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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:50 am 
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What do you guys think about this?

Huckabee Finds His 2016 Opening

04.20.15 Lloyd Green

With his populism, emphasis on the middle class, and personal likability, the former governor could run the table in the South—and in Social Security he’s found a tailor-made issue.

Like all presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee professes to care about working Americans. And by vocally defending Social Security from attack as he did last week, Huckabee is signaling that he actually means it. In a Republican field where would-be nominees seem all too eager to please the party’s donors or to regurgitate platitudes, Huckabee’s embrace of Social Security and Medicare is a distinction with a difference.

The former Arkansas governor told The Daily Beast in an interview on Friday: “I’m getting slammed by some in the GOP ruling class for thinking it wrong to involuntarily take money from people’s paychecks for 50 years and then not keep the promise government made.” For Huckabee, defending Social Security and Medicare may also be smart politics, and a policy pivot that allows him to get beyond his traditional evangelical base.

Let me explain. While the Republican Party is the political home to most white voters, it is also the party of choice for older Americans. Yet, it is those very voters who would be hit hardest by the Social Security cuts that are being pushed by New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Florida’s Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman and failed 2012 vice presidential candidate. Message to the GOP 2016 field: If you’re incapable of talking to younger Americans, at least don’t offend the folks who still like you.

According to the numbers, Americans 45 years old and up are trending Republican, and seniors are now voting ever more Republican with each passing election. Advocating “entitlement reform” à la Christie and Rubio, or coyly toying with reduced Medicare benefits as does Ted Cruz, is less an act of courage, and more akin to poking a stick in the eye of the Republican core, all for the sake of raising campaign dollars and placating the hedge fund gods.

As Huckabee sees it, national security and whether the economy “will improve for working people” will be the defining issues in the upcoming nomination contest. With the stock market hovering near all-time highs, but with wages stagnating and upward mobility calcifying, Huckabee may have a point, and his own likability may help him drive the message.

The ability to connect to the Republican middle-class base is one of Huckabee’s strengths, as borne out by his intra-party favorability ratings. According to Public Policy Polling, Huckabee’s favorability numbers among Republican voters are 56-21, which is a lot stronger than Jeb Bush (41-37), and clearly better than Rand Paul (49-26).


The full article at this link:

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:08 pm 
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I am personally for raising the age of eligibility, but I do see Huckabee's point. Perhaps a middle ground would be to raise the only for those who haven't begun working, or maybe haven't been born yet.

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