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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:48 pm 
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From his website,
The FairTax Plan – I love this issue! People ask me, “Rob, how can you be so excited about taxes?” My response is, “The FairTax isn’t about taxes. It is about freedom. It is about jobs. It is about small government. It is about returning power to the people. It is about ensuring America’s economic growth. And these are all topics that are easy to get excited about.” The FairTax began on a blank piece of paper. It is the answer to the question, “We know that we need to collect taxes, but how can we collect them in the least intrusive, least economically destructive way possible?” After years of research and focus groups, the FairTax was created as the answer to that question.

What is so special about the FairTax? Many things, but let me focus on just three.

First, transparency. Under the FairTax, we all pay the same tax rate at the cash register for absolutely every new product that we buy. We all pay; we all pay on everything; and we all pay the same rate. These simple principles assure the nation as a whole that everyone is paying their share, ensuring that everyone has “skin in the game.”

Second, simplicity. The current tax code is a monstrosity, created by Congress to manipulate human behavior. The FairTax eliminates all of the manipulation; it eliminates all of the exceptions, exemptions, deductions, and credits. It replaces all of these confusing elements of the code with one simple concept: the prebate. The prebate is tax refund that comes at the beginning of the month to ensure that every American citizen can purchase his or her essentials completely “tax -free”. It uses the Poverty Level to evaluate how much “essentials” cost, and it rebates the tax on spending up to this level to ensure that essentials are completely tax free. Beyond the essentials, we all pay on all new goods and services that we buy.

Third, freedom. By eliminating all of the manipulative language in the current tax code and replacing it with a simple retail tax and the prebate, we all regain our freedom from the Federal government. And, if the Federal government wants to get back in the manipulation business again, it cannot hide its intentions deep in the code. Could Congress abuse the FairTax as it has the income tax? Absolutely. Only the American people can control Congress. But, having started with a blank sheet of paper, the FairTax makes it easy for the American people to keep a watchful eye on Congressional action.

Transparency, simplicity, and freedom. Those are admirable goals, and I am pleased that the FairTax can deliver on them all. These are all important philosophical ideas, and they reflect the goals of our founding fathers. But there is one more important aspect of the FairTax that must be mentioned here: jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. The current tax code is stealing jobs from America and transferring them overseas. In hearing after hearing in Congress, American businesses say that they want to stay in America but they are forced to move overseas for one reason: taxes. It’s true, and everyone in Washington - whether on the left, the right, the center or elsewhere – knows it. In fact, when the Joint Committee on Taxation in Congress studied what would happen if America moved to a true consumption tax like the FairTax, absolutely every economist (from the far left to the far right) said that the American economy would grow faster under a true consumption tax than under the current system.

So, given all of this, why doesn’t America have the FairTax already? Three reasons: transparency, simplicity, and freedom. That’s right. The very same principles that the FairTax achieves are the same reasons that the FairTax is opposed because they all boil down to taking power away from Congress and Washington, D.C. If we implement a transparent tax code, how will we punish our enemies and reward our friends? We won’t…not with the tax code; and that bothers some people. If we implement a simple tax code, how will we manipulate the behavior of the nation? We won’t…not with the tax code; and that bothers some people. Eliminating our current burdensome tax code and replacing it with the FairTax would represent the largest transfer of power away from the central government and into the hands of the people since the Revolutionary War…and there are a lot of people with power in the central government who don’t want to see that happen. The FairTax is about freedom. It is about jobs. It is about our founding fathers. It is about the future of our great land. I am proud to be a champion for the FairTax, and I am proud to have the support of literally millions of Americans across this country who believe as I do that the FairTax holds the promise for the future of our nation and for the prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:57 pm 

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really good article. I really hope we see this gain some traction. I would like to see Huck promote it a bit more.

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