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Huckabee Helps Trump Campaign in Florida; Hosts Hannity Show
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Author:  justgrace [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Huckabee Helps Trump Campaign in Florida; Hosts Hannity Show

At the Pastors and Pews meeting of 700 plus evangelicals in Orlando, FL this past week, Gov. Huckabee was visible in his role there, as well as in introducing Trump at a huge rally. And then, to wrap up the weekend, he hosted the Hannity Show with interviews of Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Brigadier General Tony Tata, regarding Obama's directive to national security directors to not show any negatives about the rise of ISIS, etc. in their reports. He also interviews Larry Elder and Doug Schoen on how the media is treating the Trump campaign. And then he listens to a panel of Christian evangelical leaders Rev. Franklin Graham, David Lane of the American Renewal Project, and Rev. Jeffers on the role of evangelicals in this election.

Huckabee does his usual excellent job of speaking, moderating, and keeping things polite but thoughtful.

Regarding how some evangelicals are jumping on the hurt-Trump wagon by seeing only "evil," I have written this to think about:

How is it--if Donald Trump is truly so "evil"--that he keeps choosing the best of the best from the Christian pool, to help him? Pence is Christian conservative, openly, and was chosen for his values and loyalty to be Vice President. Gingrich, while testy and brilliant, is the author of books on Reclaiming America for Christ. And for loyal friend in the biblical sense of "iron sharpening iron," and Jonathan/David loyalty to the end, who would be better than Mike Huckabee for any office where trust and loyalty are needed, above ambition? Mike Huckabee is the only man, when defeated in a race, that I have heard to say, "I am second," in effect saying, "I will be accompaniment to your solo."

So, let me ask. If we still love and respect Gov. Mike Huckabee, how might we get on board with him in campaigning for the one candidate who wants to help Christians regain respect and freedom to express and live out our faith? For we will not be voting on a pastor, but on the candidate who will ensure the pastor has the freedom to speak the truth. That is why Trump, as no other candidate I recall, has called for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which LBJ used to silence the preachers from teaching the "whole counsel" of the Bible.

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