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Author:  Miranda [ Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:54 pm ]
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Thanks for posting this information. I try to read it everyday and have learned so much.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:21 am ]
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Miranda wrote:
Thanks for posting this information. I try to read it everyday and have learned so much.

Bless you. Tell others. Pray for America and Israel. I have learned so much, too.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:21 am ]
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Rocks can kill. That was a method of capital punishment in the ancient world, including in the time of Christ. Stephen was martyred this way. (Acts 7:59) Paul was nearly killed this way. (2 Corinthians 11:23; Acts 14:11-19)

But now, misguided Arab youth are being stirred to hatred by the Muslim terrorists that are trying to take the West Bank. Not only does my heart cry out for the innocent Jews trying to worship God on their High Holy Days, but also my heart goes out to those who throw stones. They need the Savior that the Jewish people, nation, and religion represent, that the festivals point to. The Messiah is He that the Day of Atonement foretold--Jesus Christ, whose death on the cross was the atonement for sin. The attackers' hearts and minds could be changed by the power of almighty God, whom they can also know. That is how peace will come, ultimately. Jew and Gentile, one in Christ.

Those who stone Jews for worshiping God, or who persecute Christians do so out of a hatred for Christ and the people of His birth. Simply. They are following marching orders, not from God, but from the spiritual ruler of this present world. (OK, I find it hard to stay away from theology when talking about the land of the Bible. :wink: )

Politically, this could have been predicted and in fact was. The Palestinian Authority and its terrorist backers promised a fit of temper if they did not get their way in the United Nations General Assembly. They promised riots and killing of Jews, taking of their land. They do not care so much by which method, legally or illegally.

I would like you to go to the link to see the photos.

Cops Catch J'lem Arabs Who Ambushed Jews on Yom Kippur
Jerusalem Police detectives nab Arabs who hurled rocks at Jewish worshipers on holy day.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 10/11/2011, 1:01 PM

Jerusalem Police detectives arrested over the last 24 hours a group of Arabs who hurled rocks at Jews in Beit Hanina on Yom Kippur.

Aryeh Orange, a resident of Pisgat Ze'ev, told Arutz Sheva Tuesday morning that the Jews were headed for a special minyan – prayer quorum – that they conduct annually on Yom Kippur at Beit HaShiva in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina. The participants make their way on foot from Pisgat Ze'ev to Beit Hanina.

Orange said that on this Yom Kippur, the worshipers were surprised by several Arab ambushes in the course of the holy day. One of the Jews was lightly wounded.

When the holiday ended, the group filed a complaint with the police, which promised to place ambushes in the area and catch the perpetrators. On Monday rocks were thrown at another Jew, and police caught the attackers.
Arabs also threw rocks at an Egged bus in eastern Jerusalem and at the "light rail" train. No one was hurt.

Two months ago, the security officer for Ateret Kohanim Yeshiva, Meir Tal, told Arutz Sheva that the police's Jerusalem District has been making an effort recently to improve security for the city's residents and that the efforts are beginning to yield fruit. "There is very widespread activity against attackers of Jews in eastern Jerusalem," he said. "Every evening, suspects in attacks are arrested. There is a meaningful decline in [security] events."

The good news is that "there is a meaningful decline in security events in Jerusalem.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

What does all this have to do with Gov. Huckabee?

Well, one reason we care about Israel and promote its security is because Governor Huckabee has made it one of the qualifications for all his HuckPAC endorsed candidates.

Here are some quotes from Huckabee's book: A Simple Government.

President Obama has suggested that Israelis are suspicious of him because his middle name is Hussein. Yes, I'm sure that's it. The fact that he has abandoned decades of bipartisan U.S. policy toward Israel has nothing to do with it! In June 2010, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, lamented Obama's stunning policy shifts as a "tectonic rift in which continents are drifting apart." These shifts are not just strategically wrongheaded; they are morally repugnant.

President Obama views Israel not as the partner and ally in the war on terror that she is, but as part of the problem, if not the root of it. The truth is that radical Islam is the problem, and Obama's consistent refusal to call that evil by its true name will never change that fact.

In his Cairo address of June 2009, President Obama said, 'Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism--it is an important part of promoting peace." Then why don't moderate Muslims rise up and do more to defeat the radicals among them? The extremists get much of their funding and other support with a wink and nod from those who claim to be moderates. Besides all the self-proclaimed wolves in the Muslim world, there are far too many wolves in sheep's clothing, saying one thing and doing another. The president doesn't see our allies and our enemies clearly because he doesn't see the world clearly. Again, the haze of nuance obscures the simple truth. [Quote from pp. 186-187, A Simple Government, by Mike Huckabee.]

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Governor Huckabee had an amazing insight into the problems this administration would cause, back when he published the book, A Simple Government in 2009. (We need him as our President, Lord-willing, more than ever!) :pray

Huckabee: "The extremists get much of their funding and other support with a wink and nod from those who claim to be moderates. Besides all the self-proclaimed wolves in the Muslim world, there are far too many wolves in sheep's clothing, saying one thing and doing another. The president doesn't see our allies and our enemies clearly because he doesn't see the world clearly. Again, the haze of nuance obscures the simple truth."

