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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:10 pm 
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This should have been a moot issue by now, whether Ted Cruz or John Kasich or Paul Ryan could be nominated at the Republican Convention. However, some "sore losers" are still wanting to force Trump out and replace him as nominee with Ted Cruz, who soundly lost, to become our next Republican candidate for President.

Senator Ted Cruz has been most disappointing to me, because he sounded so good. His campaign ads were all-American and patriotic. I wanted to like him. But questions arose for me, starting with his father's real identity and history, which are obscure and confusing, and even troubling.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio is also embarrassing the Republican Party, with his inhospitable attitude to the convention being held in his state. He is not leading in getting adequate security for the convention. Will he withhold his welcome as Governor to the the city of Cleveland at convention?

The effort of some Ted Cruz and other candidates to do all they can to Stop Trump is still planned, even with the frightening prospect of crooked, lying Hillary Clinton becoming President. Pray that we can unify in Cleveland. Bonhoeffer biographer Eric Metaxas has called Trump "our last, best hope" to save America. With illegal immigration over the past 40 years changing America to a predominately Democrat voting percentage of the electorate, Republicans can ill afford to stay home. They need to vote and do so in high numbers. They need those Reagan Democrats and independents to cross over. Unless a good percentage of Republicans “hold their nose” and vote for Trump, a loss could guarantee that no Republican or conservative would ever win the Presidency again. That would mean that a liberal Clinton Supreme Court would quickly destroy the rest of the Constitution. There is no respect for the Constitution among the Democrat party.

Before the debates, Donald Trump was near the back of the pack for me and most other evangelicals. I had chosen Gov. Huckabee because I was looking for a candidate with a Christian background, with my values, to lead our nation. Cruz, meanwhile, was proving that his real core was not as it first appeared. The funding of millionaire backers he was willing to use, the tactics of lying on the campaign trail, lying about Ben Carson exiting the race in Iowa and using his father Rafael to attack Gov. Huckabee whenever possible--all those lowered his credibility with me and many others.

As voters, we have a responsibility to know the truth. When criticisms arose in the debates and in the news against Trump, Cruz or other candidates, it made me spend hours researching their backgrounds and records to see if there might be truth to certain charges. One of my passions became research. I also believe it is not pleasing to God to malign or impugn another person's character. Politics is hard for a Christian! Like readers here, I believe that being good citizens and faithful Christians means we have an obligation to do as the Bible says, to "Test all things." Making such thorough studies is a tough assignment. Few of us feel we "have the time;" few of us like being made uncomfortable by unhappy truth. Still, this particular presidential race is far too important to take lightly. We cannot let Hillary Clinton win; her Supreme Court would become the most liberal in history and our constitutional rights would be shredded. If the Democrats win, and illegal immigrants continue to pour in and find a way to vote, we may have seen our last Republican President and Congress. No matter how difficult this is, we must unite and be strong at the Republican Convention in the support of our nominee, Donald Trump. We must defeat Hillary. We have no luxury of sitting this one out and getting our way next round.

Important in my study of the backgrounds of the candidates, I discovered that the Cruzes, in particular, raised many red flags, especially with their strong connections with the Bush crime family and the CIA, going back (Yes!) to the whole Cuban American movement to oust President John Kennedy. (This is an eye-opening study that I would recommend!) Ted Cruz may have argued brilliantly as an attorney for important cases for conservative values during his tenure under President George Bush; I grant that. But he has virtually no record of accomplishment in the Senate; in fact, for all his lip-service about free trade, he did vote for TPP in the end. During his campaign for President, he took his Senate salary but skipped much work time to campaign. (So did Sen. Marco Rubio.) While no one can debate better than Ted Cruz, the cleverness of his words and style make it appear that he stands for conservative values, yet his past associations belie his purity and intent. The pride his father Rafael instilled in him, that he is "God's anointed," has made Ted believe that he alone can beat Hillary; yet he did not win the primary vote.

The Stop Trump movement, led interestingly by the Canadian-born son of a Cuban father with a shadowy background, is intended to thwart the vote of the majority of primary voters for Trump at the national Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21. Notably, this movement includes many Colorado delegates who bypassed the vote of their people in their presidential selection process to appoint delegates from within the party establishment. The Colorado Republican chairwoman is now admitting that their selection of delegates was rigged and will possibly need a "do-over." But how do you do that now? There was no vote of the people in that state. Just a selection process that was a pre-determined Cruz win.

By not accepting Trump's nomination and going against their pledge to support the elected candidate, this is a futile effort that could let Hillary win. She would destroy our nation’s freedoms, perhaps forever! Disruption and possible rioting could result if the Stop Trump movement comes to Cleveland, along with and Black Lives matter groups. That in turn would weaken a Republican party already struggling with disrespect. Millions of first-time voters came to the polls for Donald Trump, and any effort to disqualify him would likely cause them to revolt. (I realize that many good people will disagree with my analysis, and I understand their desire to stand for what they believe is right.)

During all this, I have gained more respect for Trump, especially since he invited over a thousand Christian evangelical leaders to New York, to a meeting where they humbly prayed and sought God's grace for America. Mr. Trump graciously gave them two hours of his time to question him on his faith and plans to protect our First Amendment rights, etc. With such a band of godly men and women uniting and praying for him, I have more hope for this nation. Among Trump's strongest points are that he does have a great desire to save America and her Constitution and to make her great again. He will need our prayers, for he is a baby Christian, according to Dr. James Dobson. He is certainly a contrast to Hillary, however, who wants us to be part of a global community that favors open borders and no boundaries on sex or marriage or abortion or big government.

Our greatest political enemy on the world scene is now globalism, where a group of wealthy bankers seek dominance over the world's economy and law. The Brits recently stood up against the European Union in their vote for Brexit. Unknown to most people, Heidi Cruz has been a strong advocate of the North American Union, a similar project in globalism. As a Bush appointee, she worked for this group for many years and wrote the plan for a borderless Canada/United States/Mexico that they hope to achieve in this hemisphere. No wonder Ted Cruz supports the TPP and the TAP! Also, as an officer in the powerful Goldman Sacs bank, Heidi has an interest in helping their efforts to affect the globalist community. Ted and Heidi both have CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) connections. I learned this by going to Ted's information page on Wikipedia: His main foreign policy advisers for the campaign are Council on Foreign Relations advocates and an NSA executive.

I like that Trump is strongly anti-globalist; he is pro-life, pro-Christian, strong on border control and for limited immigration. He is not perfect, but he would bring back jobs, reduce taxes, and strengthen the military. If he can do all that, I would put up with his bombast, which is probably what he uses to get the attention of people who never thought much about politics. He can even throw water on Hillary in the debates, and I would overlook that! Quite a metaphor, wouldn't that be? (Though I recommend that he be a bit more Presidential!)


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