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? about Huckabee on O'Reilly
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Author:  GrannyT [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  ? about Huckabee on O'Reilly

I picked up on Huckabee's untrue comment right after I saw the video of the O'Reilly Factor the other night when I was getting ready to type up what was in the book and couldn't find it. Huckabee said, "if I'd read from my own text, page 183 of my book, I clearly said he grew up in Indonesia. It was a verbal gaffe. I immediately apologized. But that's not enough for the left-wing media." I even sent Debbie a PM asking about it hoping maybe he just gave the wrong page number. How do we reply to the "Huckabee lied" comments and blog articles? So far I've just been ignoring them - but I don't think the Rombots and Palinites are going to let it go away - not to mention the Obama worshipers. 3 of 4 negative Huckabee front page articles are about the Kenya slip on - one of which is challenging us to reply. One of them links to and another has page 183 displayed.

Supposedly Huckabee and HuckPAC have been mum on the subject. How can we help and what should we do or say

Author:  cschande [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ? about Huckabee on O'Reilly

Personally, I think both "mispeaks" were instances where Mike stated something he believed to be true, only to learn later that he was wrong. Why in the world would he intentionally lie about where Obama grew up, as he surely would have known that kind of a lie would be exposed and stir up controversy? Similarly, why in the world would he intentionally lie about what page 183 of his book does or does not say, knowing that anyone could easily check page 183 for themselves and find out that he was wrong again?

I personally think he really had it in his mind that Obama spent some of his childhood years in Kenya when he did the radio interview, and that, similarly, he really had it in his mind that page 183 of his book states specifically that Obama grew up in Indonesia. It turns off he wasn't right about either assertion, but being wrong isn't wrong, if you know what I mean. Plus, the main point that Huckabee was trying to state remains true in both instances, in my opinion. Obama's ties to Kenya may being influencing his current worldview, and Huckabee's book, when it discusses those connections, does not assert that Obama grew up in Kenya.

I really wish Huckabee would have handled this whole thing by admitting the fact that what he believed to be true at the time he said it turned out not to be true, and I hope he'll do that if he's forced to respond to his comments about page 183. As a supporter, I can live with the way he's attempted to handle it, but I'd definitely prefer the more accurate/honest approach to admitting his mistakes.

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