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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:16 pm 
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Well California is busy dealing with the critical issues of our day by banning minors from using tanning beds without parental consent.

"I praise Gov. Brown for his courage in taking this much-needed step to protect some of California's most vulnerable residents -- our kids -- from what the 'House of Medicine' has conclusively shown is lethally dangerous: ultraviolet-emitting radiation from tanning beds," the bill's sponsor, state Senator Ted Lieu, said in a statement.

"If everyone knew the true dangers of tanning beds, they'd be shocked. Skin cancer is a rising epidemic and the leading cause of cancer death for women between 25 and 29." ... DJ20111009

California remains one of 16 states without parental consent or even notification laws for minors having abortions.

They had such a law but it was permanently vacated by the California Supreme Court in 1997.

Sadly the leading cause of death for women ages 0 to 29 will remain abortion with no consideration as to whether minors might in any way be themselves victimized as they seek what the Supreme Court of California has asserted is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution of California to an absolute right of abortion regardless of age.

Actually I'm glad that this tanning bed law passed as the absurdity of the double standard may provide an opportunity to provoke a discussion on why it is not an equally good idea to require parental involement in other matters where "the 'House of Medicine' has conclusively shown" the procedure "lethally dangerous."

No one here will be surprised to learn that Senator Lieu has a 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood and a 0% rating from Life Priority Network. ... category=2

"As for us, our days of combat are over. Our swords are rust. Our guns will thunder no more. The vultures that once wheeled over our heads must be buried with their prey. Whatever of glory must be won in the council or the closet, never again in the field. I do not repine. We have shared the incommunicable experience of war; we have felt, we still feel, the passion of life to its top."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:39 pm 
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No one ever accused the politicians in Sacramento of consistency or logic. After all, this is the same state that is pushing to allow children as young as age 12 to make their own decisions regarding vaccinations. Now I'm a super strong advocate of vaccination in general but 12 year old children do not have what it takes to make proper health care decisions for themselves. There may be valid medical reasons that a child should bypass a vaccination and a child may not know about them. It should be up to the parents. I think requiring parental permission for tanning beds is a good thing, just like piercings, tattoos and health care. The lack of logic attached to their decision to let children get major surgery (abortion) without parental input is obscene.

Judith Martinez
"It is true poverty for a child to die so that we may live as we wish."

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