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Israel is Setting the Board to Attack Iran
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Author:  Southern Doc [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Israel is Setting the Board to Attack Iran

I'm sure our well informed remnant is aware that Israel unleashed a complex and coordinated assualt on Hamas' military capacity today. Twenty separate strikes, the death of Hamas' military commander, and the pre-positioning of ground troops and tanks in case they are needed. ... WP20121114

This is not simply aimed at once again trying to push Hamas back from the border. This is the opening chess move to set the board for an Israeli strike against Iran.

Israel now knows that it will get no help for the next four years and must act alone. They know that the odds favor Iran's completion of its nuclear ambitions sooner rather than later and certainly before the next U.S. President takes office. They further know that once Iran has the bomb there is no reason to think they will act as a "rational actor" and refrain from using it even if it means millions of Iranians die in a retalitory strike.

So the IDF is trying to de-fang Hamas BEFORE it strikes Iran as it knows that Hamas, as Iran's probable proxy, will unleash hell in a barrage of rockets and terror assaults in retaliation for the IDF Air Force attacks against Iran. The IDF would rather strike first and disrupt Hamas. A spear WITH an Iron Dome, not just a sheild.

The IDF have a bias toward initiative and aggression in war based on their history of success in the past. Israel is a much more successful first strike nation than counter-puncher.

So it begins.

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