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K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps
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Author:  Iowans Rock [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

Larry wrote:
The article is a positive one, but I was discouraged to see the same old song and dance in the comment section. The same lies that were told on him during the 2008 campaign are still alive and when it comes time for Huckabee to campaign for 2012, if he chooses to do so, he is going to have to combat the illegal immigration lie, the tax lie, and the Mormon lie all over again.

Larry, I see what you mean but look at it this way. To win a primary (depending on how many candidates there are) Huckabee would need 20%-30% of the votes; meaning that two-thirds of the people could be against him and he would still win. To win the presidency (let's not get into the electoral college right now) he would need over half of the people to vote for him even if the other half can't stand him.

What I am saying is that a candidate can win the nomination with two-thirds of the people not voting for him and he can win the presidency even if a little less than half of the people didn't vote for him. A President takes over basically knowing that he has to win over half of the population.

Look at Barack Obama. He won the nomination with Hillary people despising him. He won the presidency with most Republicans and some Democrats despising him. Barack Obama's success came from not winning over every American but from the people who did support him working passionately and effectively until there were just enough people to get him where he needs to be.

There was a lot of commentors on articles out there who trashed Obama, but look where he is now.......POTUS.

We must forget about the people we will never win over and focus on those who we can. I believe that the 100% Huckabee haters who would never vote for him in a million years are few and far between. That is why you see old lies pop up about him. That is all they have.

Author:  nrobyar [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

As soon as ANY candidate gets to the "big leagues" the attacks will be. There are always those who will find negative things to toss out there. The good news is they have the same old tired lines and nothing else. Huck has so much of a "share" of the media with his TV show AND radio broadcast plus all of his speaking engagements, is anyone really going to listen to these lame comments and take them seiously? No conservatives will... and the others weren't going to vote for Huckabee (or any conservaitve) anyway.

Author:  DannyPoo [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

nrobyar wrote:
As soon as ANY candidate gets to the "big leagues" the attacks will be. There are always those who will find negative things to toss out there. The good news is they have the same old tired lines and nothing else. Huck has so much of a "share" of the media with his TV show AND radio broadcast plus all of his speaking engagements, is anyone really going to listen to these lame comments and take them seiously? No conservatives will... and the others weren't going to vote for Huckabee (or any conservaitve) anyway.

Now that Huckabee was in the spotlight big time once, the same attacks will be used however they will not "stick" like they did last year. This is why despite all the negatives about Hillary Clinton that were out there, the media didn't report on any of them. They weren't interested in old news.

Author:  DFCSTech [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

Debbie wrote:
I was curious as to the article Kevin wrote in 2006, so I did some research and found it. Notice also that this prediction and his statements on the GOP candidates was made before Huckabee entered the race.

Why it will be 'President Obama' in 2009
by Kevin McCullough

Barring several series of near seizure-like corrections, Barack Obama will take the Presidential oath of office in January of 2009. It will be a cold January morning, his beautiful wife and daughters will be by his side and they will shiver as he places his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States. His presidency that will follow, if reflective of anything at all of his legislative record, will then seek to dismantle that same Constitution.

I have a long track record of predictions on Obama, and all of them have come true. I have no reason to believe that this one will conclude any differently.

There are reasons that this event is destined to take place, and given the option of knowing them but remaining silent, or mentioning them in the hope that the scene I've just mentioned never comes to path - I choose the latter. If any of these were to take significant turns, the formula might collapse. This is given the fact that the nation will be in a holding pattern for the next two years with absolute gridlock on pretty much everything (with the possible exception of amnesty for illegal aliens.)

RAGING LIBERALS - In 2006 the message of the voters was not Ned Lamont. Rather it was the "Crash Dummy Class of '06." Democrats who looked, and tried to talk like people of faith - at least long enough to get elected. George Soros, the Daily Kos, Al Gore, Susan Sarandon, and not to be forgotten Howard Dean, have made their go at it. They failed. But since their party won the midterms - they believe they've been justified. Their anti-American rhetoric will increase. They will express dissatisfaction with Pelosi/Reid and demand an increased presence in the 2008 picture. The democratic primary voter will reject this increased extremism and look for a "consensus builder." They will long for someone who is "above the frey." Obama will fit that profile and will bring "together" the left and right in his own party. He will do it with a sense of style, smoothness, and humor - a stark contrast to Hillary, Gore, Kerry, et al.