In a word...Eric Holder, this time.

The following news story bears out the "wink and nod" of those in our own government who are promoting world-wide change that endangers Israel and America and freedom.

It is hard to adequately express my concern and amazement at the foreign policy and multilateralism of this administration. So, I have resorted to emoticons for help. :wall

Iran Committed an Act of War - Will Obama Respond in Kind?
The thwarting of an Iranian plot raises the issue how far will the US go in response? Hard to complain, after Israel's cave-in.

By Amiel Ungar
First Publish: 10/12/2011, 1:37 PM

It was a clear moment of satisfaction for US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder has in the past been accused of weakness and ineffectiveness in the fight against Islamic terror, but now he could announce the foiling of an Iranian plot to assassinate foreign diplomats in Washington.

The news that the Iranians had tried to work through a Mexican drug cartel only confirms the testimony before congressional committees that Iran is active in Latin America and uses the drug trade to facilitate and fund terrorism. :shock:

The United States is committed to holding Iran accountable for its actions” and would take “further action” against Iran, Holder said. :o

“We’re going to work with allies and partners to send Iran a message: we don’t tolerate the targeting of foreign diplomats on our soil,” said a senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. :wink:

:?: This talk is good, but the question that remains is whether the Obama administration is prepared to walk the walk. Iran has already been accused by the US military of helping insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan kill American soldiers including training and supplying the explosive charges.

This was to be an attack on American soil and a restaurant bombing that would have resulted in the loss of many lives, according to FBI director Robert Mueller. :cry:

However, the administration mentions using allies and partners and this appears to rule out a unilateral American action against Iran in favor of multilateralism. scratch

Another curious element in the announcement is to describe the principals in the affair, who are affiliated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as a faction within the Iranian government. That is the equivalent of calling the Conservative party in Britain a faction of the British government because the British government coalition is comprised of 2 parties. scratch scratch

The Revolutionary Guard Corps is currently the backbone of the Iranian regime and controls a major share of the economy. :!:

By imputing the plot to a faction, the administration seemingly absolves the other factions in the Iranian government. This allows the United States an element of room to avoid a decisive response.

:( We can at best expect targeted economic sanctions against senior members of the Revolutionary guards and their Quds force. The departments mentioned as organizing the response were State and the Treasury rather than the Defense Department. scratch

If Russia, China and India don't go along, the sanctions will not be effective. :tinfoil

It was ironic that news of the terrorist plot was revealed by Attorney General Holder at around the time that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was announcing the deal with Hamas in which terrorists kingpins will go free in order to ransom Gilad Shalit. :oops:

It is difficult to criticize American failings in the fight against terrorism following the announcement of a massive Israeli cave-in.

Just a final thought on how I picture this administration's treatment of Israel: :barf

[Please read on to understand what the author above consider's Israel's "cave-in."]

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

[See previous post for why many in Israel cannot understand Netanyahu's deal with terrorists.]

One hopes that saving the life of one Israeli prisoner may not mean the death of thousands...

Israeli Cabinet Approves Shalit Deal
Israeli cabinet approves deal to release Gilad Shalit in exchange for terrorists: 26 ministers vote in favor, three oppose.
By Elad Benari
First Publish: 10/12/2011, 1:04 AM

The Israeli cabinet voted late Tuesday night on the deal to release kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The vote came following a stormy meeting.

26 ministers supported the deal with only three – Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau, and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon – voting against the deal.

As part of the deal, Israel will release hundreds of terrorist murderers in the coming days. Hamas has reportedly agreed not to release some arch-terrorists, including Marwan Barghouti; Abdullah Barghouti, serving 67 life sentences; Hassan Salameh, serving 38 life sentences; and Jamal Abu Al-Hijja, serving nine life sentences, all of whom are imprisoned for planning suicide bombings. Also reportedly not included in the deal is the killer of Israeli minister Rechavam Ze'evi, Ahmed Saadat.

Out of 450 prisoners that Israel agreed to release, 96 prisoners will return to their homes in Judea and Samaria and 14 will return to east Jerusalem. As well, 131 prisoners from Gaza will return to their homes, and six adult Israeli Arab prisoners will also return to their homes.

Out of 203 terrorists from Judea and Samaria, 40 terrorists will be taken to countries overseas and the others will be deported to Gaza.

In a speech to the nation, Prime Minister Netanyahu tries to explain the difficult decision process. As I have said before, we need to pray often for him, because there may be no world leader with a more difficult task to protect his beloved country than Netanyahu.

I will try to post some quotes from this speech later...

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

This is the big story in Israel, now. Was it wise to negotiate for the release of one Jewish prisoner in exchange for over 400 terrorists being released?

Would we do that in the U.S.? Will these released terrorists cause more killings, and to what extent can they be controlled?

