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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:22 am 
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Newt Gingrich wears a lapel pin of Washington crossing the Delaware River in battle, to remind himself and Americans of the history of this nation, how precarious its existence as a free Republic has been at times, and how we must fight to the last bit of our strength to retain our nation under God, our Constitution, and our freedoms.

Go to for more of these historic documents:

Washington's Letter to Governor George Clinton

To Governor George Clinton
Head Quarters, Valley Forge, February 16, 1778

Dear Sir: It is with great reluctance, I trouble you on a subject, which does not fall within your province; but it is a subject that occasions me more distress, than I have felt, since the commencement of the war; and which loudly demands the most zealous exertions of every person of weight and authority, who is interested in the success of our affairs. I mean the present dreadful situation of the army for want of provisions, and the miserable prospects before us, with respect to futurity. It is more alarming than you will probably conceive, for, to form a just idea, it were necessary to be on the spot. For some days past, there has been little less, than a famine in camp. A part of the army has been a week, without any kind of flesh, and the rest for three or four days. Naked and starving as they are, we cannot enough admire the incomparable patience and fidelity of the soldiery, that they have not been ere this excited by their sufferings, to a general mutiny or dispersion. Strong symptoms, however, discontent have appeared in particular instances; and nothing but the most active efforts every where can long avert so shocking a catastrophe.

Our present sufferings are not all. There is no foundation laid for any adequate relief hereafter. All the magazines provided in the States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, and all the immediate additional supplies they seem capable of affording, will not be sufficient to support the army more than a month longer, if so long. Very little has been done to the Eastward, and as little to the Southward; and whatever we have a right to expect from those quarters, must necessarily be very remote; and is indeed more precarious, than could be wished. When the aforementioned supplies are exhausted, what a terrible crisis must ensue, unless all the energy of the Continent is exerted to provide a timely remedy?

Impressed with this idea, I am, on my part, putting every engine to work, that I can possibly think of, to prevent the fatal consequences, we have so great a reason to apprehend. I am calling upon all those, whose stations and influence enable them to contribute their aid upon so important an occasion; and from your well known zeal, I expect every thing within the compass of your power, and that the abilities and resources of the state over which you preside, will admit. I am sensible of the disadvantages it labours under, from having been so long the scene of war, and that it must be exceedingly drained by the great demands to which it has been subject. But, tho' you may not be able to contribute materially to our relief, you can perhaps do something towards it; and any assistance, however trifling in itself, will be of great moment at so critical a juncture, and will conduce to keeping the army together till the Commissary's department can be put upon a better footing, and effectual measures concerted to secure a permanent and competent supply. What methods you can take, you will be the best judge of; but, if you can devise any means to procure a quantity of cattle, or other kind of flesh, for the use of this army, to be at camp in the course of a month, you will render a most essential service to the common cause. I have the honor etc.

Thank God for those colonists who were willing to stay in the fight for right--to not abandon the fight though the conditions were so unbearable that winter at Valley Forge. What a difference these unknown soldiers made in the past and still make for us today! The freedoms they have bought for us and the remarkable nation America has been as a bastion for liberty and justice are gifts we will never appreciate fully. And yet, without a leader of even more willingness to sacrifice for the cause, of even more bravery and character, the United States of America would not have been born.

At this important time in America, we need to pray for a leader like George Washington, our first Commander-in-Chief, who can be a standard bearer for the American cause of truth, justice, and liberty for all. Washington, for a cause higher than self, was willing to give up the ease of his wealth and his comfortable home, to lead our troops in an unimaginably difficult and unlikely victory. We need this sacrificial type of servant-leader in Washington D.C. today.

Of course, as a supporter of Newt Gingrich, I see him as a brilliant historian and great leader. I see greatness that needs to be honored with position. Washington was a reluctant President, willing to serve but not demanding such honor. In Newt, I see the same spirit of wanting to be used for the sake of the people's liberties and America's greatness. He has commented to Pastor Jim Garlow that his prayer is not for success for himself, but that he may serve. How many politicians like this do we hear anymore?

Regardless of whom one supports for the Presidential race, I suggest that Washington's example is still one that all of us can appreciate and let guide us. And we can pray for God to bless America again, after we seek His forgiveness and favor.


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