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NRO: "Huckabee Loss = Win for Conservatives"
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Author:  All-in-for-Mike [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  NRO: "Huckabee Loss = Win for Conservatives"

Lots of stuff here that made me mad.... please keep all comments / emails to the author respectful, and just highlight facts & links to facts that will correct the errors and misinformation.

National Review Online:
"Why a Huckabee Loss Would be a Win for Religious Conservatives"
by David French May 12, 2015 2:30 PM

Last week The New Republic’s Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig wrote an extended pre-mortem not just for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign but for the culture wars in general. Tracing the rise of Huckabee’s political career to the rise of the religious Right, she tries to use Huckabee’s career as a stand-in for the fortunes of religious conservatism writ large. To Bruenig, a Huckabee defeat will represent “one more [conservative] loss in a greater, longer defeat in America’s culture wars.” I agree with Bruenig that Mike Huckabee will probably lose, but I come to the exact opposite conclusion about the culture wars. A Huckabee primary loss — which will happen entirely because of his more liberal record on taxing and spending — is a sign of religious conservative strength. With every single candidate in the Republican field vowing to protect life and religious liberty, and with every single candidate highlighting the plight of the persecuted church overseas, religious conservatives aren’t reduced to voting for the “most overtly Christian” candidate to make their voices heard in the culture war. When Mike Huckabee loses the Republican primary, he’ll be defeated by another pro-life, pro–religious liberty candidate — but one who probably has a stronger conservative economic record or better national-security credentials. How is that a sign of religious-conservative weakness?

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Author:  Peter [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NRO: "Huckabee Loss = Win for Conservatives"

Mike Huckabee may not have been a purist ideologue on tax/financial matters. But just compare the - very sound - way he finished his tenure as Gov. to some of the stories we hear coming out of Louisiana, New Jersey, even Wisconsin, of Governors who do or did not balance what is best for the (financial) future of their home state with their (presidential) career ambitions...

Author:  Southern Doc [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NRO: "Huckabee Loss = Win for Conservatives"


So nice to see your handle on the screen. I've been AWOL from HucksArmy as I really have wanted to give all the candidates time to display their colors (including Huck). I have spent a good deal of time posting over at Race42016. This has led to quite a bit of Huckabee defending even though I don't consider myself to be a committed Huckabee supporter at this time. My biggest concern is simply that the nation has become so secular and hostile to faith and faith values, even among many major GOP leaders, that Huckabee is simply too much of a lightingrod. But if he can show himself to have rubber sole shoes in the debates again, I do think their is a significant body of folks who would rally to him (which would include me). Meanwhile, I wish him, his supporters, and any candidate willing to stand along similar ground well. We need all of them to some extent to do well in the debates so that our issues can rise on the agenda.

It seems clear that the GOP is fully the creature of the Chamber of Commerce/contributor class of the party. We've seem in recent months four clear examples that the men call the shots: they rolled Pence in Indiana on defense of religious liberty; then Hutchinson in Arkansas with even less reason in the bill language (all it took was a call from Wallmart and he and the first GOP legislature in 137 years folded); now we see the rush to prove moral superiority by purging the South of any and all symbols of the Civil War as equal to flying swastikas (with Wallmart again adding its considerable thumb to the scales) and the GOP accepting the left's framing that somehow the placement of the Confederate Battleflag on a war memorial and Daisey Dukes shorts leads to racial mass murder. Finally we have the triumph of the Chamber in the resurrection of the dead trade authority legislation even though the base is clearly against it and the middleclass has been stagnant for thirty year worth of "net job creating" off-shoring or American industry to pad the bottom line for inverstors.

Well this has become a rant wrather than a hail howdy. But it is good to see you posting. Do not grow weary in your work of love.

All the best,
Southern Doc

Author:  All-in-for-Mike [ Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NRO: "Huckabee Loss = Win for Conservatives"

Southern Doc!! Hello and howdy pardner, to one of my all-time favorite fellow Hucks-Army veterans from the good ol' days!! There was many a late night when I was both blessed and enlightened by your thoughtful, insightful posts. Glad to see YOUR handle on the board!!

I am not NEARLY as active in politics now, and unable to spare the time to promote & defend Gov. Huckabee as I was in 2007-2008. But I still watch the polls, and articles that shed a bad light on him still make me wince.

I do still have hope that Mike can win.... his record is easy to defend once you show people the facts, not the spin that the Arkansas GOP published abroad back in the day which continues to shape the narrative. He is brilliant at communicating and "in the Hot Seat."

My concern is that there seem to be some doggedly determined folks (almost certainly paid workers) from other campaigns who are following Gov. Huckabee around the internet and posting all kinds of vituperative, venomous hate-filled comments on every news story, blog post, etc. about him. It reminds me of the 2008 pro-Romney bloggers who used to show up reliably to copy-and-paste the same things all over the internet after every news story. :wall They are ferocious in their hatred, and this time they are focusing especially on Mike's statement in support of the Duggar family. They completely take Mike's comments out of context, but I fear they could do some damage among low-info voters and 'net visitors who don't know much about politics.

P.S. I used the word "vituperative" in your honor, because it's a word that is seldom taken out for exercise these days, and I knew you'd appreciate it. 8) Take care and be well, sir!

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