Will the terrorists now be emboldened to plan more kidnappings?

Below, I have a few quotes from Prime Minister Netanyahu on the reasoning for taking this deal now.

But first, here is what the deal cost:

ISA Chief: Shalit Deal "Tough and Difficult"
ISA Chief Yoram Cohen says Israel's deal to secure the release of Gilad Shalit may increase motivation for terrorism and more kidnappings.
By Gavriel Queenann
First Publish: 10/12/2011, 1:19 PM

Israel Security Agency chief Yoram Cohen reluctantly told reporters the terms approved by the cabinet for the release of Gilad Shalit "is the best deal possible."

Under the first stage of the agreement - expected to take place next week - Israel will release 450 terrorists in exchange for the freedom of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held prisoner by the Hamas terror organization for some six years.

"If there had been a better deal or viable military operation we would have chosen it," Cohen told reporters during a briefing at Shin Bet headquarters.

"I think this is a tough and difficult deal but it is the best deal for Israel from a security perspective. It is not simple to release 280 murderers. Hamas will be strengthened by this and Fatah will likely be weakened and this might even increase motivation for more attacks and kidnappings," he added.

Ninety-six terrorists will be released to Judea and Samaria, 14 to Jerusalem, and 294 to Gaza. Another 40 will be deported overseas. Six Israeli Arabs are also being released as part of the deal.

"I think that we will be able to deal with the threat and potential dangers," Cohen said "We cannot promise that they will not produce terror. Statistics show that 60 percent of those released in prisoner swaps return to activity in their terrorist organizations and that 15 to 20 percent return to Israeli prisons."

By the end of the second stage of the deal, to be completed by November, Israel will have released a total 1,027 terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit, whose physical and psychological condition remains unknown.

Here are some quotes of Prime Minister Netanyahu on why they took this deal. Evidently, Angela Merkel of Germany helped broker this in Cairo, Egypt.

Netanyahu: I believer that we have reached the best deal we could have at this time, when storms are sweeping the Middle East. I do not know if in the near future we would have been able to reach a better deal or any deal at all. It is very possible that this window of opportunity, that opened because of the circumstances, would close indefinitely and we would never have been able to bring Gilad home at all.

[The deal was finalized last Thursday and signed by both sides. The government of Egypt is mediating.]
Netanyahu: I told [the parents], "I'm bringing your boy back."

I am happy to have succeeded in fulfilling the Jewish decree of redeeming captives, and if all goes as planned, Gilad will be back in Israel in the next few days with his family and his people.

The nation of Israel is a unique people. We are mutually responsible for each other as our Sages said: "He who saves one soul, it is as though he saved an entire world."

Author:  justgrace [ Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The news from Israel remains focused on the release of the Jewish prisoner, Gilad Shalit. He has reportedly been transferred to Egypt. This exchange has raised a huge controversy, because for the return of one of their own, the Israeli government had to agree to release 1,000 terrorists. This has most Israeli citizens quite worried.

Hamas: Israel Promised No Revenge, We Promised More Kidnappings
Hamas terrorists tell the Arab-language media that Israel promised not to harm released terrorists, while Hamas made no promises.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 10/14/2011, 10:21 AM

Hamas leaders are telling Arabic media that Israel agreed to release terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit without a commitment from the terrorist group to stop kidnapping soldiers.
Israel tried to get a commitment, but agreed to go ahead without one, according to sources quoted by the pan-Arabic paper Al-Hayat.

Hamas also claimed that they managed to extract a promise from Israel not to harm the more than 1,000 terrorists to be released in exchange for Shalit in any way.

The report contradicts what Shin Bet head Yoram Cohen said about the planned prisoner release. Cohen told journalists that the exchange deal does not include any Israeli commitment regarding released terrorists’ future.

Hamas has portrayed the Shalit prisoner exchange as a victory, and has openly vowed to kidnap more Israelis in order to free more prisoners. Among those who will be released are terrorists who have committed murder, although several senior terrorists will remain in prison.

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon slammed the decision Thursday, saying, “Our experience has made clear to us the terrorists we are releasing today will murder tens and perhaps hundreds of Israelis tomorrow.”

Author:  justgrace [ Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

I encourage any of you who do not own Gov. Huckabee's book, A Simple Government, to either purchase it, borrow a copy, or check one out from the library.

Compared to other brief or unworkable statements and plans for common sense government, this book by Huckabee has it all. It is the most sane and workable idea book on the market by a past or potential Presidential candidate. And I am looking for ways to mass-distribute it. Any ideas?

I am working on an article for another blog site (more later on it!), but I want to give you a preview, which includes Huckabee's quotes from his latest book.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Why Israel Matters to the U.S., and Why We Are Necessary to Them

Governor Mike Huckabee is the only candidate mentioned for the American Presidency who has a coherent policy on Israel. He also seems to be the only one who cares much for this important ally. Hope does not die among his supporters, especially those from Israel, that Huckabee will run and that God will find a pathway to the Presidency for him.

