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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:32 am 

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I just sent the following email to all 850 or so contacts of mine. Feel free to just change the name and send it out, or change whatever else you want. The idea, though, is to send it to everyone that you can by tonight so they can continue to forward it. Many, many voters do not make up their mind until it is time to vote, and if they just read this email, it will hopefully at least shed enough doubt on Romney's record to have them reconsider.

If everyone that reads this just sends it to all of their contacts, we can easily reach a few hundred thousand voters before tomorrow. It's really easy. Copy and paste this email, make sure the links copied, select all of your contacts as BCC (that means if someone wants to argue, it will only go to you, not your whole list). Click Send.

Please do this, and please direct this idea to more people. In fact, we can probably end up reaching a couple of million voters. There are over 16,000 members of Huck's Army, and we all have at least 20-30 contacts (many of us have hundreds more). We reach even more people if some of your contacts forward it on.

You do the math.


Hey Everyone,

Super Tuesday is almost here, and much of the direction of our nation's future hinges on the next 24 hours. I'm asking today for you to consider casting your vote for Mike Huckabee. I have never actively supported a candidate before but I passionately believe in this man's ability to lead us in the direction America needs to go.

Recently, Mitt Romney has been saying that the conservative vote is split between him and Gov. Huckabee, and that "for the good of the party," Mike Huckabee should drop out of the race. If it's for the good of the party to not split the conservative vote, why doesn't Mitt drop out?

The media would have you believe that Mike Huckabee doesn't have a chance. That is ridiculous! As Gov. Huckabee stated, "We have outlasted Rudy, Fred, and others who were supposed to be the winners. Only 8% of the Republican delegates have been selected, and we have about the same number of delegates as McCain or Romney. We are in it to win."

Gov. Huckabee's supporters are in it to win, as well! FOX News has us tied with Gov. Romney in 2nd place nationally in a new poll of registered voters, and in Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma, recent polls have us in first or tied for first.

Maybe you are thinking – if this true, why are we hearing how wonderful Mitt Romney is and how Gov. Huckabee has no chance? Probably because Mitt Romney owns the media! For $19.5 Billion, Mitt Romney's VC Firm recently bought "Clear Channel," the company that owns the Rush Limbaugh show, Sean Hannity's show, Ann Coulter's show, as well as over 1,100 others. Please don't let a biased media that is inaccurately portraying the facts determine who you vote for tomorrow or next November!

Mike Huckabee is the only conservative still in the race. As Governor of Arkansas, he turned a $300 million deficit into a $1 billion surplus, while still leaving the Arkansas tax burden below the national average. He was even awarded the "Friend of the Taxpayer" award by Americans for Tax Reform (the ones with the famous "no new tax" pledge). And while keeping taxes low, he also improved education (test scores soared), was a strong supporter of homeschooling (and now HSLDA endorses him), passed a marriage amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman, passed a human life amendment defining life as beginning at conception and requiring that the state do everything possible to protect life, and was recognized by his peers as such a strong leader that he was selected to be the chairman of the National Governors Association.

Mike Huckabee is a strong supporter of the FairTax (, which would eliminate the IRS, is strongly against gun control and has been a member of the NRA for over 15 years, and is the only candidate who supports a marriage amendment and a human life amendment. You can find out more at, and if there's anything you have a question about but didn't see, let me know and I'll be happy to find some answers (and back them up with sources) for you.

If you would like to read more, please go to, where you will find his platform laid out in much more detail.

If you are concerned about anything you have heard about Mike Huckabee, I would ask that you go here and here to do some research on those items that cause you to have reservations about voting for Gov. Huckabee. Unfortunately, the attacks made against Mike Huckabee by Mitt Romney and others have left their mark, in that some people only hear a portion of a negative–sounding story and never take the opportunity to get the full picture. Please don't let a false or misleading story keep you from voting for the best candidate in the running!

