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World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country
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Author:  NWmichigan [ Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country

Mike Huckabee began the new year declaring that he is exploring another run for the White House. His candidacy is unique in that he is not only the former governor of Arkansas but also a Baptist minister. This inspires some with trust but fills others with horror because the country is divided over elected officials who have a serious commitment to religious beliefs.

Ironically, Mario Cuomo died just two days before Huckabee’s announcement. Cuomo is best known not for being a three-term governor of New York or even for his riveting speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. No, he will be remembered for another 1984 speech, the one he delivered at the University of Notre Dame justifying his support for legally protected abortion rights as a Roman Catholic who knows that abortion is morally heinous. Cuomo argued that while personally opposed to abortion he could not force his views on non-Catholics, and that as a public official he had to advocate and enforce laws suitable to a liberal society. In this way he finessed the difficulty of being under the spiritual authority of his church while serving as a political authority over a morally and religiously diverse people.

John F. Kennedy faced the same question when running for president in 1960. Many voters suspected that if Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, became president, the pope would run the country through him. But he defused the controversy, declaring, “I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic.” In other words, he assured the country that his faith was irrelevant to his conduct as public officeholder.

Unlike Kennedy and Cuomo, Mike Huckabee is serious about bringing his faith to bear on his policymaking decisions, and no doubt Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and others will follow him. So the old fears reemerge, except among secularists who fear that Jesus will run the country if an openly Christian candidate becomes president.

The problem with the Kennedy-Cuomo stance is that Christianity in not just a private belief; it’s a devotion to the Lord of all of life. When you remember that God is sovereign, that ultimately He put you in office, and that you are ultimately accountable to Him, the private faith/public stance separation evaporates.

And it is precisely because of our democratic politics that Christian political leaders should be open about their faith. Every law embodies some sort of moral universe, and voters are free to advocate one over another, as they inevitably will. In the same way, every candidate for office, like all of us, is a package of life experience, education, technical skill, and moral principles that are inseparably tied to their sources. If people want a God-fearing economist from a broken home, or a doctrinaire libertarian lawyer from a traditional Midwestern family, or a Marxist optometrist with an alcoholic father, that’s what they get, and he or she will legislate accordingly.

It is undemocratic to demand that politicians with religious beliefs, and they alone, deny who they are and how they see life together well lived.

Author:  justgrace [ Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country

What should cause all Americans to fear is if someone without moral compass or accountability to God is elected to a governmental office. Such leaders have no restraints in the dark, where no one seems to be watching.

While they may say that they want a secularist to run politics, I doubt if many people really want to go where that would lead, to elect those devoid of faith. All GOOD ultimately stems from GOD, and likewise, all things bad can come from elevating a man or a nation without submission (and accountability) to a "Higher Power," as they say. Adolf Hitler is one prime example. He sought to supplant God by turning the cross to a swastika and the churches into temples of Hitler worship. And in Germany, worship of state and Aryan supremacy (rather than humble repentance and worship of God), and rejection of the principles and teachings of the Protestant Reformation, which had been their heritage, led to the ultimate of evils: trying to exterminate God's people, whether Jew or Christian, and in the process, trying to exterminate God.

Author:  Peter [ Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country

The problem for Western countries, as Ravi Zacharias remarked in a podcast I listened to yesterday, is that Political Correctness has been elevated to the level of GOD (in the moral sense).

Meaning, we, the politicians, the public discourse, the mainstream media, get their absolutes, their moral compass from "Political Correctness". "Political Correctness" is the measure by which other things are judged, i.e., it has become the absolute.

This absolute (i.e., Political Correctness) in our times, however, has not been derived from a stable, firm, absolute moral foundation (like the Bible) but from a foundation, from thoughts and ideas that are volatile and changing.

Which makes the whole thing (i.e., Political Correctness) ludicrous.

So their critique of Huckabee really is, that he is not an adherent of their religion, i.e. an adherent of Political Correctness (- where you get your moral cues from, that is your religion). Every person is religious; what differs is the religion, and Huckabee's differs from theirs.

Author:  EricB [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country

The problem we face is that America, just like all of Europe is now a post-Christian nation. A nation is defined by the values/ethics that it stands for and defends. In the 19th century America was clearly a Christian nation, as was Britain. In the 20th century, Britain and America rejected their heritages. Today, people are ashamed of their country's history.

For example, people today are horrified that Europeans colonized nations like India (thinking of the British in India). In the past, people would be proud that their nation was exporting Christianity around the world. Today, that's seen as something bad.

What values do we export today? The values of the Enlightenment, which first manifested in the French Revolution. Tolerance for anything and everything that is non-Christian/non-Western. People say that we have lost our will to fight, but that isn't true. Just what we will fight for has changed. Today we don't fight to defend things like Christ, the Trinity, etc. We fight to defend equality, homosexuality, diversity, etc.

The only places in the world where Christianity really is the dominant culture are some places in Africa and eastern Europe, such as Russia (although they have Orthodox Christianity). The sooner that we Christians acknowledge the reality, the sooner we'll be able to adapt our tactics. Almost everyone always lives in the past, fighting yesterday's battles. We aren't fighting for the culture anymore. That battle has already been lost. Christianity is now a minority, sub-culture within the larger dominant secular culture. As a result, life is going to get far more difficult for Christians. Expect persecution. Additionally, a just, fair, free society is one that follows Christian ethics, so we should expect an unjust, unfree society.

Author:  justgrace [ Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Mag: The Fear of Jesus Leading the Country

I am anxious to read Gov. Huckabee's book about God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, where he writes (I understand) about the real strength of America--the people of middle America--and how liberal and godless the centers of influence in New York City, Hollywood, and Washington D.C. have become.

In New York, especially in the city, the percentage of regular church attendees is much like that in Europe today, 10% or less I heard. But in the "flyover country" of middle America, the percentage of Christians is much higher. The evangelical Christian voting bloc of over 70 million ought to be the most powerful influence of any in elections. We should not have to be following an ultra-leftist administration's goals. Unfortunately, many of those churchgoers and self-proclaimed "born-agains" are not involved in, or are even revolted by, politics. The sad truth is that only about half of them are even registered to vote, and of those only a little over half voted in the past general election. I did not hear the results broken down of the 2014 elections, but in 2012, with the undeniably dismal choices available for President, only 29% of evangelicals voted.

Being, or professing to be, a born-again Christian may be good, but the Bible teaches that unless we are also "salt" and "light," living out and speaking out our beliefs, we will not be able to impact the society in which we live. We do not merely live unto ourselves. That is not how God meant it to be. But it seems no one is preaching that to the churches.

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