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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:13 pm 
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Because it's just something I like to do, I took the liberty of taking minutes for this evening's conference call. I don't know if anyone else does this, so I hope I'm not stealing any body's thunder. ;) If not, I can do it every week and then post the minutes here for everyone's reference and any needed corrections.

They're fairly informal minutes, so bear with me. You'll find them attached to this post.

Let me know if anyone has any corrections at all.

Just kidding...I can't attach any text files, so I guess I'll just copy and paste right here!

Conference #: 218-936-3860
Conference ID: 6990316

Huck's Army Leadership Conference Call – March 24, 2008

Begin: 6:00 p.m. PDT
End: 6:38 p.m. PDT

Present: Laura from VA, Craig from NY, Camille from TX, Jimmy Morris, Jim Cover from WI, Cydney from WA, Mike from OK, Bill Goins from KY. (Let me know if I missed anyone!)

[Notably] Absent: David Schmidt.

Minutes taken by Cydney Craft.

Our conference call began by casual chatting and waiting around for David Schmidt (6:04 p.m. PDT) to show up.

Questions. Camille had a problem with viewing pages on Meetup page. Jimmy said to make sure she's logged in to the Meetup site.

Discussed new conference call service. Ability to record calls more easily. Jimmy and David, as moderators, can view a website to see how many and who is on the conference call. A couple people shared that they had trouble getting on to the conference call initially—one person had to call six times before getting in.

Actual start: 6:10 p.m. PDT

Bill—in the process of organizing Huck's Army a bit more. The bigger you get, the easier it is to grow. Concept: taking Huck's Army, and having a regular Army-type structure. Best way to train and motivate people and get something done. Everybody's got the same type of army structure (capitalist, socialist, communist, you name it). The structure would be fun and would hold people accountable. Build your own squad, etc. with leadership help, and then you get to command it. Ranks in charge of certain numbers of people. Track through Save08. Ranks actually mean something—means you actually built a unit yourself. You'd really earn your title. A way to be accountable, rewarded, etc. Online army—hard to keep people motivated right now. Want to avoid isolation. Builds fellowship and camraderie as you build your unit online. Break down to county, city, and precinct—chain of command on the ground locally. Campaign training, training to run for local office. Online AND On the ground (Meetups, etc.)

Jim Cover on the line (6:17 p.m. PDT). David still not on.

Mike in OK—questions for Bill about army structure. Bill: Point of structure is to match local meetups to local races. To change local government all at the same time. Getting more specific—an actual program to merge together. Software, etc. Training?

Technical note: *6 will mute yourself. *7 will unmute.

Bill—There's always the danger of turning ourselves into sort of a denomination. We are not a church denomination...we are a political organization. Newt Gingrich philosophy.

Jimmy—David, are you there? Apparently not. Has to leave. A few changes to Huck's Army website. Plans for a Huck's Army Convention in 2009 are in the works. More details later. Left at 6:29 p.m. PDT.

Christina Rodriguez—Re: Huck's Army Conference. Still working on details with David. Not sure what attendance will be: 500 or 5000? Trying to figure out cost, too. Bill: Idea of number of people—count those active on website. Need good attendance at regionals before you can get a national conference off the ground. Christina: will talk with David about it. David had concerns about West and East conferences (costs). Active Tulsa Meetup. Bill: Keep meetups active by getting people to run for school board, mayor, etc.

Jim Cover—trying to figure out which Meetups plan to stay open. At least one state-wide Meetup for each state.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:29 am 
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Thanks Cydney for taking notes of the conference call. You did a great job.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:29 am 
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Ya, thanks Cydney.
I like the idea of a "Huck's Army" conference in 09 or 10. Attendence impossible to judge at this point, but if it was something big and well put together enough, talk about a media hit. Make it something like an all day Saturday event, different speakers, a "draft Mike 2012" rally, etc.
I'm thinking Atlanta area...
In GA, a state he won. FairTax mecca. Easy access via planes, trains, and automobiles.
Indeed, could be cool.

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