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Huckabee supporter running for Florida House
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Author:  Grant [ Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Huckabee supporter running for Florida House

Yomin Postelnik is running for Florida House District 91.

His web site:

His Twitter page:

He's written several articles in support of Huckabee:

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee supporter running for Florida House

Grant, thank you for suggesting support for Yomin Postelnik of Florida. I appreciated the thread from last year you linked; I commented on it to bump it up.
justgrace wrote:
Quoting Postelnik:
While President Bush has been, contrary to conventional opinion (opinion that will change within months of his departure from office), an able leader on defense and on many economic issues, he has never been allowed to communicate the true reasons for his decisions or to defend himself from over the top attacks. His handlers have been cautious, and cautiousness, while having a rightful and important place, does not carry the day.

President Bush’s actions will speak louder than the words of his opponents. But this will only be apparent upon retrospect. And when it does, it will not automatically translate into confidence in just any Republican, especially not in one who cannot communicate to voters. To win the confidence of the American people, the next standard bearer of the GOP must be a sincere and able communicator. Fortunately, our party has someone who fits that mold.

Gov. Huckabee was relatively unknown when the manner in which he connected with voters, his sincerity and his steady determination caught on. But being relatively unknown, far less conservative competitors were able to raise doubts about his fiscal conservatism.

Thanks for the good words about Huckabee.

Two areas the Republicans must improve that Huckabee can help: (I speak as a Republican trying to reform our party.)

1. Commitment to principle

2. Communication

By choosing true conservatives to back through HuckPAC, Gov. Huckabee is doing positive things that can help make a difference. As he continues to speak out in support of candidates, I am praying that he will have the wisdom to know which candidates to avoid and which to help.

As Mike has said, our cause needs more than just our prayers or speech; he needs our help financially in supporting good conservative candidates through HuckPAC. Rhetoric is not enough, he knows. Money is a gift of God that can be used for good or evil. By giving to good causes, we take the taint from it and use it as it should be used--not in selfishness or dishonesty, but sincerely, to right wrongs and secure liberty from tyranny. To win the campaigns we conservatives will need to win to overturn our present out-of-control-spending government will require commitment of our money, time, and prayers. We must be as persistent as a suitor pursuing true love and as unwilling to accept defeat as a soldier.

Our Constitution and form of government was uniquely designed for leadership by a moral and religious people. Morality has its source and its bedrock in the Judeo-Christian ethic, such as the Ten Commandments. Separate morality from freedom, and it is uncertain whether our Republic can stand.

Every candidate is human and sinful by nature. Thus, they need our daily prayers to do the right thing and not be swayed by desires for money or lust for power. We are looking for candidates who understand the Constitution and why freedom must be protected. We want those who will not take earmarks or bribes for their own political advancement. We need to find those candidates interested in maintaining freedom and security for our people, not milking them with high taxes and regulations that put them in further bondage.

HuckPAC has a good record of doing just that. Please visit that link and donate $5 or more to show Gov. Huckabee you stand with him. Thank-you.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee supporter running for Florida House

Grant, all three of the HucksArmy links you gave were excellent articles by Postelnik. I hope everyone will review them. The article about the Clemons clemency was excellent, as was the one on the Republican resurgence (comparing post-Carter successes with post-Obama possibilities). My opinion of Michael Steele and the job he is doing has recently increased considerably. I like his strong pro-life stance of late and his firm opposition to the Democrat's healthcare reform plan.

I see Florida, with Jebb Bush, Rubio, and Postelnik and other Republicans, leading the way to a Republican resurgence. And it would seem that Huckabee would do much better in a Presidential primary race there in 2012 than he did in 2008.

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