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Huckabee on Cap and Trade
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Author:  ConservTexan [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Huckabee on Cap and Trade

I wanted to bring this up in a thread area that not everyone can see. I did not use members only as I know tdavisjr would also be able to see it, and I am not sure where his loyalties lie at the moment.

I am very concerned with Huckabee's statement on Cap n Trade.

I remembered reading a thread on it by Michael Brown. This shows that Huckabee did indeed support Cap n Trade, learned more about it, and changed his position on it. I do not have a problem with that. It just shows me that Huckabee did more research on it, looked into the nuances and then clarified his position.

But now he is saying that he never supported Cap n Trade, but it seems like he did.

Here is Brown's thread from long ago:

One particular post I cite as example is one which declares Governor Huckabee in support of Cap and Trade. There was, in fact, a time where the Governor was quoted very early on as seeing Cap and Trade as a valid measure for encouraging responsible stewardship of the environment.
However, after futher study as to the effects Cap and Trade would have on the economic health of the nation as opposed to it's benefits, he reversed his position based on newly discovered facts and information.

I know this because I count Larry J. Schweiger, President and CEO of National Wildlife Federation as a personal friend, who as recently as a month ago, I was in a meeting with in Washington, D.C. While I am not in agreement with Larry on every point pertaining to the climate change debate,
We are in agreement that each individual should practice reasonable stewardship in the preservation of the creation over which God has entrusted us. It was Larry Schweiger who shared with me Mike initially had supported the Cap and Trade option, and it was he who later conveyed that Mike had reversed his position after further study of the concept.
This, from the President of the most avid proponent organization of Cap and Trade debate in America.

I do not fault those who make statements out of sincere and honest ignorance; I would only encourage the same measure of responsibility be taken in passing judgement on individuals, as expected of the one they criticize.

The present tidal wave of criticism being hurled at Gov. Huckabee, in the face of the stated facts of record, is totally political. Those who have always opposed the Governor and the threat he now poses in the polls as a Republican front runner, should he choose to run in 2012... see this as "Christmas Morning Come Early."

To those political collegues who have pledged their support for Gov. Huckabee publically in the past...and who now are running for political cover, abandoning a man of principle; I thank you for revealing your ability to sell out character and loyalty, by demonstrating your deficit in both. You are more of the kind of politician of which we have no need.

Michael A. Brown


What are your thoughts? Please let's discuss this....

Author:  FirstCoastTerp [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee on Cap and Trade

I don't mind an open discussion on this. I think it is important for everyone here to be familiar with where Mike has stood on the issue and where he stands now.

Since there is at least one topic on a public forum already (maybe more I missed or am forgetting), what are your thoughts about that? Are you thinking that should be removed or some clarification provided on there?

Author:  ConservTexan [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee on Cap and Trade

I was thinking that what I posted above does not seem the same as what Huckabee posted on his facebook. And I thought we should discuss that because there are several blogs out there discrediting Huckabee's honesty on this issue. And I thought it should just be discussed on a very private thread.

Author:  GrannyT [ Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee on Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade is not a deal maker or deal breaker for me. But, in doing some research today - it looks as though there was an article in 2007 that stated Huckabee supported mandatory cap and trade.
Huckabee Backs Mandatory U.S. Cap on Global-Warming Pollution
By Kim Chipman - October 13, 2007 18:10 EDT

I found the link at

It also showed up on a Google search - but I can't remember how I found it.

Author:  GrannyT [ Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huckabee on Cap and Trade

On the Issues says that Huckabee adopted the Governors Association Policy:

Voluntary partnerships reduce greenhouse gases economically.
Huckabee adopted the National Governors Association policy:

* Considering the evidence and the risks of both overreaction and underreaction, the Governors recommend that the federal government continue its climate research, including regional climate research, to improve scientific understanding of global climate change. The Governors also recommend taking steps that are cost-effective and offer other social and economic benefits beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the Governors support voluntary partnerships to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while achieving other economic and environmental goals. The Governors are committed to working in partnership with the federal government, businesses, environmental groups, and others to develop and implement voluntary programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in conjunction with conserving energy, protecting the environment, and strengthening the economy.
* The Governors urge that those who have successfully achieved reductions of greenhouse emissions receive appropriate credit for their early actions. The Governors strongly encourage these kinds of voluntary efforts.
* The Governors believe that federally required implementation of any treaty provisions, including those that mandate limits or reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, must not occur before the U.S. Senate ratifies an international agreement and Congress passes enabling legislation.
* The Governors support continued federal funding for research and development technology in this area. They also believe it is essential to engage the private sector by fostering technology partnerships between industry and government. Public-private partnerships serve to achieve desired environmental goals, speed the introduction of new technologies to the marketplace, and meet consumer needs and product affordability goals, while avoiding market distortions and job losses.

Source: NGA policy NR-11, Global Climate Change Domestic Policy 00-NGA3 on Aug 15, 2000

Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries.
Huckabee adopted the National Governors Association policy:

* The Governors recommend that the federal government continue to seek the advice of state and local officials and nongovernmental organizations with expertise in economic, trade, jobs, public health, and environmental issues and assess the potential economic and environmental consequences of proposed policies and measures, including a thorough and broadly accepted analysis of costs and benefits. The Governors recommend that the US: not sign or ratify any agreement that mandates new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the US, unless such an agreement mandates new specific scheduled commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for developing countries within the same compliance period;
* aggressively undertake strategies for including emissions-reduction commitments from developing countries;
* not sign or ratify any agreement that would result in serious harm to the US economy;
* support flexible policies and measures in continuing negotiations that provide an opportunity for the US to meet global environmental goals without jeopardizing US jobs, trade, or economic competitiveness;
* insist on flexible implementation timetables in continuing negotiations that permit affected parties adequate time to plan strategies for meeting commitments; and
* ensure that no single sector, state, or nation is disproportionately disadvantaged by the implementation of international policies.

If appropriate international commitments are established and are ratified by the US, the Governors believe implementation should be allowed to be achieved through cost-effective market-based activities, which account for scientifically verifiable and accountable reductions in greenhouse gas levels regardless of where the reductions are achieved. Any multinational emissions trading program must provide a flexible and workable framework that takes full advantage of market forces and maximizes international participation.
Source: NGA policy NR-11, Climate Change International Policy 00-NGA4 on Aug 15, 2000 ... _+_Oil.htm

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