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Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President
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Author:  Peter [ Tue May 19, 2015 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President

Why Huckabee Would Be The Best President
May 18, 2015 David Anderson

I love the GOP field this time. It is deep and diverse. Rubio excites me, Carson inspires me, Bush reassures me, Paul rallies me to liberty, Cruz illustrates the power of principle, and Walker shows me courageous leadership. One person does it all. Governor Mike Huckabee. He has a strong record of success. No state advanced more in relationship to moving up the ranks in family income, education, healthcare, and improved infrastructure.

He brings a statesman skill and a pastor’s heart to the equation. He understands that the divides that hold us back need to be bridged. He is unafraid to confront our enemies and unapologetic about American Exceptionalism. He is willing to protect Judeo-Christian principles and republican principles. He is a populist in that he is for the forgotten man and not owned by the billionaire class. He is all for billionaires, just on an equal footing. His opposition to fast track shows his fidelity to the intent of the Constitution.

Governor Huckabee is someone who is not a part of the Washington mess. Instead he has a proven track record of governance. He has one of the most successful records of any governor. He makes sense to normal people.


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