DIGUSTED CONSERVATIVES - Still reeling from the "ginormous" let down of the Senate under Bill Frist, and the second term Presidency of George W. Bush, normally energized conservatives will look to a field that offers a pro-choice/pro-gay mayor from New York, a Mormon from Massachusetts - who was pro-choice/pro-gay but genuinely seems now not to be - but may have hired illegal aliens, blah blah blah, or John McCain (whose single biggest problem is that he IS John McCain.) Normally eager "tax-cutting, government shrinking, let's defend our nation, pro-life, pro-family" voters, organizations, and leaders will be assaulted with speeches on Romney's health care reform, or Giuliani’s crime initiatives, or John McCain. Whoever emerges, will have not one tenth the oratory skills of Obama and they will come off looking as tired, dry, and stale as day-old toast.

EXHAUSTED MODERATES - They are tired of the stale toast, and will be looking for anything exciting. Mind you, moderates by definition don't truly stand for anything so it doesn't really matter what the candidate stands for. These people voted for Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton all based on one thing, "how does he make me feel?" Realizing this Obama will be a lightening rod on the campaign trail. He will draw record crowds for every appearance he makes (something he's already begun to do.) Money will flow in as a result. Obama's strategy of talking about cooperation, sounding bipartisan, and seeming to curtly rebuke both sides of the aisle will seem to validate his "ability" to "stay above the frey."

ENERGIZED BLACKS - The true voice for alternatives for black voters will not be heard because the voices of great men like Bishop Harry Jackson will not yet have become distinct enough within American media, and because the media, in ignoring the Bishop, will instead return again and again to the altar of Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Instead, as the media is already doing, there will be near non-stop fawning over the Senator from Illinois as he flashes the big smile. Black voters, who in the majority vote for party and not conviction anyway, will see Obama as the personality that no one since Dr. King has been able to live up too. Obama will be invited to each and every significant black pulpit in America. He will rail with poetry, sing with soul, rhyme when appropriate, and never will the IRS even think of threatening even one of these houses of worship for illegal political action.

GULLIBLE EVANGELICALS - The most reliable base of voters for the Republican Party since the days of President Reagan have been the social conservatives. Church-going born-again Christians who believe in God, the importance of His word, and the significance of living out their faith in an open and compassionate way every single day have been the backbone of the GOP. This past Friday Rick Warren,
through the implied endorsement of allowing Obama to speak at one of the largest evangelical churches in
America gave Obama the opportunity to split evangelicals who will be misled by Obama's words instead of opening their eyes to his actions. In my gentle admonition to Rick Warren over the past couple of weeks I reiterated time and again that it was this opportunity being extended to Obama that would be manipulated by both the press , and Obama himself to pose as a "person of faith." Warren's stubborn action of insisting upon having Obama speak at Saddleback Church in southern California has had that exact effect .

From this point forward should the trend of any of these five areas shift significantly Obama's chances could be compromised. But there are credible reasons to believe that they won't be.

So mark this date down, because it is the first time anyone accurately predicted that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

And you have no idea how much I hope this prediction does not come true!

He also had a follow-up on that prediction column:!
Sunday, December 17, 2006
Kevin McCullough :: Columnist
Why OBAMA in '08 - a follow up!
by Kevin McCullough

President Barack Hussein Obama, it does have a ring to it doesn't it?

Two weeks ago on my broadcast and in the space of this column I became the first syndicated voice that accurately predicted how Barack Hussein Obama will become our nation's next president. Rush Limbaugh, TIME Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and CNN all seemed quite interested in my thinking on Obama.

For those who missed it there were five reasons:

1. Raging Liberals

2. Disgusted Conservatives

3. Exhausted Moderates

4. Energized Blacks

5. Gullible Evangelicals (Thank you Rick Warren...)

I based my conclusions on two important sets of facts - the results of the 2006 elections, and my own coverage of Obama from his days as a junior member of the Illinois state legislator. But since my only two weeks aged prognostications I am ready to add another series of reasons that will support my original premise as to the Obama ascendancy to the White House.