According to statements at his political action committee, HuckPAC, one of the requirements for any candidate Huckabee might endorse is support for Israel.

In his book, A Simple Government, Mike Huckabee exposes the irony of President Obama's disastrous policy on Israel and the Middle East. In his straightforward and often humorous manner, Huckabee cuts through the rhetoric of Obama's utopian dreams for a world where we can appease and appeal to the enemy. Huckabee writes:

President Obama has suggested that Israelis are suspicious of him because his middle name is Hussein. Yes, I'm sure that's it. The fact that he has abandoned decades of bipartisan U.S. policy toward Israel has nothing to do with it! In June 2010, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, lamented Obama's stunning policy shifts as a "tectonic rift in which continents are drifting apart." These shifts are not just strategically wrongheaded; they are morally repugnant.

President Obama views Israel not as the partner and ally in the war on terror that she is, but as part of the problem, if not he root of it. The truth is that radical Islam is the problem, and Obama's consistent refusal to call that evil by its true name will never change the fact.

Thanks, Governor Huckabee, for saying it like it is. Obama's policies are not only unworkable; they are strategically wrong. They create greater instability in the Middle East and open America to greater threats from terrorist attacks here on our soil. Israel is an important ally in fighting terrorism in the Middle East and the terrorism that extends to our country, too. Islamist terrorists hate America even more than they hate the Jews. We are the "Great Satan," to them, while Israel is the "Little Satan."

- - - - - - - - - -
Read more later...

(Helpful and kind suggestions are always welcome!)

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The world is preparing for war in the Middle East. What is bringing this crisis together? I believe that our President's policy of engaging and encouraging the enemy in conversation, as well as his open promotion of a Palestinian state has destabilized the area and emboldened the terrorists. Yet, he gives mixed signals, with the attacks by drones or special op forces that have killed the heads of Al Qaeda. When confusion reigns, such as this, terrorists (Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, and Iran) are ready to step in and take advantage of an opening to gain more control.

Secondly, this coming exchange and release of Gilad Shilat, a Jewish prisoner kidnapped five years ago by terrorists, comes with a deal to release over 1,000 deadly terrorists. These bloody kidnappers and terrorists will undoubtedly spread mayhem and great instability in Israel. Now, more than ever, we need an American President who would recognize the historic friendship and alliance we have found so necessary with Israel.

US on High Alert, Conducts Drill in Israel and Saudi Arabia
The US holds a large-scale aerial exercise in Israel and Saudi Arabia; a navy fleet sails to the region in preparation for terror attacks
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 10/16/2011, 1:19 PM

The United States is conducting a week-long large-scale aerial exercise in Israel and Saudi Arabia as a navy fleet sails to the Mediterranean in preparation for any surprise flare-ups in the Middle East as Israel and frees 1,027 terrorists and security prisoners in exchange for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

Intelligence officials have said that terrorist groups, particularly Hizbullah and those based in Gaza, will try to stage attacks on American and Israel targets in the Middle East while the exchange takes place.

“The U.S. Transportation Command and its Air Forces Transportation will be testing its ability to provide a rapid strategic airlift response to major crises and contingencies,” according to DebkaReport.

The American, Saudi and Israel armies are on high alert following last week’s American accusations that Iran plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

The United States also reportedly is sending the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. It provides combat support for ground troops and can plant mines on coasts of Middle East countries.

Author:  IowaforHuckabee [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Thanks for keeping us updated. It is a quick way for us to come here and get caught up on what's going on. I really appreciate it.

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

IowaforHuckabee wrote:
Thanks for keeping us updated. It is a quick way for us to come here and get caught up on what's going on. I really appreciate it.

You are certainly welcome. I am so interested in the current events in the Middle East that I would check almost daily, anyway. I am glad if it is helpful for you and others to be able to come here and keep updated on the situation in Israel. Your kind words give me more reason to keep it up. Thanks!

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel



Egypt: Planes patrol Sinai without Israel's consent

Egypt's Air force chief dispatches warplanes to patrol border with Israel, despite peace treaty terms, MENA news agency reports; 'We do not need permission to increase our forces on our land,' General Reda Hafiz says

Published: 10.13.11, 13:02 / Israel News,7340,L-4134749,00.html

Egypt's air force chief said on Thursday that Egyptian warplanes are patrolling Sinai without Israel's consent, despite a 1979 peace treaty limiting Egypt's military presence in the peninsula.

"Sinai is our land, and we do not need permission to increase our forces on our land," General Reda Hafiz told the official MENA news agency.

Egyptian planes conduct patrols to secure all Egypt's borders, including the eastern border," he said.

Parts of Sinai have been restricted to Egyptian troops under the terms of the 1979 treaty, by which Israel agreed to withdraw from the territory. In recent months, however, the Egyptian army has deployed reinforcements with Israeli consent to tackle suspected Islamist militants. [Israel allowed 1500 Egyptian troops to patrol.]

