’s closest ally in the Middle East, and a true friend of the United States. I very much doubt that even third world tyrants would be received in such a rude fashion by the president. In fact, they would probably be warmly welcomed by the Obama White House as part of its “engagement” strategy, while the leaders of Britain and Israel are frequently met with arrogant disdain.

2. Engaging Iran when Tehran threatens a nuclear Holocaust against Israel

In contrast to its very public humiliation of close ally Israel, the Obama administration has gone out of its way to establish a better relationship with the genocidal regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which continues to threaten Israel's very existence. It has taken almost every opportunity to appease Tehran since it came to office, and has been extremely slow to respond to massive human rights violations by the Iranian regime, including the beating, rape and murder of pro-democracy protesters.

3. Drawing a parallel between Jewish suffering in the Holocaust with the current plight of the Palestinians

In his Cairo speech to the Muslim world, President Obama condemned Holocaust denial in the Middle East, but compared the murder of six million Jews during World War Two to the “occupation” of the Palestinian territories, in a disturbing example of moral equivalence:

“On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians – have suffered in pursuit of a homeland. For more than sixty years they have endured the pain of dislocation. Many wait in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring lands for a life of peace and security that they have never been able to lead. They endure the daily humiliations – large and small – that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”

4. Obama’s attack on Israeli “occupation” in his speech to the United Nations

In his appalling speech to the UN General Assembly last September, President Obama dedicated five paragraphs to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, without once referring directly to Palestinian terrorism by name, but declaring to loud applause “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.” He also lambasted the Israeli “occupation”, and drew a connection between rocket attacks on Israeli civilians with living conditions in Gaza. The speech served as a ghastly PR exercise aimed at appeasing anti-Israel sentiment in the Middle East, while bashing the Israelis over the head.

5. Obama’s accusation that Israel is the cause of instability in the Middle East

As The Wall Street Journal noted, “the Obama Administration seems increasingly of the view that Israel is the primary cause of instability in the Middle East”, citing a recent press conference where he stated:

“It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them. And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”

6. The Obama administration’s establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria

While actively appeasing Iran, the Obama administration has also sought to develop closer ties with the other main state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East, Syria, establishing diplomatic relations with Damascus in February. Syria remains a major backer of Hamas and Hizbollah, both responsible for a large number of terrorist attacks against Israel.

7. Hillary Clinton​’s 43-minute phone call berating Netanyahu

As The Telegraph reported, Hillary Clinton sought to dictate terms to Israel in the wake of Vice President Joe Biden​’s visit to Jerusalem:

“In a telephone call, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, ordered Mr. Netanyahu to reverse a decision to build 1,600 homes for Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem that sparked the diplomatic row. She also instructed him to issue a formal pledge that peace talks would focus on core issues such as the future of Jerusalem and the borders of a Palestinian state. In addition, the Israeli prime minister was urged to make a substantial confidence-building gesture to the Palestinians. Mrs. Clinton suggested this could take the form of prisoner releases, an easing of the blockade of Gaza and the transfer of greater territory in the West Bank to Palestinian control.”

Last time I checked, Israel was still an independent country, and not a colonial dependency of the Obama White House. Yet that still hasn’t stopped the Secretary of State from acting like an imperial Viceroy.

8. David Axelrod​’s attack on Israeli settlements on “Meet the Press​”

It is extremely unusual for a White House official to launch an attack on a close US ally on live television, but this is exactly what the President’s Senior Adviser David Axelrod did in an interview in March with NBC’s Meet the Press, designed to cause maximum humiliation to Israel, where he stated in reference to new settlement construction in East Jerusalem:

“This was an affront, it was an insult but most importantly it undermined this very fragile effort to bring peace to that region. For this announcement to come at that time was very destructive.”

9. Hillary Clinton’s call on Israel to show “respect”

As The Telegraph revealed, the Secretary of State lectured the Israelis at a dinner attended by the Israeli ambassador and the ambassadors of several Arab states in mid-April, urging Israel to “refrain from unilateral statements” that could “undermine trust or risk prejudicing the outcome of talks”. In Clinton’s words:

“Prime Minister​ [Benjamin] Netanyahu has embraced the vision of the two-state solution. But easing up on access and movement in the West Bank, in response to credible Palestinian security performance, is not sufficient to prove to the Palestinians that this embrace is sincere. We encourage Israel to continue building momentum toward a comprehensive peace by demonstrating respect for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, stopping settlement activity and addressing the humanitarian needs in Gaza.”

10. Robert Gibbs​’ disparaging remarks about Israel

Not one to shy away from criticizing America’s friends when the opportunity arises, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs entered the fray in an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace in March where he attacked the Israeli government for weakening “the trust that’s needed for both sides to come together and have honest discussions about peace in the Middle East.” In condescending terms he stated that Benjamin Netanyahu​ should start “coming to the table with constructive ideas for constructive and trustful dialogue about moving the peace process forward.”

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