ONLY HILLARY TO BEAT: Since my original predictions multiple Democratic candidates have announced campaigns for President. Can you name them? Probably not. The only other Democratic personality even getting mentioned has yet to make her formal intentions known - Hillary Clinton. While Hillary has delayed, Obama has surged. Packing out, even standing room only venues in Iowa and New Hampshire Obama is drawing crowds that are defying the observers. Carl Cameron of Fox News reported this week that Obama drew larger crowds in New Hampshire than Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Robert Kennedy. And he is doing so two full years before the actual election. Beyond this Obama is biting into Hillary's money base. Only last week George Soros withdrew his formal support of Hillary, then hosted a fund raising meet-n-greet for Obama that according to the New York Times was another packed house. The bad news for Mrs. Clinton being that the majority of those in attendance had been previous donors, some of them large donors, to the Clinton effort.

OTHER CANDIDATES FALLING FAST: While John Kerry is on a useless tour to the Middle East attempting to apologize to the men and women serving in the military for a "botched joke" he's losing more than face back home. This week one of his longest political advisors and the senior Senator from his state - Ted Kennedy - formally withdrew his pledged support for the Democrats' nominee in 2004. And this is a much more significant development than the media played it out to be. If John Kerry was the "best of the bunch" in 2004 - and he lost miserably, the "also-rans" from that era have to also see the writing on the wall. Effectively eliminating the crowd from '04 we are left with Gore, Clinton, and Obama - none of whom have even declared. If Obama does get in, look for Gore to again decline to run and perhaps this time hang it up for good. To the hard left Obama and Gore look very similar in policy, but Obama looks infinitely more polished, inspiring, smooth, and likeable. Being left with a Hillary/Obama race, Hillary loses support based on her pro-war votes, she is not well liked, and there's no need for her to swoop in as Bill Clinton's memory, when soon Bill will soon be eclipsed by the actual, "first black president."

POP CULTURE ICON: Try to imagine Hillary Clinton doing a Monday Night Football parody of herself. You can't imagine it - because Hillary has no sense of humor. Heck - she won't even look into the eyes of the people she does interviews with. Obama is becoming a household name. Thanks to ESPN he's now firmly engraved on the minds of Americans as a die-hard football fan, and one with a sense of humor.

GULLIBLE EVANGELICALS - AGAIN: If the GOP could swing 15% of the black vote in any national election, they would win in a landslide. The same can be said of Democrats if they corner a similar percentage of evangelicals. In Rick Warren's original display of poor judgment in inviting Obama to his stage and lectern (just don't call it a pulpit) Obama was savvy enough to put himself in a prominent church where he could talk the talk - even if he finds it nearly impossible to walk the walk. Many of Warren's church members were infinitely wiser than he and asked the wisdom of such an unbiblical move. Hundreds of thousands of evangelicals from across the nation politely asked Rick Warren to un-invite Obama - as he shares few if any of the major moral viewpoints of scripture. Warren's reaction has been to attack those who pointed this out (namely me) and as I have no heard from multiple sources he has even begun silencing or excommunicating members of his church who asked the thoughtful questions. Arming Obama with video footage from a Saddleback proceeding exceeded the limits of poor judgment.

ENDLESS NON-CRITICAL MEDIA COVERAGE: This is probably the biggest single thing Obama has going for him - weeks, now turning into months of near blissful coverage of his every move. His all-American good looks, his beautiful wife and daughters, his tall strides, and poetic words all seem to mesmerize the media crews following him. And if you haven't yet seen it - his very first television commercial for president is full of platitudes, music, and production that will resonate with the electorate.

Get ready to say President Barack Hussein Obama, because as much as I wish to be wrong, as these trends continue - I'm sad to say - I won't be.

Author:  DFCSTech [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

I found this to be very, "blogable".

Author:  Mrs. P [ Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: K. McCullough: A word about Pres Huckabee...Integrity trumps

Slow and steady will win the race.

Huck's job right now is to slowly, carefully build his support base, telling the truth boldly, and gently.

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