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Author:  Miranda [ Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:20 pm ]
Post subject: War Room Update From Iowa

Mike Huckabee for President

War Room Update From Iowa

January 7, 2016
By Jack Sisson
Director of Research and Rapid Response

Black ice, slick roads and piercing cold winds—what a weekend across Iowa! Stay warm folks. Here's a brief rundown from today...

Fox News Channel- National
[Huckabee]: "We've absolutely ceded our leadership role. It's almost like the beaches are being stormed, but President Obama's building sand castles. He ignores the fact that we are absolutely under an eschatological attack….These people are not interested in just carving out a little additional real estate. they see their role as bringing about the end of the world, and they're doing everything they can to hasten to that moment.”

(ABC) - Des Moines, Iowa
Last night, Local 5’s Jack Miller sat down with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee… [Huckabee]: "What is the difference in mentality of someone who pulls for one person but caucuses for another? The caucus voter is a very serious voter. They're not casual. They're committed. They are informed voters. They listen to all the ads, but when it gets down to it they make a viseral decision about who they connect with.”

Des Moines Register, "Huckabee plans 11 Iowa events”
Mike Huckabee returns to Iowa Monday with events in 11 communities in the southeastern quadrant of the state over a three-day period. The Republican presidential candidate plans 150 Iowa campaign events in January. Between Jan. 2 and Jan. 7, he had 26 events. He visited his 99th county on Thursday with a stop at Sigourney Junior-Senior High School in Keokuk County.

Presidential candidates often plan to complete the “full Grassley,” named after Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley who visits all of Iowa’s counties each year. Huckabee completed the “full Grassley” in less than eight months, starting on May 6 after he announced he was running for president.

(NBC) - Davenport, Iowa
And next week - Republican Mike Huckabee will visit Davenport on Wednesday. He'll be at the Machine Shed restaurant that morning from 8:30 to 9:30….

(NBC) - Des Moines, Iowa
[Huckabee] “Arkansas was a retail political states. You just couldn’t get elected by just sort of parachuting into a big event…It’s what I love about the Iowa caucuses. It forces candidates to go out and ask for the vote, one-on-one. In every town, every hamlet and every village…When you see the face of someone who says, ‘I lost my job last year.’ When a single mom tells you that she can hardly afford to get her kids to daycare, drive to work and get home. You get an understanding of the American economy that you don’t get at a $30,000 a plate dinner in Manhattan…."

TIME Magazine: "Paul Ryan Pushes Republicans to Make Poverty an Issue”
Three weeks before the Iowa Caucuses, Paul Ryan, who has become Speaker of the House, is having the last word. On Saturday, in South Carolina, he hosted seven leading GOP presidential candidates for in an in depth discussion of the issue that is most near and dear to his heart.….Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee chimed in on the importance of supporting the less fortunate. “Sometimes what people need is the affirmation that they are people of value,” Huckabee said. “That they are people of worth.”

Breitbart News: “Huckabee: Obama Protects ‘Image of Islam’"
GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is pointing out the hypocrisy in imposing gun control laws to stop “just one shooter,” but not vetting tens of thousands of refugees coming into America from terrorist infiltrated countries…“So President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to impose massive new gun control laws on all Americans to stop ‘just one shooter’ or save ‘just one life’- but vetting Syrian refugees to stop countless terrorists and save countless American lives is wrong?” Huckabee questioned….

(NBC)-Des Moines, Iowa
Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee completed his 99-county tour of Iowa on Thursday…[Huckabee] “It’s a great exhilarating feeling to know that we’ve done the full Grassley. We’ve done the grassroots kind of work.” Huckabee will be back in Iowa next week making a stop in Ottumwa...

USA Today: "Republicans say govt can't end poverty"
COLUMBIA, S.C. — Republican presidential candidates pitched anti-poverty programs Saturday that emphasize the private market and de-emphasize the role of government — though Marco Rubio found himself forced into a shouting side debate over immigration...Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, said "there is an industry of poverty" that relies on the federal government to sustain itself. "Let those programs be managed at the state level," Huckabee said...

