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 Post subject: What Present Polls Say
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:10 am 
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Polls have been up and down in the present race as never before. And they have been not only reflective of what is going on. They have pushed the voting in many cases. But intriguing as polls are, what matters is the delegate count. Also, we will have to see if Romney keeps all his delegates in Florida or will have to share with Newt. This was to have been a proportional delegate count, according to Republican rules.

Rather than focusing so much on polls and gaffs made by candidates, I wish our debates would be much more substantive: What can Republicans do to restore America and address border and foreign security, gas prices, unemployment, regressive taxes on business, progressive taxes on individuals? How about cultural and foundational things that are destroying our nation and Consititutional freedoms and governing? What about Israel being threatened with extinction and our fuel sources being reliant too much on foreign sources? I am thankful for Gov. Huckabee's forums, such as the one this Saturday from 6-8 PM CST on FoxNews.

As pollster George Barna points out: "It will take 1144 delegates to win the nomination. If we discount "delegates" assumed as a result of non-binding caucuses - IA, ME, CO, MN - the actual delegate count today, after the AZ and MI primaries, stands at:
Romney - 115
Newt - 29
Paul - 18
Santorum - 16

Santorum...just won his first 13 delegates in a primary (Michigan), adding on to the 3 from the Nevada caucus (which I think are binding)...

"...Caucus states[may] switch their votes by the time the convention rolls around due to the way the actual primaries play out...[so] the 68 possible delegates Santorum has "won" are not necessarily available to him in the first round... (Likewise, Romney must hold loosely to the 32 caucus "delegates" he currently is given credit for.)

Super Tuesday offers 379 delegates from primaries, and another 87 from non-binding caucuses. In other words, the 379 delegates to be awarded from primaries on that day is more than double the number already possessed by the candidates from completed primaries."

It looks like the race is far from over. As Newt asks: "Pray for God's will." I also pray for His mercy on America, for our sins are great.


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