The government had approved an increase in Egyptian army deployment to Sinai in August after a series of deadly attacks on the south were blamed on militants operating out of the territory.

On August 18, terrorists armed with heavy weapons, guns and explosives launched four attacks in quick succession in southern Israel near the border with Egypt, killing seven people and wounding dozens more.

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

This report was written over a month ago, but it gives background information on why the Egyptians are protesting Israeli's right to insist on a demilitarized Sinai. As this article points out: "Egyptians in general understand only one aspect of the agreement — normalization of the relations between the two countries. The part of the treaty which they ignore or forget is that in exchange, Israel returned the Sinai to Egyptian control." [back in 1979 with the Camp David accords and treaty]

Israel Holds Trump Card Over Egypt

Monday, 29 Aug 2011 11:44 AM

By Tawfik Hamid

Recent attacks from the Sinai and Gaza on Southern Israel triggered strong military responses from Israel followed by angry reactions from within Egypt.

Egypt's response has been two-fold: attempts from the leadership to negotiate a cease-fire, plus calls and protests from the citizenry demanding an end to the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement of 1979. The latter protests are telling.

Thousands of Egyptian demonstrators have been demanding an end to the peace treaty with Israel. These outcries have unmasked the pathological levels of popular hatred toward Jews and Israel that had been nurtured in Egypt during the several decades of Hosni Mubarak's rule.

Hostility to the peace treaty with Israel is not simply the outcome of removing Mubarak from power. Rather, it is the outcome of the Mubarak regimen's blind eye to, and maybe even encouragement of, anti-Israeli propaganda.

The result is that nearly 30 years after the treaty was signed, values of peaceful co-existence toward Israelis have not taken root among Egyptians.

Unfortunately, virulent hatred toward Israel and demands to end the peace treaty are also winning tactics for garnering political support in the coming Egyptian elections. Public surveys confirm the unfortunate reality that a majority of Egyptians want to end the peace treaty with Israel.

The current Egyptian government and the Military Council of Egypt therefore now face a Catch-22. On the one hand they want to respect the international commitments of the country. They also realize that war will bring the opposite of prosperity to their nation.

On the other hand they want to satisfy the desires of their local population, if only to gain and keep political legitimacy.

In crisis lies opportunity for creative new approaches.

The current Egyptian hysteria about ending the peace treaty with Israel stems from failure of many Egyptians to understand the negative consequences of ending this treaty.

Egyptians in general understand only one aspect of the agreement — normalization of the relations between the two countries. The part of the treaty which they ignore or forget is that in exchange, Israel returned the Sinai to Egyptian control.

Tourism in the Sinai brings Egypt much-needed foreign currency, as does American foreign aid that has been paid to the country after signing the treaty. In addition, Egypt’s control over Sinai brings billions of U.S. dollars every year to the country via the Suez Canal.

Egyptians need to be informed that ending the peace treaty with Israel does not simply mean ending the normalization of the relations between the two countries as they wish, but it also mean a return of Sinai back to the control of Israel.

The latter fact by itself can significantly diminish the emotionally based demands of the Egyptian street to end the peace treaty with Israel.

Furthermore, many Egyptians will also start to realize the major economic disasters to Egypt’s economy if they ended the treaty. For example, the Sinai’s tourist cities would become part of Israel, along with the Sinai’s oil potential.

Worse still, with abrogation of the peace treaty, Israel might end up controlling one side of the Suez Canal. Paralysis of the Suez Canal could levy a further significant blow to Egypt’s economy.

Statements by Israeli officials that show how the peace treaty with Egypt is very important to Israel are misinterpreted by many Egyptians as it confirms to them their unfounded belief that the treaty is only beneficial to the Israelis. This actually increases animosity toward the treaty and encourages many Egyptians to demand ending it.


In brief, the feelings of many Egyptians that the peace treaty with Israel has been beneficial only to the Israelis must be confronted with facts and reality. The more the Israeli government mentions and publicizes how important the peace treaty is for Israel the more the Egyptian street demand an end for the treaty.

On the contrary, Israel can reverse the anti-peace treaty attitude in the Egyptian street if it announced that it will not hesitate to accept ending the treaty if the Egyptians want to end it — as this means the return of Sinai back to the control of Israel.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Dr. Tawfik Hamid (, is an Islamic thinker and reformer. He himself is a reformed member of a terrorist Islamic organization (JI) with Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri who is currently the first in command of al-Qaida. He is also the author of "Inside Jihad: Understanding and Confronting Radical Islam."

It seems that a tougher approach by Israel may be helpful, with a threat to take back Sinai. What so often happens when Israel gives in to Arab demands is that rocket attacks from Gaza only escalate. Promises from Gaza's leader Ismail Haniyah not to attack Israel (under threat they might assassinate him) seemed to last about one day before rocket attacks began again. Gaza was once a strip of land controlled by Egypt, recaptured by Israel in the Six Day War, and given back to Egypt a couple of years ago. Every time Israel generously gives back land, it is used as a place for terrorist attacks against its people. We wonder why, before God, the unreasonable hatred of the Jews across the world?