Associate Press: "GOP candidates pitch conservative path to fight poverty"
Republican presidential candidates said Saturday their party must do more to convince poor Americans that conservative policy — and not an active federal government — will expand economic opportunity...Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pitched his "fair tax," a single-rate consumption tax to replace all other taxes on wages, investments and inheritance. "It's a powerful unlocking of the economy," Huckabee said. However, he said he would allow something similar to the Earned Income Tax Credit to ease the tax burden on low-income households...

(CBS) - Davenport, Iowa
Next week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will return to the Quad Cities. The “Huckabee Huddle -Huck Stops Here Iowa Tour" will take place at the Machine Shed restaurant on Wednesday morning. The event runs from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m and is open to the public...

Author:  justgrace [ Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War Room Update From Iowa

So interesting to get the boots on the ground accounts in various towns and counties. I get exhausted just looking at this schedule! Keep Gov. Huckabee and team and all the volunteers flooding Iowa in your prayers. The weather can be very dangerous. Gov. Huckabee is having trouble with his voice and his knee, still. No time to rest either...

Author:  Miranda [ Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: War Room Update From Iowa

Monday's Update.....
Huckabee Iowa War Room Update
January 11, 2016
By Team Huck

Thank goodness for anti-lock brakes because Gov. Huckabee has been pounding an ice-sprinkled, Iowa pavement with five fantastic events today, as we rolled-out a few social conservative endorsements and picked-up some solid coverage. Check out the KNOCK-OUT answer to Speaker Paul Ryan’s question on faith this weekend. Thank you Ms. Janet for three days of solo campaigning in South Carolina. And Grab your oven mitts, tonight's forecast is 4 degrees Fahrenheit, but these TV ads are getting HOT here in Iowa! A few excerpts…


Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel, National
[HUCKABEE] "More people were killed last year by hammers than by rifles. Maybe the president should have an empty seat at the State of the Union for the all victims of hammer violence? The President could stop 4,000 abortions a day if he started treating unborn children as persons. He always says that if we could just 'save one person' it would be worth changing these laws. Well with that, he could save 4,000.”

Morning Joe- NBC National
[HUCKABEE]: "Rick Santorum was down in the polls five days out. This is a ground game, and this is also about Iowa voters breaking late…voters don’t know a lot about some of the newer candidates. They know a lot about me. My favorability is the highest of any candidate, period. My un-favorability is the lowest. And when it gets down to it, people are going to say, ‘I want to go with the guy I know’….People are beginning to see that I don’t say one thing in Marshalltown, Iowa and then another in Manhattan. I’ve been consistent for 26 years …”

Spartanburg Herald Journal- "Huckabee's Wife Set To Visit Boiling Springs"
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's wife is scheduled to make a campaign appearance in Boiling Springs. "I'm so excited to be back in South Carolina campaigning for Mike," wife Janet Huckabee said in statement released by the campaign.

Economic Mobility Forum with Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)- C-SPAN, National
[SPEAKER PAUL RYAN] "How does faith play a role?”

[GOV HUCKABEE] "Part of the reason I got into politics was because I wanted to take my values and insights into the political arena. I did not leave my faith behind. I brought it with me. I never exchanged the capitol dome for the steeple….We’ve made the huge mistake in this country thinking we should create this huge separation between faith and government. The truth is, we cannot function as a society when we divorced the sense of our fundamental Judeo-Christian values...The best way to have a small government is to have moral, virtuous people, following their faith. I know that if you don't catch me doing something or the press doesn’t catch me doing something, God still does. (laughter) I'm more worried about His evaluation than yours. (laughter) His has eternal consequences, yours does not! The worst you can do to me is not elect me! (laughter/applause).”

