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Author:  juditupp [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  fox-news-poll-santorum-surges-nationally-after-Feb-7-sweep
We already know that the results from Tuesday are moving Santorum up in the polls. That result wasn't what I thought was interesting about this poll. It's the other questions that I thought were interesting. The poll asked who people thought identified with average Americans, who was a political insider and other questions. I'm a little frustrated that they only shared answers on one question about Gingrich and Romney. I would have liked to hear what people said about Santorum and Paul on that question as well. Here's the portion I'm referring to:
The poll asked GOP primary voters about their conversations with friends and neighbors and the “first thing” that comes up about the candidates. For Romney, it’s that “he’s extremely wealthy” (21 percent), followed by his business background (14 percent), and that he’s a “flip-flopper” (13 percent). Fewer say it’s that he’s Mormon (11 percent) or that he’s the most electable (11 percent).

When talking about Gingrich, the first thing that comes up in conversation is that he’s been married multiple times (17 percent), that “he has big, sometimes unrealistic ideas” (14 percent), and he was speaker of the House (14 percent). Smaller percentages say the first thing is Gingrich’s consulting work for Fannie & Freddie (9 percent) or his debate skills (9 percent).

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