Jesus warned His disciples, "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you." (John 15:18) At the time Jesus spoke these words, just before His death, Christianity was on the verge of becoming a recognizable faith. But it was at this point a Jewish Messianic movement. Jesus came to fulfill the Jewish Law and Prophets. (See Luke 24:25-27) Besides the ancient hatred between the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael, and the sons of Isaac, Esau and Jacob, rivalries that go far back in history, the religion of Mohammed from the sixth century A.D. has also inflamed passions against Jews. And because Christ came and told the truth about the sinfulness of mankind, He is an offense to many. Moreover, He was a Jew from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe there is definitely a spiritual element, also, in the war between Satan and God that is played out in the Middle East.

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Can you imagine how hard it must be for the Jewish residents of the West Bank? Many of these landowners have had title to land for decades, which they purchased, yet now the terrorists are coming in, taking their harvests, in some cases pulling up the plants on hills and making them barren, or accusing Jews of occupying land that is a national preserve.

Imagine learning that a Palestinian judge has declared your land not your land, your house for destruction or confiscation? And imagine the military (the Israeli Defense Forces) telling you must give up your living and all your possessions? This is occurring with greater frequency. (Sounds a little like the IRS! :shock: )

The Israeli government is in a quandary, because they are under pressure from U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton not to build "settlements'' in Palestinian land. (Or any apartments in Jerusalem!) To Obama and Clinton, a Palestinian state is a done deal in their minds. By their lack of support for Israel they are sanctioning the destruction of Jewish property in Judea and Samaria and threatening the security of Israel.

It is no wonder that Israelis have concern that the U.S. may indeed not veto the terrorist-led unilateral call for Palestinian statehood. The U.N. Security Council is said to have nine countries out of seventeen countries--a majority--willing to vote to give the terrorist-led Arabs a land, though they have done nothing positive to contribute to the stability of the area and have promised the destruction of all Jews. The United States veto is necessary. It is no wonder that Arabs in the West Bank feel energized to step up attacks against the Jewish population. This world body--the United Nations--is obviously illegal and has become unhelpful to bring peace.

We desperately need a President and administration that are pro-Israel, pro-American, and pro-freedom. I have a wonderful idea of a man who would make a great replacement for Obama in 2012! Governor Huckabee has been the most consistent friend of Israel.

PA Police Operate in Israeli Town
PA Arabs show up to harvest Jewish-grown olives in Samaria, with PA police standing watch.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 10/17/2011, 3:46 PM

Palestinian Authority Arabs showed up at the Jewish village of Adei Ad on Monday to harvest olives – olives from trees that were planted and nurtured by local Jewish farmers. The PA group was accompanied by PA police, who stood watch as the harvesters gathered Adei Ad’s produce.

Residents of Adei Ad explained that the trees were planted years ago, and that PA Arabs recently filed a claim for ownership, arguing that an Arab family owns the land the trees were planted on. Local Jews say the claim of land ownership is false.

The trees in question are located just 100 meters from homes in the small Shomron (Samaria) community.

Residents said regional IDF commander Saar Tzur had given the PA Arab group, and the accompanying PA officers, permission to enter Adei Ad’s city limits.

“How far will this disgraceful situation go? Arabs harvest in Area C, and who protects them? Palestinian Authority soldiers – what is known in ‘PC’ as the PA police,” said Itzik Shedmi, head of the Binyamin Residents’ Council.

“This contradicts all the agreements. It contradicts basic logic. What’s next? Should we put Arab guards at the entrance to IDF bases? Or to Jewish towns?” asked Shedmi.

Jews living in Judea and Samaria have long argued that the PA uses the annual olive harvest as an excuse to bring Arabs into Jewish communities, where they launch attacks. The harvest is also used to slander Israel.

The IDF continues to allow PA Arabs into Jewish communities to take olives, despite the fact that past harvests have been used to plan horrific attacks.

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

The Dilemma of Releasing Prisoners--


In Haifa eight years ago, Asaf Zur was returning home from school. Along the way, his fellow bus passenger, a Hamas suicide bomber, blew himself up and killed seventeen Israelis, mostly school children like 17-year-old Asaf.

The bomb belt worn by the terrorist was made by Mawaz Abu Sharach and Majdi Amro. They trained him, planned his deadly assault, and drove him to his target. For their heinous cruelty they received seventeen life sentences. Interviewed from an Israeli prison on British television for a program called “Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber,” they said: “We will be released before our sentences’ time; we will go back to terror because we must kill more Jews.”

Sharach and Amro are among the 1,027 terrorists who will be released by Israel in return for Sgt. Gilad Shalit, 19 years old when he was abducted during a cross-border raid from Gaza more than five years ago. Held captive and incommunicado by Hamas ever since, his outside contacts have been limited to three letters, a DVD, and an audio tape — granted only in return for the release of 20 female Palestinian prisoners.