Oskaloosa News-"Huckabee Hopes To Rise To The Top” (Iowa)
Thursday marked Huckabee’s completion of the ‘Full Grassley’, which is a tour of all 99 counties in Iowa...In an effort to pull off the upset, the campaign will see a grueling 150 events for the month of January. The Iowa Caucus has been notoriously tough to predict, with many candidates pulling out to the front in the polls just days before the votes are cast. Iowans are particularly skilled at testing out each candidate until the very end, many not knowing who they will vote for precisely until they arrive at their designated caucus locations and talk with others in their party…. “If somebody finds a shortcut, it could be the end of the Iowa Caucus and its importance”….Huckabee said he’s out to win the Iowa Caucus the “old fashioned way, outworking everybody else.” GREAT STORY. HONEST FACTS. Click here.

Daily Iowegian, "Huckabee: I can defeat the 'Clinton political machine’" (Iowa)"Well, for seven years we've had a short-term senator who never had any executive experience what-so-ever," Huckabee said. "And even as a senator he accomplished virtually nothing as a senator because he spent most of his Senate career running for president.” Huckabee said the Republican field offers options for president, like short-term senators who never have had an executive position….The next president, or CEO of the country, should be someone who has run something and who can beat the Democratic opponent. "Frankly, I think governors are better prepared to be president," Huckabee said, adding as the Arkansas governor for 10.5 years he passed 94 tax cuts, passed pro-life legislation, increased benefits for veterans, worked to rebuild the road system and reformed education, just to name a few… Full story, click here.

Christian Broadcasting News, "Mike Huckabee Releases Endorsements, Including Tim LaHaye, Author Of Popular 'Left Behind' Books"
"With just a few weeks to go before the big Iowa Caucus, Huckabee's trotting out some key endorsements from notable pro-family conservatives. The Brody File has the exclusive. Among the group endorsing Huckabee are Dr. Tim LaHaye, minister and author of the New York Times best-selling Left Behind book series; Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor of SkyLine Church;” Art Ally, founder and president of Timothy Plan, America’s first pro-life and pro-family mutual fund company; Dr. Eric M. Wallace, President & Co-Founder of Freedom’s Journal Institute and Janet Folger Porter, Founder and President Faith2Action. It’s a solid list. This month, Huckabee and his team accomplished the goal of visiting all of Iowa’s 99 counties...

"Huckabee rolls out first in series of social conservative, family values endorsement
"Life, marriage, and religious liberty aren’t bargaining chips or political considerations-they are moral issues. And I'm proud of the social conservative leaders who are coalescing around our campaign to burn down the corrupt Washington political machine and put our God, our country, and our cherished values first," said Gov. Huckabee...These initial endorsements represent a few national leaders, joining hundreds of pastors and community activists from around the country, supporting Huckabee…Full release, click here. "Huckabee Has Faith Iowa Could Break His Way"
Iowa voters tend to decide late on who they'll support in their caucuses, GOP candidate Mike Huckabee said in a weekend interview with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski...

Huckabee blasts Clinton's Planned Parenthood endorsement
"Planned Parenthood harvests and sells human organs...but Hillary Clinton is 'honored' to have their endorsement?...As President, I will never surrender to Planned Parenthood... I will never bow down to Washington's assault on the unborn or wave the white flag in the face of this evil.”

The Washington Times
Six months, six debates and unprecedented media attention still haven’t been enough for GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, most of whom say they still haven’t completely decided who they’ll back when the voting starts Feb. 1. The volatility of the field — with polls showing as many as three-quarters of voters uncertain of their choice...Mr. Huckabee and Sen. Rand Paul, two of those struggling to gain traction, said during separate appearances last week on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that they’re encouraged by how many people are still up for grabs….


