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 Post subject: SOS for Our Army
PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:46 am 
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SOS=Save Our Sovereignty

This is my election eve statement. Please forgive for it being so long, but I hope you have the same concerns:

What I mean by SOS is: Our nation is in great danger, and we have little time to save it as a free country, under the Constitution, and ruled by the people, who tell the government what to do, not ruled by a big, liberal, tyrannical government that regulates and tells them how to live and believe. Not a government that takes their hard-earned wealth and health from them to give to those often less worthy. "Under God" and "indivisible," and "with liberty and justice for all" are "must saves" too.

America is at the most crucial period we have faced for our sovereignty, freedom, and Constitution. We have slowly given these freedoms up, one by one, by acquiescing and not protesting much. Meanwhile, the many enemies here and abroad gleefully await our demise as we weaken militarily and in every other way. Our fiscal budget and debt are unsustainable. Unfunded mandates will finish off our economy in a decade or two at this rate. When our money is devalued, and our government prints paper money as fast as it can, another Depression is all but inevitable.

All that can save us now is the grace of God, who can raise up good leaders and awakened people. The good people of this nation are not protesting against the perpetrators of evil enough, "exposing the fruitless deeds of darkness." (See Ephesians 5:11.) But, under Gov. Huckabee and other church leaders this may be changing. They are meeting this Sunday in Grace Community Church of Houston to declare, "I Stand!" against the illegal actions of the mayor to silence pastors on marriage.

We must be about not only praying, but also using every ounce of political effort to save our nation for our children and grandchildren. The one noticeable lack on the scene has been a strong, wise, determined and inspiring (charismatic) leader on the right. We here believe Gov. Huckabee is uniquely qualified, and so we pray for his protection and enabling from God.

I know this sounds a little dramatic, but I struggle to find words expressive enough to speak of my frustration with what is happening to this dear country, and by extension, to my children's and grand-children's futures. Do you feel the same? What can we do in the future (the past is gone!) to turn our nation from its path to destruction? Help me!

Please pray for America this weekend and through the elections--for our survival, our revival, and our renewal. And put feet and hands and voice to those prayers by doing all you can to help conservatives to win the Senate, hold the House, and do well in state elections.

It is hard to stand by and watch America's decline. For whatever the reasons--social, economic, spiritual, or personal--conservatives are just not getting out to help candidates, at least not with the effectiveness or numbers that the liberals are managing to muster--and master (admittedly often with illegal means we should never imitate!)

We aren't even very bold in standing for truth, though we may be good at getting on the easy bandwagons and shouting out hateful slogans against those who differ with us on some point. We have become far too good at putting down fellow conservatives who differ on how to get the job done. We are splintering the conservative cause by doing this. You know what I mean.

Much as I admire Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts, they have not always taught us to advance the art of reasonable and appealing public discourse, but have been good at raising the rankles (root word="festering sores."). Part of what I like so much about Gov. Mike Huckabee is that he uses humor and respect of others to make even his enemies listen and smile. Eventually, some might even agree, and many are drawn toward him, not away. At least, he finds common ground with people on what matters most to them--jobs, family, lower taxes, security, America's place in the world. America needs a healer and uniter, now.

Liberals and their ways are a problem, but a greater one is the present ennui of Christian conservatives, especially. I can't even call it overcommitment or busy-ness. It is boredom when the words "political action" are mentioned, mixed in with a little avoidance of the unpleasant, and a lot of not being willing to be targeted.

Of course, I am not talking to those of you here who are the true warriors!

We have an uphill battle. For the most part Republicans find it unfair and unprincipled to "win at any cost" (thank God!), but Democrats these days don't. They are willing to "boo" God openly. I am proud that at least most conservatives I know love God and families first, their country close behind, and hold the Constitution and law with respect. The are not resorting to dishonest means, like voting dead people, stealing or falsifying ballots, or taking unregistered voters to the polls and somehow getting their vote to count.

As you can tell, I am very concerned. Sometimes feeling hopeless. But we can never give up. Never.

Please pray this weekend. Consider fasting and getting your children involved in this effort (maybe putting off a "fun weekend" until next weekend.) Make some last minute calls for conservative candidates, and yes, open your pocketbooks to help them in getting out ads that will counter the falsehoods of opponents. This is when they need money.

Also, go to I Stand Sunday on the internet and found out how to be involved in the prayer effort where Gov. Huckabee will be speaking, this Sunday. "With God, all things are possible."

And finally, exercise the great privilege of voting. Evangelical Christians bear great blame, as only 15-30% have voted in recent elections. But this means we also have awesome, potential power if we awaken to it!


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 Post subject: Re: SOS for Our Army
PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 1:48 pm 

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Consider an alternative - the #AmericanSolidarityParty -


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