Shalit’s cruel confinement mobilized his family and their many supporters. Gilad’s father Noam worked relentlessly to secure his son’s release. Mass prayers have been held at the Western Wall. Ten thousand Israelis joined in a protest march, organized by Shalit’s parents, to the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem. A tent was erected nearby for family and friends to maintain vigil and to press for Gilad’s return — at any price.

Few issues galvanize Israelis, and evoke their sense of themselves as a national family, like the capture of soldiers. Gilad became “a son to all of us,” whose return home would heal the deep family wound. News of his imminent release, in exchange for the Palestinian terrorists (nearly 300 of whom are convicted murderers serving life sentences), electrified the country. A substantial majority of Israelis, who have supported such disproportionate prisoner exchanges in the past, enthusiastically approve. So does Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, for whom the agreement is a “great achievement.”

But not Yossi Zur, father of Asaf. He knows the history and consequences of vastly disproportionate prisoner exchanges. During the past thirty years, 7,000 Palestinian prisoners incarcerated for brutal terrorist actions have been released in exchanges for 19 Israelis (and 8 bodies). Since 2002, 182 Israelis have been killed by the released terrorists. Based on these numbers, dozens of Israelis are likely to die at the hands of prisoners who will be exchanged for Gilad Shalit.

Why now, after five years? Egyptian military rulers, who brokered the Shalit exchange, may have wished to strengthen relations with Hamas to please the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas can use the deal to weaken Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose pursuit of UN recognition Hamas opposes. And Prime Minister Netanyahu will surely bask in public approval for bringing Gilad Shalit home — when he is not castigated for surrendering to terrorists.

The Israeli conundrum cuts deeply. To Security Agency Chief Yoram Cohen, this is “the best deal for Israel from a security perspective.” But he conceded that strengthening Hamas could “increase motivation for more attacks and kidnappings.” Despite good reasons for opposing the deal, claimed Israeli journalist Ari Shavit, there is “one decisive reason” to support it: Shalit has become “a symbol of mutual solidarity” for Israelis; “without this feeling, there is no meaning to our lives here.”

To those on the Israeli right, however, it is a “disgraceful surrender.” The Netanyahu government was denounced for betraying Israelis whose family members were killed by the released terrorists. A number of those families filed emergency lawsuits to stop the release. Soldiers in elite counter-terrorist units who had risked their lives to capture the murderers also protested.

According to President Shimon Peres, the Shalit exchange demonstrates that the Jewish state has fulfilled its “top moral value – to save one soul in Israel.” But to save one soul by virtually assuring the deaths of others is, at least, morally questionable. The imprisoned 13th century Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg refused the huge ransom of 23,000 silver marks raised by his loyal followers lest it encourage the incarceration of other rabbis. He died in prison seven years later.

As Yossi Zur realized, “since the names and faces of the future victims are not known, it is permissible to ignore all signs and past experience, and fantasize that nothing will happen.” For Israelis, sadly, history suggests otherwise.

- - - - - - - - - -

Jerold S. Auerbach, author of Brothers at War: Israel and the Tragedy of the Altalena (2011), blogs at

Author:  justgrace [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

Today (Tuesday) Gilad Shalit to Be Released

Posted on October 16, 2011 by Jerusalem Connection


Noam Shalit, father of captive soldier Gilad Shalit, said Sunday that the family has yet to receive a sign of life from Gilad. “We are waiting watchfully and with concern,” he said. “The final timetable is not yet finalized.”

Responding to statements by Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad suggesting his son is alive and well, he said: “Inshallah.”

Meanwhile, swarms of visitors continue to make their way to Mitzpe Hila to support the Shalit family.

Shalit campaign head Shimshon Libman called on the public to avoid visiting the area on Tuesday saying “Whoever wants to show solidarity please raise a flag at home instead.”

He said that Miztpe Hila will be closed to visitors on Tuesday. Police have set barriers and deployed officers around the Shalit residence. TV crews are setting themselves up in the area.

Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners set to be released as part of the first stage of the Shalit deal are being assembled in two prisons ahead of their release. Some 477 prisoners in 16 Israeli jails will be transferred throughout the day to the Ketziot Prison in south Israel and the Hasharon Prison in central Israel.

On Tuesday they will be released to Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank in exchange for captive soldier Gilad Shalit.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

I heard that Gilad Shilat was released, pale, weak, and stunned by the publicity and crowds.

As another former released Israeli prisoner said, he hopes the country provides counseling for him to re-enter society. They have been tortured and starved, subjected to constant threats, propaganda, and terror in prison.

About 80% of Israelis agreed that this exchange was worth the risk of over 1,000 terrorists being also released to Egypt, Gaza, and even the West Bank, where over 500,000 Jews live.

This people that has been perpetually persecuted in the world, and despised as worthless by their Arab brothers, needs our prayer and any support we can give them. Please pray that President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will realize this need and stop requiring Jews to give up their property and security because of America's immoral interventions and support of terrorists.

