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Tax Freedom Day? Huckabee Speaks for Freedom from IRS
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Author:  justgrace [ Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Tax Freedom Day? Huckabee Speaks for Freedom from IRS

According to the venerable website, Wikipedia:
In 1900, Tax Freedom Day arrived January 22, for an effective average total tax rate of 5.9 percent of the nation's income. According to the Tax Foundation, the most important factor driving changes in Tax Freedom Day from year to year is growth in incomes, as the progressive structure of the U.S. federal tax system causes taxes as a percentage of income to rise along with inflation.”

While the Tax Foundation is correct that the growth in taxes collected is driven by income, it is the rate or percentage of income being taxed that has most Americans groaning: "Why does government have to take so much of our hard-earned income, and then spend it so foolishly?"

If it is any comfort, the European Common Market nations take a much higher percentage of income. While America's Tax Freedom Day (when our income is finally our own) has been around April 15 for the past ten years, the ECM countries must wait until June, July, or even August to be "free."

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How does Governor Huckabee view taxation and the IRS? He spoke at an event announced several days ago on Breitbart:

Governor Huckabee Invited to Address Freedom Summit

“Set just three days before most Americans have to file their income taxes to pay for the burgeoning federal government, our Freedom Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for the hard-working people of New Hampshire to compare and contrast the direction in which our country is headed and how their tax dollars are being spent,” AFP Foundation president Tim Phillips said in a release.

Hosts say the event, from two conservative groups with close ties to grassroots activists, lays down an early marker in terms of who will be taking charge of 2016-related political events.

“We believe that this time around, the grassroots of the party should be the ones who lead,” Citizens United president David Bossie told Breitbart News. ... e-NH-Event

Last night I spent quite a bit of time transcribing from YouTube, Gov. Huckabee's speech from the April 12 Freedom Summit in New Hampshire. This morning (sorry!) I could not find the link to the video to share. But here is what Governor Huckabee told the crowd:

Mike Huckabee's New Hampshire Speech
Today our freedoms are threatened by government agencies, like the criminal enterprises formally known as the Internal Revenue Service, that operates with a heavy-handed, unbelievable power that is able to crush any citizen, any organization, and it is the one type of entity in America where you are guilty until you prove yourself not to be guilty--unlike our basic system of jurisprudence, which says that you are innocent until somebody else with a burden of proof proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

One of the reasons I am such a strong supporter of the Fair Tax is that because for once and for all it would rid us of the IRS, and it would make it that the entire IRS and entire government would have nothing to do with what I earn. They wouldn’t know, and it’s none of their business. Only when I spend the money should they be able to get anything from it, not when I earn it. [Applause] They shouldn’t be punishing productivity.

Our founders would be shocked if they came back today and could see what’s happened, because they never intended the federal government would get very big. They were so intent on that, that they wrote amendments to the Constitution just to make sure we got it right. And every one of the Bill of Rights did one thing: it did nothing, not one thing at all to prohibit what a citizen could do. In every one of the bills of rights it limited what the government could do. And today you’d think we are being curtailed in some way by the Bill of Rights, being told what we can do, when that was never the intent. The Bill of Rights tells the government what its restrictions are. If there was any doubt about it, the 10th Amendment was written to say: If it’s not expressly written out in the Constitution it’s not the business of the federal government; it’s the job of the states, the role of the states, the right of the states, and the federal government ought to keep their fingerprints and hands off of it.

If there’s one thing that would bring this government back to its senses, it’s devolving power out of the federal government, moving it back to the states, to the counties, to the cities where it was intended to be.

We have far more federal government than we were ever expected to have or ever believed to have needed, and the cost is staggering—seventeen and a half trillion dollars of debt, largely because we’re paying enormous amounts of money to do things that were never the federal government’s job to do in the first place. This is why devolving the power makes so much sense.

It was good to hear that Governor Huckabee still believes that the Fair Tax is a good idea, and that the crowd responded so positively to that message.

Author:  justgrace [ Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tax Freedom Day? Huckabee Speaks for Freedom from IRS

I can't resist this.

Have you ever been to the website to peruse? I did so yesterday, to prepare for this thread. If not, you are missing the friendliest of government sites, by the looks of things, with their talk of "service," "voluntary compliance," and "most popular forms and publications." You would think people would be cheering to be there. Just wait...

Down at the very bottom of the nineteen hundred seventy-four choices was the most appealing, one would think: a message from the Insurance Commissioner (no not Lois Lerner!), Douglas Shulman. Open that, and see a picture of a very happy young woman in a wheelchair, raising her hand to cheer the coming letter from Shulman.

They take their job very seriously, as you can see:
From Tax Commissioner, Douglas Shulman:

The Internal Revenue Service strives to maintain the fairest and most
effective system of voluntary tax compliance in the world. The
environment in which we operate is complex and constantly
changing, and the IRS must change with it. For example, accelerating
and the development of new business models challenge IRS
efforts to ensure that all businesses pay the taxes they owe.

The tax laws are increasingly complex, and the role of tax practitioners and
other third parties in the system is expanding. The explosion in technology has raised taxpayer expectations for new ways to interact with the IRS –
and has significantly increased security risks, requiring more vigilance.

Even in the face of these challenges, however, studies of our national tax systems show that the U.S. tax system is extremely effective, and the IRS has a highly motivated workforce that clearly understands its mission.

The IRS must continue to deliver this high level of performance both in how we serve taxpayers and in how we enforce the tax laws. The Strategic Plan 2009-2013 will guide the IRS in this work by emphasizing two overarching goals. Our first goal is to improve service to taxpayers to make voluntary compliance easier.

We will work harder to incorporate taxpayer perspectives, expedite resolution of taxpayer issues, and provide timely guidance to help all taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes.

We will also strengthen our partnerships with tax practitioners, preparers, and other third parties in the system.

Our second equally important goal is to enforce the law to ensure everyone
meets their obligation to pay taxes. We will be timely in our enforcement
actions, and expand the approaches and tools we use in compliance activities

We will meet the challenges of globalization by improving our expertise and coordinating better with the international organizations. We need to excel at
both service and enforcement
to meet our mission:

Isn’t an either /or proposition. To succeed, we will support these goals by investing in two strategic foundations—our people and our technology. We will strive to make the IRS the best places to work in government. We will give our people the technology they need to improve efficiency, ensure privacy and security of data, and target the highest-risk areas of tax abuse and fraud.

I am pleased to present this plan for the long-term direction of the IRS. I am committed to making it a living document that people at all levels of our organization will use to guide their work on behalf of the American people.

Read it and notice all the irony. Has our government become completely cynical and self-serving? Not to mention globalist and willing to make law a "living document"?

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