Call it a 'war wound' or an Iowa editorial board 'badge of honor.’ But just don’t forget to take a bow=>

Des Moines Register, "Huckabee shoots off his mouth"
In responding to the president's executive order on guns last week, Huckabee issued a press release stating, “...take aim at Washington stupidity, blow holes in ridiculous government programs and shred our unfair tax code with a customized shooting target.” On his web site, Huckabee offers for sale what he called "customized, Obama-agenda shooting targets" emblazoned with the words "Obamacare," "Common Core" and "75,000-page tax code." The symbolism is as undeniable as it is offensive…


Author:  Miranda [ Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: War Room Update From Iowa

January 13, 2016
By Jack Sisson, Director of Research and Rapid Response

From -20 degree lows in Iowa, to 65 degree highs in South Carolina, we’re swapping our Soviet winter headware for Hawaiian t-shirts! We had a packed house in Davenport this morning, and then the governor flew to the Palmetto state, where he’ll continue campaigning like a workhorse till Sunday. BIG debate tomorrow night, as our 150-stop Iowa schedule continues...Janet will be back in Iowa this weekend after great work in S.C….Got some solid clips below, and if you didn't follow the Governor on Twitter last night during Obama’s speech, let me tell you...Rice Krispies were FLYING=>

Snap! “Is it true Obama almost did the State of the Union without Congress? After all, he does everything else without them!”…..Crackle! "Set aside the Union, Obama’s mind is in a state of confusion, delusion & decay!”…..Pop! "Obama's speeches are like TSA pat downs, Arab relations & untreated rashes. Painfully bad and ALWAYS getting worse!"

Huckabee Responds to Obama's State of the Union
DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Mike Huckabee released the following statement in response to the President's State of the Union address: "Obama's endless excuses are out-of-control, and Americans have had enough. He pats himself on the back for giving us an Affordable Care Act no one can afford. He glows and grins about an economy that's punching millions of Americans in the gut. And he refuses to accept an ounce of responsibility for his epic foreign policy disasters… It's time we stop bankrupting Social Security, Medicare and our children's futures and start acting like the United States. It's time we quit making excuses for radical Islam, attacking Christians and apologizing for being Americans. I'm running for President to burn down the corrupt Washington political machine and put Americans first."

"Country Needs a 'Good Leader,' Not a Lawyer"- Des Moines Register & USA Today
WASHINGTON, Iowa — Mike Huckabee didn't shy away from an opportunity Tuesday to set himself apart from one of the Republican presidential front-runners. “Look, Ted’s a great lawyer,” Huckabee said Tuesday about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “But I don’t think America needs a good lawyer right now, it needs a good leader...Brown, who caucused for Huckabee in 2008 said: “That’s what I like about you — you’ve been an executive for 10 years.”

"Would-be presidents tweet away during speech” -Politico
The candidates who hope to deliver the next State of the Union spent their time tweeting during President Barack Obama's final one. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton posted tweets leveraging Obama’s remarks to argue for another four years of a Democratic White House...On the Republican side, the Twitter rhetoric was sharply different. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, like Paul, offered some live commentary too...Huckabee also criticized Obama for claiming his speech would be shorter than his past addresses...

"Huckabee on Iran & U.S. Sailors: 'What Happens When Your Enemies Don't Fear You’" Breitbart News
GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says President Obama “lacks the power and respect” to demand that Iran return the 10 U.S. sailors and two vessels it's currently detaining, and that “this is what happens when your enemies don’t fear you.” “Iran should immediately release our sailors or face serious consequences. Yet Obama lacks the power and respect to secure that demand,” charged Huckabee. “The Iranians are yet again, publicly embarrassing America. This is what happens when your enemies don’t fear you.” Iran has reportedly promised to return the sailors, but there is no specific time yet known for their return. The two vessels with 10 U.S. Navy men drifted into Iranian water due to mechanical issues. Iran accused the sailors of trespassing.