Author:  justgrace [ Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

This story of the trade of one Israeli prisoner for 1,000 plus Arab terrorist prisoners will be in the spotlight for many days to come. The release is bound to cause heightened fear and anxiety as Israeli Jews fear more kidnappings. And Hamas faction terrorists are particularly jubilant that they are now empowered to kidnap more Jews. Now those West Bank Fatah rivals can be jealous!...

Shalit deal throws Hamas a lifeline
Swap deal that freed abducted soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners is first significant achievement for Hamas since Gaza government established in 2006.

Published 01:42 19.10.11

By Avi Issacharoff Tags: Hamas Gaza West Bank Gilad Shalit Shalit swap Palestinian Authority

RAMALLAH - Tuesday showed that after nearly four years, Hamas has reared its head in the West Bank. It's doing so with Israel's help: The Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal has in many ways thrown Hamas a life preserver.

The organization, whose civilian and military infrastructure has almost completely disappeared from the West Bank in recent years - and support for it has tumbled - has been clever enough to register its first significant achievement since the Hamas government in Gaza was established in January 2006.

A campaign replete with military and political failures ended on Tuesday when the celebrations for the prisoners, most of whom belong to Hamas, began. Since June 2007, Hamas supporters in the West Bank have eschewed rallies or demonstrations; they're even wary about waving Hamas' green flag.

To Israeli viewers who witnessed the sight of hundreds of Hamas supporters waving the organization's flag in the West Bank after more than four years, Tuesday's events were far from a reason to celebrate. They weren't even something to be happy about.

It was a sad day, during which it became clear that despite the relative quiet in the West Bank, the weakening of Hamas' infrastructure, the operations of the Palestinian security forces against Palestinian terror organizations and the improvement of the West Bank's economy, Hamas was buoyed in the public arena due to the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in return for Shalit.

Most of the Israelis who watched the live broadcasts on Tuesday could become emotional and even shed a tear at the sight of an Israeli soldier returning home after five and a half years in captivity. But many Israelis couldn't see the price involved: Hamas celebrating in the streets of the West Bank, masses of people vowing to kidnap Israelis, songs of praise of Hamas' military wing and crowds vowing to continue the jihad until Israel is destroyed.

The song was heard time after time in Beitunia where the crowds were waiting for the released prisoners: "The people want a new Shalit." Similar pictures arrived from Gaza and Cairo. Senior Hamas officials alongside dangerous former prisoners vowed to continue the terror attacks, rejectionism and in particular abduction of Israelis to bring about the release of more prisoners.

And as innumerable other speakers said - first and foremost Hamas' Damascus-based leader Khaled Meshal - Israel has once again proved that it understands only force. The motivation of Palestinians, not only Hamas, to kidnap more soldiers or civilians as soon as possible reached a new high yesterday.

Israeli security experts will claim that the motivation to abduct more Israelis already existed - and they're right. The problem is that the level of such motivation has never been so high. That's because Israel has never agreed to release so many prisoners in return for a single soldier, and has never reached such an agreement with Hamas, which is striving to destroy Israel and threatens Israel's partner of not so long ago to the peace process. But now Israel will have to deal with the threat of kidnapping not only from Hamas but also from other Palestinian organizations, and even Fatah is jealous of its political rival's success.

The message the Palestinian people have absorbed from the deal is a problem, to say the least. For Palestinians, whether from the West Bank or Gaza, Hamas' way is the one that succeeded and defeated Israel, while the Palestinian Authority, as usual, has been unable to produce results. Almost tragically, Israel has nearly succeeded in strengthening the war camp and weakening the Palestinian peace camp.

Author:  justgrace [ Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Israel

For today's Support Israel post, I would like to refer you all to the post I made on the debate thread here.

There is no more deadly threat to Israel and the United States (I think we can pretty much link ourselves together on this) than the Iranian nuclear threat. That, coupled with Obama's lack of strong, dependable, or enunciated support for our ally, Israel, together brings the world to a dangerous level of threat.

Will our Republican candidates start to talk seriously of this? Since President Obama is dismissive of these threats, we need all the voices in the public we can get to raise awareness.

Please pray for Governor Huckabee as he lends his strong voice of support for Israel, and as he selects more of the candidates to endorse through HuckPAC. (Have you given a donation lately? Go to Please also pray that God will possibly give him the directive and strength to run for and become the future President and be able to change foreign policy, to comfort the Jewish people in Israel. I believe that if God puts this in Huckabee's heart that he would take hold of that mission to be the President America needs, with a passion.)

Also, always remember to pray for our leaders, for America and Israel, for the leaders of the world (to not attack Christians, Jews, our country and its allies). Please pray for the countless individuals who live in countries with no religious freedom, under the control of tyrants. I personally pray they may find the Lord Jesus as Savior, that this world's troubles and fears may not be all there is for them. These are indeed troubling times.

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