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 Post subject: Huckabee or Bust??
PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:21 pm 
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I'd like to do a mental exercise. I hope the dedicated readers understand that this is just for a thought experiment. I am stating unequivocally that I believe, firmly and all-but unalterably, that Mike Huckabee is the best person to be the next President of the United States. I am sending him money, I will campaign in my neighborhood and city, I will make phone calls, I will confront the idiocy that is often employed to attempt to denigrate his record or character. :pray

But for the purposes of this experiment, I thought about the other candidates. Are there some republican candidates that I could genuinely be excited about if they win the nomination.

Here is a rough ranking. Is this helpful? Should we take a Huckaway or no way stance?

Here are the guys that I really like, that aren't Huckabee


This next group are people that I think would do a good job, I just can't imagine being as excited about them for various reasons. I think this group has significant flaws that make me question their commitment to conservative ideals, or it may be I just don't think they are as presidential as I would like.


This next group I don't think they have the political/executive experience for the office of President. These two need to be in the Cabinet.


This next group would prompt what I did after I voted for Romney in 2012. :barf

Trump :pigflying

I don't know. I believe in Huckabee. But I have little faith in the republican electorate and the general public.

What do you think? Comment on my rankings. Is it a useful exercise?


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 Post subject: Re: Huckabee or Bust??
PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:46 pm 
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I think Huckabee is the best man for the job, as far as healing the nation after Obama's age of Mendacity. But it feels like it's been so long since we've had a Republican president, and so much has changed, that I don't even know what to expect, or even hope for. You know, back in '08, we were all looking for that true conservative or, the next Reagan. That just seems so silly to me at this point. We are far beyond that. We are beyond bickering over a candidate's record and statements, and tax policy minutiae. Above all, we need someone to lead us back to normalcy, and away from demoralization. I think we need someone to tell us that we're good again.

Is there anyone in our vast field of candidates who can remove the stain of a president who hates his own country? Can we air out the stench of such vile and filthy ideologies that emanate from the degenerate brain of Barack "Revenge" Obama? Sorry to be a downer, but I feel like he's made us all corrupt.

I'm just hoping for a moment in the campaign where a leader will rise, and it will be apparent to everyone, and we can set aside differences and come together to support him in good will.

And that's man's name will be George Pataki

:floor 8)

 Post subject: Re: Huckabee or Bust??
PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:45 am 

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Huckabee is my clear first choice.

When I look at the others, I look at who I like, who I could live with, who seem capable, and who has a chance. There are some I like, but I don't think have a chance (Jindal or Carson, for example).

So after Mike, my acceptable choices would be -
Rubio - My second choice
Walker - more plusses than minuses
Kasich - ditto
Bush (yes, I could live with another Bush! - but would hold my nose).

If any of the others who may have a chance - Trump, Cruz, Paul for example - get the nomination, I'd vote third party. I don't want another dud in the White House.


 Post subject: Re: Huckabee or Bust??
PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:23 am 
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Huckabee #1

I'd support any Republican nominee over Hillary; though there are few that I really could get excited about.

I'd have a hard time voting for any of the high-rhetoric and/or non-experience candidates:
- Trump
- Cruz
- Carson
- Fiorina

Not that I can vote, but my wife can :D :wink:

He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose. -Jim Elliot

 Post subject: Re: Huckabee or Bust??
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:34 am 
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I think we do have some good candidates, but not necessarily for President. I believe that in the current climate our nation will likely not find the healing necessary without a President Huckabee. Why? Because he alone has these qualities in one package:

1. A positive attitude about America. Much can be done if we get government down to size and encourage people to take responsibility.

2. A robust faith in God that will not back down for any reason, which brings respect. (Our current problems are the result of turning our backs on God and the Judeo/Christian beliefs, mores, and respect for nature's God and natural law that are the core of this free nation.) Huckabee has made pledges based on what is RIGHT morally, not right politically. God can bless that. And I believe America has sinned so egregiously, especially in our own holocaust of over 50 million babies aborted, that we cannot long survive without repentance.

3. Past experience in turning the bluest of Democrat states (Arkansas) to a now-solidly red (Republican) state, as Arkansas is. He alone governs by getting people to change their minds and cooperate!

4. The ability to reach across this current climate of fomenting division between blacks and whites. Huckabee got the vote of 48% of black voters as governor.

5. The ability to be a true conservative, yet reasonable, polite, and not sounding "mad" all the time, like so many candidates do when anyone doesn't agree 100% with their position. America needs a chief executive who is enough a servant leader that he will listen to the people and understand why they hurt, why they may be voting the way they do, and to be able to communicate why big government may not be best for them.

6. Governor Huckabee is humble. He does not try to steal the limelight from others. He is respectful and listens. How refreshing! How needed!

7. In every area of the economy, education, and advancing conservative values, Gov. Huckabee, albeit claims to the contrary, improved the state where he governed, more than any other governor, and in a shorter time and with greater cooperation with other leaders. He is tried and true. I would therefore write off my list for now any of the other candidates who are untried in governing a state. Sorry, Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, and most definitely, Trump. As for governors Walker, Perry, Jindal, and Bush, they are either less effective, less conservative, or have less appeal to blacks or people who do not generally vote Republican. Huckabee has the potential to be a "most-loved" President, for the whole country.



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