"Critical Moment to Show All Who Is Qualified; Not Who Makes Speeches” Clinton Herald
CLINTON, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came to Jenny’s Diner on Tuesday as part of his effort to partake in 150 events before the upcoming February caucus. ... He’s convincing himself that he has been to more counties in Iowa than most Iowans. “I’m doing 150 events in Iowa alone because I think this is a critical moment to show all who is qualified to be apart of this election; not who makes speeches,” Huckabee said. Huckabee walked away from his income this year to do this presidential race, he said. Nobody is taking care of any of his expenses; he just had to save up enough with the hope he can make it through the elections. “I think a person who is going to run for office and hold an office should resign the job they have to focus on their election,” Huckabee said. Huckabee offered many ideas on what a president’s qualifications and skills should be before entering office. “Why would we put someone in the chief executive position of the United States who had never held a chief executive office before and hope he could learn it once he got there?” Huckabee said. “You hire people to do a job they are prepared to do and are qualified to do. To be president, I believe it’s a tough job and needs skill to do the job.” Huckabee also believes in rebuilding the military and the country’s moral compass. “We have to rebuild this country morally as well,” Huckabee said. “We came from the roots of people who believed in this country. We need to start rebuilding this country by stopping the uncivilized behavior of taking the lives of 4,000 unborn children in the mother’s womb every day in this country.”

Voters Crowd Davenport Restaurant to Meet Mike Huckabee- (ABC) — Davenport, Iowa
"Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is in the Quad Cities today talking to voters. The event today was standing room only as Republican candidate Mike Huckabee told voters why he would make the best next president. Voters crowded inside the Machine Shed restaurant to hear the former Arkansas Governor speak. Huckabee talked about overcoming his political obstacles while in Arkansas office. He says if elected, he'll work to increase the size of the U.S. military and upgrade many of its weapons. He also agreed with President Barack Obama from last night's State of the Union address on the importance of curing cancer. Huckabee continues to point out how the polls can be misleading and that he's still in this race to win. ... At the end of the event today, Huckabee reminded voters of the caucus on February first and to make sure they vote for him."

Huckabee Continues 150-Stop Iowa Tour- (ABC)—Iowa City, Iowa
"Republican Mike Huckabee was also in Coralville. The former Arkansas Governor won the GOP caucuses in 2008, and he thinks he can do it again this year. ... 'We do five to six events a day; the shortest one is an hour, some of them last up to two hours, usually an hour and a half, town hall format.I take questions, chat with people, try to see what's on their mind.' Huckabee has already visited all of Iowa's 99 counties. He's currently making a 150-stop-tour across Iowa."

"Huckabee Campaigns in Waterloo"- Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
DES MOINES, Iowa — “If we were way down and just didn’t get any traction here having given the effort, then we’d certainly have to reassess the whole situation,” he said at a campaign event in Coralville. “But I don’t anticipate that we are going to have to do that. Following the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1, Huckabee said his campaign has a full schedule in South Carolina, one of the other states with early presidential primaries. “We expect to go from here and keep moving,” he said.

"Huckabee Implores Muscatine Audience to Caucus"- Muscatine Journal
MUSCATINE, Iowa — Touting his executive experience as governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee brought his Republican presidential campaign to Muscatine on Tuesday afternoon. ... The candidate didn't mention any of his Republican rivals by name but focused his criticism on the current occupant of the White House, President Barack Obama. Huckabee said Obama didn't have the experience to be president when he ran in 2008 after serving a short time in the U.S. Senate. "Our country is struggling, struggling monetarily. Our economy is in far more trouble than the President will admit when he gets to the State of the Union," Huckabee said. He also chided the president on issues of terrorism and immigration. "We pay the price for somebody so lacking in executive skills," Huckabee said. Huckabee talked about manufacturing as the backbone of the American economy. ... "One thing I'll say about Gov. Huckabee, he knows his principles and sticks with them. He doesn't care whether the talking heads on these shows say something about him. He knows where he stands," Lofgren said.

Radio Iowa "... Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum plan to campaign in Iowa this morning before leaving to prepare for Thursday night’s debate on the FOX Business Network."

The rest here:

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