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Michael Delavar for Congress (R-WA-3)
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Author:  Charlie [ Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:55 am ]
Post subject:  Michael Delavar for Congress (R-WA-3)

Michael Delavar is running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional of Washington State. His official website is On his website, you can read about his stances on a number of vital issues including taxation, immigration, the right to life and the Constitutional means of fighting terrorism.

Please help this man kick out the current democratic incumbent Brian Baird (
Mr. Delavar has a good chance of winning the 3rd district as it is predominately conservative and Brian Baird is intensely disliked here. We in the 3rd district are ready for real representation in Congress.

We need your help! Our main obstacle is lack of cash (sound new?), we are in need of some financial backing. Brian Baird gets plenty from the democratic machine. However, we conservatives in the 3rd district must look to local grassroots support and the internet for our funding. Time is money and money is time. We just don't have enough time to reach every voter on foot.
Every dollar you donate helps our outreach efforts through faster means*. :)

We in the third district appreciate your support. :D

Onwards Towards Liberty!

*Radio and Television ads. Postal mailings and Phonebanking to name but a few faster means to reach voters.

Author:  Charlie [ Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Michael Delavar for Congress (R-WA-3)

Campaign Newsletter

Dear friends,

On April 19th, Clark County held its Republican county convention. Michael Delavar was present and spoke to the assembly. Contrary to expectations, the leadership did not ask for a formal vote of approval for Michael’s candidacy. According to Mike Gaston, they chose to do this because of two things. First, there were no other contenders, and second, the response of the audience made it clear that there was overwhelming support for Michael’s run. It would have just taken up more time on an already late schedule to take a vote that was obvious. That is great news! With that endorsement, Michael now has the backing of all seven county Republican parties.

All over the political spectrum, party officials and elected officials are excited to see Michael join the race. The time is right to ask the hard questions about government officials, especially Federal level officials. Chief amongst those questions is whether continuing untenable policies makes sense.

“Regarding the economy, the people make it very clear that they understand what we must do to balance the budget. It is our elected officials, who continue to ignore the common sense solutions that we must follow. When elected, I will stay true to my promise and not vote for an unbalanced budget.”

In Wahkiakum County on Tuesday, the local GOP invited Michael to speak and answer questions from the party members. The reception was very warm, with some excellent pointed questions from the audience. Michael was thrilled to hear that his message of fiscally responsible voting carries so much weight with Wahkiakum voters. One such question was whether Michael would consider ‘replacing Social Security tax revenues with bonds balancing the budget.’ “No,” Michael responded. “America has the unique position of knowing exactly how much money we don’t have for Social Security. I will not vote for taking money from Social Security and replacing it with IOU’s.” Don Fullerton did an excellent job chairing the meeting which also featured County Commissioner Dan Cothren.

“Just as in Wahkiakum, we must present this message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and rock solid American principles to as many people as possible, in all seven counties of the Third Congressional District. I am fully convinced that the voters not only know what the ultimate problems are with our country, but they also know what the solutions are. People are itching to have a representative who will stand for those solutions regardless of whether it means finding favor with the political elites or not. The solutions are simple, even if not necessarily easy.”

Michael Delavar is currently planning several town-hall style events in all counties in the 3rd Congressional District throughout the summer. Please join us by volunteering to put on a meeting or a coffee. We would love to have Michael mingle with the residents of your county.

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