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Huckabee Plays Bass With Country Music Star Josh Turner
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Author:  Miranda [ Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Huckabee Plays Bass With Country Music Star Josh Turner

Gov. Mike Huckabee Plays Bass Guitar With Country Music Star Josh Turner In Downtown Des Moines

26 Jan 2016

Merrill, who’s been in Iowa with Huckabee for just two days so far, told Breitbart News too that “there’s no doubt about it to me” that the energy for Huckabee ahead of the 2016 caucuses is stronger than what’s showing up in the mainstream media. He continued,

So what has to happen—the caucus vote is just like it is on any election—who gets their people out?” Merrill said. “So if we can get our team out to the caucuses on Monday, our team supports our guy, then our guy can finish in the top three. If our guy finishes in the top three, all bets are off. If he makes it to South Carolina, he’ll win South Carolina. And if he wins South Carolina, he’ll win the SEC primary. And if he wins the SEC primary, then he’s on his way to the nomination.

And if that scenario plays out for Huckabee, Merrill notes, “he’s the only one that’s running as a Republican that defeated the Clintons not just once but several times.”

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