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Author:  What The Huck [ Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  TUTORIAL: Posting Links on HucksArmy/

Here's a little help for those of you who are actively spreading the word by posting on various sites around the internet. We all need a little "basic combat training" so we can get out there and waste little effort during our "tactical raids" online. The main subject will be posting links on these sites, but by digging a little further into the resources I'm about to list, you'll be able to do some other things as well.

Posting a Clickable Link (BBML/BBCode)

To put active links on these sites, either so that the link itself is clickable or certain words are linked, you need a little bit of code training. The code used on Huck's Army and the official Huckabee campaign site are very similar. To post a link on Huck's Army follow these instructions:

We'll use the "URL" tag in the message editor to make word links... like this. What you do is (in the message editor) first highlight the words (not the link) you want to make active for clicking. Once you have them highlighted, click on the |URL| button, this will give the words a beginning and ending "URL" tag, like so...

I want to make [url]this wording[/url] clickable.

Once that is done, go to the beginning tag and type an "=" sign after "URL". So it looks like this (no spaces before or after the "=")...

I want to make [url=]this wording[/url] clickable.

After the "=" sign, paste in your code. The whole thing will resemble...

Here is a story [url=]from Rasmussen[/url]. It's pretty good.

When submitted, this is what you get..

Here is a story from Rasmussen. It's pretty good.

To make active links on the Huckabee campaign blog, you do the same thing except, you don't have any buttons to insert the "URL" tag for you. You have to type them in yourself. It's easy.

If you have trouble, there are some cheat sheets that you should bookmark for future reference. Both of them will provide you with more tricks than just making links.

For the BBML code used by the Huckabee blog check this out.

For a Help section on mastering the BBCode that Huck's Army uses, either look for the BBCode link that is located on the lefthand side of the message editor (under "options" it says "BBCode is ON") or just click here.

Posting a Clickable Link (HTML)

Making links on news sites or blogs that only accept HTML is very similar to BBML/BBCode, except there's a different bracket and a slight change. Instead of using this..


We'll be using this...
<a href=""></a>

Here's an example...
Here is a story <a href="">from Rasmussen</a>. It's pretty good.

A few things to point out...
• Note the " ". The link address must be closed by quotes, which aren't needed for URL tagging with BBML or BBCode.
• Just as with the BBML URL tag, the "a href" tag is surrounded (by arrows instead of the brackets).
• Notice that the closing tag "/a" is NOT "/a href", like the start tag.

Shortening Long Links (URLs)

On the HucksArmy forums, long links are automatically shortened. There is no need to use TinyURL or to enclose a link in [url] tags.

On the Huckabee campaign blog, if you're just going to paste a long link without adding any code to it, instead of pasting a huge url, use TinyURL to make it smaller.

The Steps:

• Copy the internet address you wish to reference.
• Go to TinyUrl.
• Paste the long address into the box marked "Enter a long URL to make tiny"
• Hit the button
• Copy the tinyurl version of the link.
• Done!

Now this...

Becomes this...

..and they point to the same exact page. The difference is one is a whole lot tidier than the other and much more user-friendly to those who want to visit your link.

Author:  bpassmore [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TUTORIAL: Posting Links on HucksArmy/

BUMP for reference

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