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Mike Huckabee speaks at WCAACC
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Author:  ConservTexan [ Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Mike Huckabee speaks at WCAACC

I will upload a better video as it comes in. This one stops a few times:



@dwightbain dwight bain
Excitement building for Gov Mike Huckabee to challenge Christian Leaders here in Nashville, #wcaacc

@dwightbain dwight bain
Gen. Dees introducing A true American Hero- Mike Huckabee!

@ksteelez Kathy Steele
#wcaacc Mike Huckabee...returning military need us!

@ndhmoff Nathan M
"I'll move to NY when I can duck hunt in central park." - Mike Huckabee #wcaacc

@ChariceTara Mrs. Tara
We need to be on our knees and faces before a Holy God for our military mike huckabee #wcaacc

@chadschoon chadschoon
Gov. Huckabee at #wcaacc USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!!!!!

@fmgard Freddy Gardner
Huckabee: the Word of God is the only thing I am completely confident in.

@fmgard Freddy Gardner
Huckabee; the most important thing is for Christians to be Christians.

@dwightbain dwight bain
#wcaacc Jesus said if the world is dark- be the tiny light to make a difference- Mike Huckabee

@LindaBLPC Linda Caster Barnes
People aren't the problem. SIN is the problem. Mike Huckabee at AACC

@aaronthomas34 Aaron Thomas
Governor Mike Huckabee sharing about bringing confrontation, controversy, & comfort as Christians today #wcaacc

@fmgard Freddy Gardner
Huckabee: ever life matters. We as Christians must continue to stand for life

@fmgard Freddy Gardner
Huckabee: the church does not need to change our standards; we are the standard.

@Chad_FALLOUT Chad Watson
"Be the salt of the world not the sand that iritates it." - #Huckabee #wcaacc

@fmgard Freddy Gardner
Huckabee: God's plan is not to us happy, but to make us holy. Our purpose is to carry as many people with us (Heaven) as we can.

@PastorAnth Anthony Thomas
Speakers:Mike Huckabee,TD Jakes,Lee Strobel,Ed Young,John Ortberg, etc. Musical guests:New song,Third Day.Leeland,etc.Great AACC Conference

Author:  Steadfast [ Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mike Huckabee speaks at WCAACC

Thanks Debbie - enjoyed watching that first 5 minutes

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