Speaking of the truth, I would also encourage you to take a good look at the other candidates in the race. John McCain is a true American hero and I appreciate all he has given to his country – but that does not mean that he is best suited to be the next President. His positions are much more liberal than I can support. He is not opposed to "civil unions" (supports gay marriage), does not support a federal human life amendment, has voted for (and still supports) amnesty for illegal immigrants, and voted against the Bush tax cuts (he has a good response for this now, but it's not why he said he voted against them at the time).

And then we have Mitt Romney. I am at a loss as to how anyone could portray Mitt Romney as a conservative at all! As Mr. Romney himself advocated in the FL debate "I can point to a very simple way to find out exactly where I stand, and that is to look at my record as Governor." Let's look at that record:

Mitt Romney...

- Raised taxes by more than $700 million. He called them "fees," so, according to him, they don't "count."

- The Massachusetts economy was at it's worst in a hundred years when Romney was governor – and job generation in Massachusetts was the 3rd lowest in the nation.
- Supports an assault weapons ban and other gun "restrictions."

- Opposes a Constitutional Marriage amendment.

- As Governor, Romney forced Justices to perform homosexual weddings or resign, and changed marriage licenses to read "Party A" and "Party B" instead of "Husband" and "Wife." Neither of his actions were required by law or court order – they were completely voluntary

- Appointed more Democrat justices than Republican ones. One of those Democrat appointees was also the former Chairwoman of the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association.

- Mitt Romney claims to have had a "conversion" to the pro-life and pro-family views in 2004. Conveniently, it was about the same time that he decided to run for President. But even after his "conversion," Mitt Romney appointed even more pro-choice, democrat judges. One of them, Steve Albany, was also an outspoken gay rights activist.

- Even after his "conversion," Mitt Romney ordered Catholic Hospitals to distribute the "morning after" abortion pill.

- Even after his "conversion," Mitt Romney to this day supports embryonic stem cell research.

Sources for all of these points (and many, many more) can be found here.

Ron Paul is just a feisty libertarian running in the wrong party. While I do appreciate how dedicated he seems to be to the Constitution, he places the libertarian interpretation of the Constitution as his highest "moral" - more so than anything else. Because of that, he does not support a Human Life amendment, a Marriage amendment, or finishing what we started in Iraq. He seems to honestly want to reduce spending, but he would do it in all the wrong ways. Dr. Paul is against the war, against a marriage amendment, against a life amendment, (and he personally requested over $4 billion in earmarks for his own district in this past term.)

Finances –

If how the next President handles Government funds is important to you at all, I'd like you to look at this pre-view of these men and their ability to handle finances:

Each of the candidate's campaigns are in debt to some degree. To all get to this point, where they are all nearly equal in delegates and support, John McCain's campaign is $4.5 million in debt, and Mitt Romney's campaign is $35 million in debt, which is more than 360 times the debt held by Mike Huckabee ($97,000).

Who is better at making money go further? John McCain has spent an average of $34 per vote, Mitt Romney has spent an average of $76 per vote, and Mike Huckabee has spent an average of $11 per vote. Gov. Huckabee has spent $11 to Mitt Romney's $76, and yet they have roughly the same number of delegates. Who do you think will be able to make your money go further?

Please vote for Mike Huckabee. He needs your vote – and we need him. If you agree with me, please forward this message on so we can get the truth about the candidates out.

I know this message is a little long, but it's an extremely important topic. We have just a few hours left, so choose wisely.

God Bless,
Andy Hudson

If you have any thoughts, or just a comment, be sure to post it so this message will stay relatively high up in the recent posts list. Mods, could this potentially be stickied?

God Bless,
- Andy

I just realized that I'm a Major now...sweet! :D

Check out my blog for Huckabee and VOTE:

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:50 am 
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Andy...BLESS YOU!!!!! You were a Godsend to me with this!! I'm exhausted form pushing so hard on this final stretch to Super Tuesday. I had been meaning to write up candidate analysis to send out, and just never found the time to pull it together the past few days. I was just sitting down to my computer to start, when I found your post! I've sent it to everyone I know, who might be voting tomorrow.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! It's excellent!! :D

PS - I'm GLADLY making this a sticky!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:48 pm 

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that was awesome! I'm fixing it for me now and sending it out!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:53 pm 

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