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IL Gov. race...Adam Andrzejewski
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Author:  GrannyT [ Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  IL Gov. race...Adam Andrzejewski

I've been reading a lot online and think we Illinoisans would be really smart to do our best to help Adam Andrzejewski win the nomination. Because, if he is on the ballot in Nov.

Adam Andrzejewski is a “reform activist,” according to The Daily Herald. According to people I’d trust with my life—or my kids’ lives—he’s about America, the Tea Party ideals, Illinois, and a whole bunch of other things before you get to GOP. That might not sit well with career Republican activists, but should sit well with independents, conservative Democrats, and Republican voters. Not to mention the center-right coalition that includes Libertarian and Constitution Party members.

From Nice job, Massachusetts; now it's Illinois' turn
"People in Illinois are as angry as they ever have been," said FOX Chicago political analyst Thom Serafin on Wednesday. "Their anger is anti-establishment, anti-incumbent. I wouldn't be surprised if it manifests itself in a third-party challenge in the general election."

There is less than two weeks until voters go to the polls in the Illinois party primaries, and Serafin is right, they are angry indeed, and still, the establishment plods along.

In the race for governor, it's a contest between two tax-and-spend types on the Democratic side. Among the Republicans, except for conservatives Adam Andrzejewski and Dan Proft, a posse of Illinois establishment types tries to hoodwink voters into believing that the establishment guys are really outsiders. In Massachusetts, the Kennedys lorded over the commonwealth's politics for half a century as if power was their birthright. But we've got our own lords and dukes right here in Illinois. The Daleys and the Madigans, for example.

But unlike in Massachusetts, the spoils of Illinois are shared among warlords in both parties. It's called the Combine.

Author:  GrannyT [ Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IL Gov. race...Adam Andrzejewski

There is no clear frontrunner in the crowded field of candidates. Most of those in the race have deep ties to the Illinois Republican establishment, which isn’t the best qualification in the current climate. In the closing days of the campaign, the race seems wide-open.

Big Government has also learned that several tea party organizations, both in Illinois and out of state, are mobilizing their members behind Andrzejewski. This could be one to watch next week. ... n-primary/

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